Affordable Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

Affordable Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

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Mansfield, TX is a suburban part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with an estimated population in 2020 of 73,550. It is one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. Our quaint village placed 17th by CNN/Money Magazine in its’ 2014 ‘Best Places to Live List.’

This is hardly surprising thanks to the number and high-quality of the amenities that surround the town. It is a peaceful, quiet community with easy access and excellent transport links to the excitement of Dallas, TX.

If you and your family are outdoorsy types, then you are spoiled for choice. There are numerous, expansive parks, athletics fields, and golf courses, and even an 80 acres nature preserve. Together with the historic down area and the famous Farr Best Theater, you can see why people want to visit us!

The only bummer living here is the hot summers that increase the risk of sunburns, sunstroke, and dehydration. Texas heat can be unbearable when the humidity kicks in and the Mercury rises to three figures.

Minutemen Heating and Air help our town preserve its position as a sought-after place to live by providing affordable, specialized, reliable air conditioner installation, and HVAC repair services.

The local community does not want its reputation to suffer for the lack of good air conditioning services. That is why they hire experts to conduct high-quality air conditioner installation.

Minuteman Heating and Air understands that life without air conditioning in Mansfield, TX would be unimaginable for most people. You want a company you can trust to provide professional air conditioner installation at an affordable price.

Why Do You Need a New Air Conditioner Installation?

We at Minuteman Heating & Air always stress the need for the regular service and maintenance of your air conditioner. But over time even a well maintained AC unit will become less efficient and may be uneconomical to run and repair. You need to be aware of any warning signs that may signal it is time for an air conditioning installation, which includes:

Utility Bills Have Increased

An increase in your electricity bills is normal for older AC units because systems will lose some of their efficiency due to normal wear and tear. If the energy bills have risen steeply, then that is a tell-tale sign your system is wasting energy.

The aging parts are working harder to satisfy demand, and running cycles will become longer, so increasing energy usage and your expenses. Minuteman will provide an honest assessment of your homes’ AC issues and help decide what system is best for you.

Poor Dehumidifying Even When the AC Is Running

An efficient AC unit should be able to control both temperature and humidity. The excess moisture in a room is removed from the air by having it pass over icy evaporator coils. The moisture condenses, thereby removing it from the air.

If the coil is dirty or the refrigerant levels are low in the coil, the unit will not remove as much moisture from the room. While a highly trained technician from Minuteman can potentially take care of any repairs, you should consider whether a new air conditioner installation for undersized or old systems is maybe a better option.

Irregular Cooling

Irregular cooling is when some rooms in your home are either too hot and other rooms too cool. This can happen if your system is not properly designed or your AC unit is undersized. A Minuteman Heating and Air technician will evaluate the system, locating the source of the problem, and provide you with repair or replacement air conditioner installation options.

You Are Cooling the Entire House

Older AC systems would commonly feature a single system, with a single temperature setting, to cool the entire house. All rooms would be set at the same temperature. In these more energy-conscious times, why waste money on cooling rooms that are not being used? A better approach is to zone the home by living areas and reduce your carbon footprint in the process! Contact Minuteman Heating and Air today for a free estimate on air conditioning installation.

The Advantages of a New Air Conditioner Installation

Cooling the home can be an expensive business, particularly if you have an old, inefficient AC system. A traditional installation with ductwork is notoriously leak-prone and can reduce system efficiency by up to 30 percent. A new air conditioner installation can save the homeowner up to 40 percent on energy bills.

In addition to the money you will save on energy with a new, efficient air conditioner, there are many other advantages to having a new air conditioner installation like icy cool bedrooms on hot evenings.

Increased Reliability and Peace of Mind

An old system will break down more often, thus requiring expensive repairs. The repair costs can add up over time. The last thing you want is for your AC unit to break down during a heatwave. Increased reliability will bring peace of mind. Further confidence in your purchase comes from a new AC systems’ longer life span and secure warranty.

Environmentally Friendly

Older AC systems use refrigerants that damage the ozone layer. As the supplies of these old refrigerants get phased out the costs of recharging an older system will continue to rise. Newer refrigerants are not only cheaper but do not cause as much damage to the environment or the ozone layer.

As a revolutionary air conditioning installation company, Minuteman Heating and Air has one of the highest return customer ratios in the area.

Why? Well, Simply Put, People Trust Us.

We earn our customers’ trust because we provide a truthful assessment of your homes’ AC issues. We will never try to sell you a service you do not need or deceive you to spend more on an air conditioning installation that is not right for you. Our pricing structure is transparent. You will know from the start what the air conditioning installation will cost you.

We know how important it is to have dependable air conditioning, particularly during hot Texas summers. Therefore, our skilled NATE-Certified technicians are hired for their friendly customer service, and a promise to conduct themselves honorably and with professional integrity.

For your safety, all our technicians must pass extensive background and drug checks before we hire them. Random drug and alcohol testing are continued throughout their period of employment with us. Our technicians will observe social distancing and wear masks when inside your home.

Minuteman Heating & Air is here for you!