Air Conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX

Air Conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX

High Velocity Air Conditioning Systems

Those with older homes often have the problem of providing even heating and cooling for their homes. It is primarily due to a lack of ducts in older homes, necessary for the delivery of conditioned air. Fortunately, modern technology offers a solution. For example, a high velocity air conditioning system is an option for heating and cooling older homes. High velocity air conditioning systems rely on small, flexible ducts as opposed to the rigid duct work typically used for low-velocity systems. In addition, they also have an additional air handler that works in conjunction with a thermostat for an air conditioner or heat pump. Want to know more? Contact Minuteman Heating & AC for additional information or to schedule heating and air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX.

The Advantages

Retrofitting older homes that lack duct work is often difficult due to space constraints. High-velocity systems are easier to retrofit in home’s that lack existing duct work. The duct for a high velocity system is just two inches wide, in contrast to the standard eight-inch ducts of conventional central systems. The smaller ducts of the high velocity system can be installed inside walls, beneath floors and in other tight spaces. Minuteman Heating & AC can provide you with a professional air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX.

The smaller ducts are also ideal for homes with radiant floor heating, and provide effective cooling for your home.

In addition, high-velocity systems are also ideal for hot, humid climates. They can cool faster, create more even temperatures throughout the home, and remove up to 30 percent more humidity, providing a large bonus for those in areas with uncomfortably high humidity.

In a high velocity system, the air travels at such a high rate of speed that it creates air currents in your living spaces that distribute the conditioned air evenly throughout your home. The system offers a higher standard of comfort and a healthier home, while providing energy efficiency.

High-velocity air conditioning systems are ideal for some situations, however, your HVAC provider is your best guide in selecting a system for your home’s unique qualities. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC for additional information, or to schedule air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX.

The Velocity Explained

The two inch ducts of the high velocity system provide discharge capabilities typically exceeding 1,000 feet per minute. In the air conditioning mode, the high fan capacity provides 200 to 250 cfm per ton. The high airflow is one aspect of the system’s superior ability to reduce humidity, and produces a higher temperature drop of up to 30 F. In addition, most high velocity air conditioning units utilize coils with a large surface area. This creates the colder air currents that provide the drop of 30 degrees F in temperature. These factors provide the advantage of reducing the cost of operating the air conditioner, and maintaining your comfort. Minuteman Heating & AC will provide the air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX of your choice.

How the Smaller Duct Works

People often question the effectiveness of smaller duct, even with a higher air flow. The success lies in the increased number of ducts and outlets, and along with the high velocity, provides an extremely effective system.

Are They Noisy?

While you are researching the HVAC systems available, you may come across complaints that the high velocity system is noisy. The causes behind the complaints of noise can typically be traced to the following installer mistakes:

  • Insufficient outlets – High velocity systems reduce humidity by mixing the air in each room, it accomplishes this with an adequate number of outlets and a high output fan. Typical recommendations are 6 to 7 outlets per unit ton.
  • An additional cause of noise may be related to a kink in the tubing, and a lack of attenuator tubing. Ensuring a proper installation that considers these three are essential for a noiseless high velocity system. The design and precision installation are a critical factor to ensure adequate airflow and achieve maximum delivery. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC to schedule a reliable heating and air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX.

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Efficient Filtration

Due to the higher fan static pressure capacity, some high velocity systems can tolerate high efficiency filters. Good air filters are essential, and due to the tight coils and high velocities used by these systems, you can benefit with a higher quality of air when you use high efficiency filtration. In addition, carbon filters are an option with some systems for those who prefer them. If you would like to receive further information about the high velocity system, or other HVAC systems we offer, contact us today. Our technicians can provide the information you need to make an informed choice. You can count on a quality air conditioner installation in Arlington, TX when you contact Minuteman Heating & AC.

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