Air Conditioner Not Working Or Underperforming And Needing AC Repair? Could The Weather Be To Blame? | Arlington, TX

Air Conditioner Not Working Or Underperforming And Needing AC Repair? Could The Weather Be To Blame? | Arlington, TX

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If your air conditioner unit fails, it can be a result of wear and tear, lack of maintenance, or excessive demand on an underpowered unit, among other things. Our Minuteman Heating and Air AC repair team serving the area can replace motors, install compressors, and make sure the unit is restored to excellent working order. We might also find that it’s necessary to recharge the coolant or perform other routine maintenance to get the unit both operational and cooling at its best.

Other Damage Causes

In other cases, however, we may find that unexpected damage to the unit including blown fuses or breakers, bent or clogged condenser coils, and signs of overheating are clues as to the cause. In those cases, we might also think about the local weather in the Arlington, TX area, and the possibility that powerful storms have blown material in your yard against the unit, damaged it with hail, struck it with lightning, or clogged it with dust or wet material.

Collateral Damage from Weather-Related Disruptions

Our AC repair diagnostic technicians are taught to think broadly, so that they identify the problem and also consider what other parts might have received damage, such as lighting damage that blows fuses and also damages controller boards and other electronics. We want to make sure that our repair is complete so your unit is fully functional again. That’s one of the reasons you call us — we don’t just get it going again, we get it going right.

Activity in Your Yard Can Damage Your AC Unit

Though most units are fairly well protected, they’re not designed to handle the assaults that can occur during the course of maintaining your yard and home. Accidental ladder damage, bumping with your riding lawn mower, dents from play in the area that damage the condenser coils, and other impacts can cause failures or inefficiencies that lead to an AC repair call.

Weather Can Affect the Indoor Components of Your System as Well

If you experience a lightning strike, there may be damage to your control systems, thermostats, fan motors and other equipment inside your home. Our AC repair team will make sure that your system is functioning properly and providing proper cooling with all equipment and duct zones functional. In some cases, coincidence does occur and our quality and performance check uncovers other failures or pending malfunctions that need attention as well.

When the Weather Makes Your System Work Harder

If your system doesn’t have equipment to manage humidity, it may seem like your system is underperforming when in fact it’s keeping the right temperature, it just doesn’t feel right because of humidity. We can install humidification equipment for winter heating and dehumidification for muggy summer air, and help your unit provide the comfort feel that it’s capable of. We can also provide HEPA filters and other protection to keep pollen and dust out of your indoor air when the outside weather is dry and windy.

Older Units Versus Long, Hot Summer Weather

If your unit is older, long periods of summer heat can lead to AC repair calls as the compressor overheats and condenser coils that need cleaning or recharging don’t do their job properly, resulting in an overworked system. In that case, we may recommend that you consider an upgrade or new system installation as a cost-effective alternative. Off-season deals and incentives from the manufacturer can make new units quite affordable and with newer technology comes increased efficiency. When you look at the total picture of a well-planned replacement unit cost and reduced energy expense from efficiency, you may find that the overall financial picture is quite attractive. Our AC repair and installation team can offer suggestions as to the right system for you, and our office folks will run the numbers for you.

Maintenance Goes a Long Way Towards Countering the Effects of Weather

The better your system is running to begin with, the easier it will be to get satisfactory performance again once our AC team finishes any weather-related damage work. If you’ve had annual maintenance and had your moving parts serviced, condenser coil cleaned and pressure-checked, and your coolant charged if needed, you’ll ensure that you have the coolest air your system can produce. Inside, our AC repair team can upgrade your thermostat to provide timer-based control, intelligent control, or smart home integration. You can have them perform a duct cleaning service as well to increase efficiency and ensure less dirt and dust in the air, and of course change your system’s filter on schedule to provide cleaner air and more efficient airflow. Our team of experts can make sure that your system is in tip-top shape for its age, and ready to do its best when sweltering summer days arrive.

Reducing the Load on Your System with Zoned Ducting

It’s a bit more of a project than routine maintenance, but breaking your home’s heating and cooling load into several zones focuses your system’s capacity on the areas where you want temperature control, leaving areas like daytime bedrooms to wait until people are actually using them. This will go a long way towards reducing your operational costs and repair costs, and make sure that your system is ready to power through the prolonged challenges that hot, dusty weather can provide here in Texas.

Call Us for Fast, Knowledgeable AC Repair and Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

We’re Minuteman Heating & Air, serving the Arlington, TX area and keeping our many satisfied customers enjoying cool air in summer and warmth in winter. We’re ready for your call when your system needs AC repair or other service, and we look forward to scheduling maintenance for your system to keep it running at its best. When the time comes, we’d also like to be your source for economical, quality upgrades and new system installations. Give us a call to find out more about how we can help.