Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington, TX

Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington, TX

With summer in high gear and the temperatures climbing, you need your home’s air conditioner to perform as it should. Eventually, during the service life of any HVAC, a breakdown will occur, and the older the unit is, the higher the likelihood of frequent repairs being needed. One common problem is an AC system low on refrigerant. Homeowner’s often ask how will they know when the unit has a leak that may be the cause of a lack of cooling. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC to schedule air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX.

There are three main signs of a refrigerant leak. While they can also point to other problems, a refrigerant leak is a common cause in the following:

  • One common sign is the AC blowing warm air. However, before you call your HVAC technician for service, check your thermostat settings. The fan should be set to AUTO rather than ON, and the function should be set to COOL, rather than OFF.

Additional problems that can also cause the AC to blow warm air, include dirty coils, compressor problems, a faulty thermostat, and problems with electrical components such as switches, for example.

  • Ice on the refrigerant line and/or the evaporator coil is a common sign of low refrigerant. When you find ice in the system, shut the AC off to prevent damage. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC today to schedule air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX.
  • The sound of escaping refrigerant is often described as a hissing noise.

When a refrigerant leak occurs, repair is required before the system can be recharged with refrigerant. Otherwise, it will continue to leak out. Refrigerant does not get used up, if it is low there is a leak present. Furthermore, repair of a leak before the refrigerant is added is the law. Refrigerant is bad for the environment, and costly. In addition, the air conditioner will not work properly when a leak has occurred, and the potential for permanent damage to the system is high. Minuteman Heating & AC NATE certified technicians with the professional expertise to provide reliable air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX.

How AC Maintenance Can Prevent Problems

Without routine maintenance, the air conditioner will eventually breakdown. In fact, 2/3 of air conditioning failures are preventable with proper maintenance. In addition, dirt and dust are a major cause of damage and breakdowns, requiring air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX. It is preventable with routine maintenance, call to schedule yours today.

Clean, well maintained air conditioning systems provide the best performance, and reduce operating costs. In addition, a well maintained unit will experience an extended service life. This translates to more money in your pocket both now and in the future. In addition, maintenance increases reliability. That is important in the hot days of summer.

The following tips can assist you in improving the air conditioner’s performance and efficiency, while reducing the risk of breakdowns this summer.

Routinely Change the Air Filter
Depending on the type of air filter your system uses, it should be checked and/or changed every 30-90 days. The air filter is essential for protecting the air conditioner from particles that can collect on its coils and may cause long-term damage. Dirty filters result in these particles bypassing the filter and entering the system, and also restrict airflow. Reduced airflow places extreme stress on the unit, reducing the system’s lifespan and energy efficiency. Coil cleaning is a service that should be periodically provided. Your HVAC technician will check the coil with each maintenance visit, and can provide the cleaning when required, and before problems develop.

Protect the Airflow
Inspect around the outdoor air conditioning condensing unit and keep it clean around it. Remove leaves, branches, clutter, and keep grass and weeds cut to prevent airflow restriction. In addition, ensure shrubs are trimmed a few feet back from the unit.

The Condensate Drain
When the air conditioner is running, the moisture that develops as part of the cooling process drains out of your home through a drain line. However, the drain line may become clogged, causing water to back up and overflow from the evaporative pan. This can cause water damage in your home, and  can lead to the growth of mold. Check the drain while the system is running, to ensure the water is draining from the evaporative pan. If water does not appear to be draining, the line is likely clogged and needs to be cleaned. A Minuteman Heating & AC technician can provide the air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX that you require.

Schedule Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance by a qualified HVAC technician will keep your system running efficiently and will reduce the the incidence of breakdowns and the need for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX. While the outdoor air conditioning condenser will require annual maintenance, a heat pump requires biannual maintenance in the spring and fall. That is because the heat pump provides both air conditioning and heat, and therefore runs year round. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC today to schedule maintenance, installation or air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX if you are behind schedule.

Minuteman Heating & AC provides heating, and cooling services in Arlington, Mansfield and the surrounding areas. Our NATE certified technicians are dedicated to providing professional and expert service that meets and/or exceeds the industry standards. Contact us today to schedule air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX or other quality HVAC services.  We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.