Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington, TX

Air Conditioner Repair in Arlington, TX

AC Repair and Maintenance Can Save You Money

If you only schedule heating and air conditioning service when there is a problem, you aren’t alone. However, you may not realize that scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance annually, and calling for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX  at the first signs of a problem can save money on AC expenses in the long run. When you call for  air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX, and service is scheduled promptly, you can avoid a potential domino effect where the initial problem causes other components to fail.


By scheduling routine annual maintenance, you can prevent unnecessary wear and unexpected air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX. Maintaining a clean air filter and scheduling professional maintenance also ensures the unit provides peak performance, the greatest comfort, and will last longer. During a professional maintenance service call, your HVAC technician will have the opportunity to detect any potential problems, and can provide air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX  before they can cause damage to other components.  Minuteman Heating & AC provides NATE certified technicians ensuring you receive the highest quality services and the greatest expertise available in the industry.

Changing the air filter, and scheduling your technician to provide annual maintenance will also ensure the best energy efficiency possible, saving you money. In general, the air filter should be cleaned/changed every month depending on the type. However, regardless of the type, it should checked monthly and changed if overly soiled. During extremely dusty conditions, such as high pollen counts, or dusty construction outdoors, check the filter every two weeks until the condition causing excessive dust improves.

A Clean Filter Improves Air Quality

The air filter keeps the HVAC system running efficiently and depending on the type of filter, may also be responsible for maintaining a good air quality in your home. According to the EPA, the air inside your home can be 2-5 times more polluted than the outdoor air in industrialized cities. Considering the time we spend indoors, the air filter provides the front line of defense in providing cleaner air inside your home.  When you consider all the potential pollutants in the average American home, the right filter and proper changing can also help to provide your family with better health.

How often the air filter will require changing depends on a variety of factors. The type and recommended frequency are a consideration. In addition, if you have pets or live in a dusty environment, or have a smoker in the home, you’ll need to replace the filter more often. An overly dirty filter can also result in the air conditioner running longer., while it struggles to obtain the air it needs. This will cause an elevated electric bill  and can reduce the life of the system, and may even cause a fire due to overheating. Dirty filters and system neglect can also cause system failure, resulting in the need for replacement. Routine professional maintenance, and regularly changing the air filter can prevent a reduced lifespan, and prevents an increased frequency of air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX.

AC Repair vs. Replacement

When the air conditioner breaks down frequently, you may wonder if it would be best for the long term to replace it. The answer depends on a number of factors. For example, an air conditioner that has received routine professional service may be a better candidate for air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX. This is due to the fact that  it will generally have less wear and tear on it than a system that has not received routine maintenance. In addition, the age of the system is a consideration.

The aging AC system is commonly unable to perform as effectively or efficiently as it did when new. As a general rule, it is recommended to replace a frequently repaired unit when it is 10 years old or older. You will find today’s models to be designed with a higher energy efficiency than even five year old systems. Greater strides have also been achieved  with Energy Star models, for the highest efficiency possible. Purchasing an Energy Star model also provides greater reliability, as the program tests for both long term energy efficiency and reliability. Purchase Energy Star certified models to ensure you receive the best efficiency and reliability possible.

It isn’t uncommon for worn, aging systems to break down repeatedly. There are a number of components that comprise the system, and age and wear will lead to failure eventually.

In addition, you may have noticed the aging unit is no longer able to maintain your comfort during the summer, or that the electric bill has spiked to an all time high. This indicates a weakened system  and that a break down can occur at any time. If this sounds familiar, replacement should be seriously considered.

If you are facing air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX or a new air conditioning installation, Minuteman Heating & AC can provide an inspection revealing the current condition of the existing system, and what the best option for your home and budget will be.

Minuteman Heating & AC offers NATE certified technicians for the highest quality HVAC services available. You can rely on our technicians to meet and/or exceed the industry standards. Give us a call for your installation, air quality,  heating and air conditioner repair in Arlington, TX needs. We serve Arlington, Mansfield and the surrounding areas. Minuteman Heating & AC is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.