Air Conditioner Repair | Mansfield, TX

Air Conditioner Repair | Mansfield, TX

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We at Minuteman Heating and Air understand just how stressful it can get when your air conditioner breaks down. If you live in Mansfield, TX, life without a working unit does not bear thinking about, especially during the middle of summer when temperatures often reach over one hundred degrees for days on end. It is just as well you have Minuteman to depend on, and we are ready at a minute’s notice when you need an emergency air conditioning service.

Can You Help Avoid a Costly Air Conditioner Repair?

The short answer is yes! All machines will break down eventually, but you can avoid an unnecessary air conditioner repair by having your unit regularly serviced. We advise all our customers to have an annual service, and we also suggest that they schedule it before the long hot summer starts. This will ensure that it is in good shape when it is needed most. It will be running more efficiently, reducing your energy bills. Any defects will be discovered allowing you the chance to put them right.

Many people will think about skipping the service to save money, but Minuteman Heating and Air think that the service represents good value, then you consider that the cost of an air conditioner repair will often be in the hundreds of dollars. You cannot put a price on the peace of mind you gain, knowing that your unit is less likely to break down.

Danger Signs That Your Unit Is in Trouble

Living in Texas means you keep your air conditioner on for prolonged periods, and this increases the wear and tear on it.

This means there is more chance of a breakdown and an air conditioner repair, even if it is well maintained. If your unit is in distress, there will be certain signs that will alert you to pending problems. This allows you to act, if you have not had service this is a good time to schedule an appointment. A scheduled appointment now will be less costly than an emergency call-out later.

Short-Cycling Is Happening

Short-Cycling happens when the compressor turns itself on and off too often. A normal cooling cycle usually lasts about twenty minutes, where the compressor is on for ten minutes and then switches off for another ten. This allows for the most efficient cooling effect and removal of humidity.

Should the compressor switch itself on and off too soon, the cooling cycle is incomplete, and your home will not be cooled sufficiently.

Reduced Cooling Effect

Other factors that can reduce the amount of cooling are dirty air filters, low coolant levels, and faulty fans. The evaporator coils contain coolant that absorbs the heat from the warm air blown over them.

Without enough coolant, the amount of heat absorbed will be less and the amount of cool air blown back into your room will be reduced. The correct amount of coolant must be in your unit, and this will be investigated during the service.

The coils also need a constant supply of warm air to work properly. Dirty air filters or a problem with the fan will restrict the flow of warm air. Without enough warm air, the coils could start to freeze over, resulting in less cool air entering your home.

Higher Than Usual Energy Bills

Summer sees your air conditioner work at its hardest so it should come as no surprise that your energy bills will go up. But should they increase by more than you have expected, this is probably due to a problem with your unit.

When the compressor overworks during short-cycling it will use more energy. Should any component in your unit not function at its best, the other components work harder to maintain the temperature and humidity levels you have set.

These too use more energy as they work harder, and this will drive up your energy bills. An overworked component is more likely to overheat, burn out, and need replacing during an air conditioner repair.

Humidity Levels Are Higher in Mansfield, TX

Reduced cooling will mean that the air blown back into your home will be warmer. Warmer air contains more moisture than cooler air, so your home will feel more humid.

Strange Noises Coming from Your Unit

All air conditioners make some noise, but if you hear any unusual noises then you should call Minuteman Heating and Air before you need an emergency air conditioner repair. The source of many strange noises is often a faulty fan. If the fan blade has worked its way loose or is bent it could strike the inside of your unit, resulting in loud banging. A problem with worn-out fan belts or bearings inside the fan’s motor is going to be the source of any screeching noise.

You See Frost and Ice on the Evaporator Coils

Any problem with low coolant levels, faulty fans, and dirty air filters will allow frost and ice to form on the evaporator coils. Unless you take steps to remedy these problems the coils will freeze, and your unit will shut down. It may seem a paradox that the coils can freeze on a hot summer’s day, but unless the coolant inside the coils receives enough heat the coils will freeze. As the ice starts to form on the coils, it will act as an insulating layer, compounding the problem.

If you see frost and ice forming on the evaporator coil, you should call Minuteman Heating and Air quickly. If your unit shuts down too often, it will eventually break and need an air conditioner repair. If the coils freeze you will have to wait for up to 24-hours for them to thaw to turn the unit back on again.

A Trustworthy Air Conditioner Repair Company

Minuteman Heating & Air has been serving the people of Mansfield, TX for many years, and we offer a rapid air conditioner repair service to make sure that you and your family are safe. Most of the problems mentioned earlier will be dealt with during a regular service. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today, to ensure your air conditioner is in tip-top shape.