Air Conditioner Repair VS Replacement: Determining The Service You Need For Your Home | Burleson, TX

Air Conditioner Repair VS Replacement: Determining The Service You Need For Your Home | Burleson, TX

Air conditioners are vital in promoting indoor comfort, especially during hot weather. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, approximately 90 percent of all American households have air conditioning, which has steadily increased over the last few decades.

Despite their importance, air conditioning systems can’t last a lifetime, and you may be required to schedule air conditioner repair or replacement to ensure your residence in Burleson, TX is comfortable all year round.

Different circumstances may determine if you must schedule an AC repair or replacement service. However, understanding these scenarios can be challenging, so continue reading to know when you need a minor fix or whole-system replacement.

Reasons Why Your Home May Only Require AC Repair Services

The following issues indicate that you may require professional assistance from your local air conditioner repair service provider.

Poor Airflow

If your home’s air conditioning unit has insufficient airflow, it could be due to a blockage that may prevent the seamless distribution of conditioned air in your household. Such problems often happen due to air filter damage or damaged motors.

Luckily, your local AC repair service provider can recommend the installation of energy-recovery ventilators, consequently improving how your unit exchanges stale air with fresh air during each cycle. Your contractor may also recommend using zoning systems to help ensure the cooling effect is felt in rooms that require it the most.

Moisture Leaks

Air conditioning units rely on refrigerants to keep homes comfortable. While in action, moisture may be produced, but the accumulation of the water produced may be a sign of trouble, especially if the moisture starts leaking. Active leaks and water pools in or around your home’s air conditioning unit are giveaway signs that your residential AC unit may not be working properly.

Under such circumstances, requesting assistance from your local air conditioner repair professional may be the best option. If left unresolved, AC-related moisture leaks may result in extensive structural water damage on your property over time.

Strange Sounds

It’s common for air conditioners to make low-level noises as they start or shut down. However, if your home’s AC unit produces loud, awkward, and sudden noises, there may be a more serious underlying problem.

If you notice rattling, buzzing, whistling, or grinding noises from your unit, you may need to contact your nearest AC repair service provider. Your contractor can help identify the source of the strange noises and recommend the appropriate course of action to ensure the system maintains its operational efficiency.

High Indoor Humidity Levels

Wet outdoor conditions are a common occurrence during the summer and fall seasons. However, this doesn’t mean that your home’s indoors should be humid throughout since air conditioning systems are designed to help regulate indoor humidity levels.

Therefore, if your home’s air conditioning system can’t keep the indoor humidity levels comfortable, you may have to enlist the assistance of an air conditioner repair service professional. Your technician can recommend a basic re-calibration service or the installation of a whole-home dehumidifier.

The AC Producing Warm Air

Suppose the conditioned air reaching your indoors is warm. In that case, you should ask an AC repair expert to check the thermostat to check if it’s set to cooling mode and whether the calibration is lower than the house’s current thermal conditions.

If the vents are still releasing warm air, it could be due to restricted air movement or issues with the compressor. Regardless, you must enlist the services of a reputable air conditioner repair expert near you. Your home’s air conditioning system is complex and may require meticulous calibration to avoid more serious problems down the road.

Frequent Cooling Cycles

Your home’s air conditioning unit regularly undergoes frequent cycles as it works to keep your indoors cool during hot weather.

Although it may go on and off more frequently during the summer, it shouldn’t cycle on and off constantly, especially with short intervals between the cycles. If it does, it may be time to request solutions from an air conditioner repair service company in Burleson, TX.

Reasons for Making an AC Replacement Service the Best Option

After addressing the aforementioned issues, you can help add to the years of service your home’s air conditioning unit can provide. However, there comes a time when a replacement may be the best option. Here’s a look at some factors that may warrant the need for air conditioner replacement solutions.


A well-maintained air conditioning unit should serve your household for 15 to 20 years. After this period, consider shopping for a replacement even if the system seems to be in perfect working order.

As time passes, the unit’s irreplaceable interior components may continually deteriorate, requiring frequent repairs and replacements that may eventually surpass the value of investing in a new unit altogether.

Additionally, technologies present in newer models may be more efficient than those in older systems, helping you reduce the energy expenditure in your household.

AC Unit Size

When investing in an air conditioner, you should select the appropriate size based on your household’s needs. You should consider the size of your property and its energy efficiency and contact an air conditioner repair expert if necessary.

Suppose the unit is too small to cool your Burleson, TX home effectively or too large based on your household needs. In that case, you should consider requesting a replacement since regular repairs may only offer temporary solutions.

Repair Costs

If the cost of air conditioner repair services rendered at your home eventually exceeds the cost of a new unit, investing in a new unit should be a no-brainer.

If you’re not convinced that your home may require a new AC, you should always remember that older units may require more frequent part replacements and repairs. As previously pointed out, these costs may add up with time, making investing in a new unit more beneficial.

Repair or Replacement? Trust the Experts at Minuteman Heating & Air

With the above information, it may be easier to determine when to request air conditioner repair or replacement services.

However, it’s best to leave your AC repair, or replacement service needs to the experts, and the professionals at Minuteman Heating & Air are here to help. We can help inspect, diagnose, and fix major and minor air conditioning problems. Contact us today.

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