Air Conditioning Installation in Arlington TX: Do’s and Don’ts

Air Conditioning Installation in Arlington TX: Do’s and Don’ts

Keeping cool is one of the central struggles of life in hot and dry climates and keeping up with the electricity bills is another! This means that proper air conditioner installation in Arlington TX is one of the most important procedures you need to ensure your comfort. When installing a new AC in your home, it is important to know good standard procedures and to keep certain tips in mind. Poor air conditioning installation could not only take years off your brand new equipment and make it a lot more inefficient than it should optimally be, but also jack up your costs over the years.

Do: Plan

Air conditioner installation in Arlington TX might seem a routine enough procedure that you can make do without preliminary planning. However, there are considerations that need to be thought through in order to maximize the efficiency of this installation. Ignoring factors like inaccurate equipment sizing could lead to complications during the AC installation itself, or further down the road. It is therefore important to give time to reflect on issues like refrigerant charging and unit sizing. Problems with the former could lead to system freeze-ups and reduced efficiency, and with the latter could lead to problems with the dehumidification process.

Don’t: Locate Your Compressor Where the Sun Shines

If you’re going for central air conditioner installation in Arlington TX, make sure to place the compressor in a shaded area outside in order to keep the system cool. The workload on the compressor is likely to increase otherwise, and result in reduced or obstructed airflow over the coils, leading to inefficiency and system damage.

Do: Install Electrical Wiring Properly

Electrical wiring needs to be taken care of in order to prevent faulty system performance, and more dramatically, electrical fires. Failure to do this could lead to the need for immediate air conditioner repair in Arlington TX.

Don’t: Ignore Care of Moisture Control

Excess moisture can lead to unsanitary conditions as bacteria and molds are able to breed more easily. The best way to do this is right in the beginning during the AC installation, by ensuring the mechanical systems are sized accurately. This allows better moisture control and comfort.

Do: Keep Your Local and National Air-Condition Codes in Mind

Building codes ensure human safety by enforcing quality installation services. Your air conditioning service center should be up to date on the local and national installation codes concerning electrical supply circuits, ductwork layout and installation and structural considerations.

Don’t: Forget About Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Rating for air conditioners ranges from 2 to 11.5, with 10 and higher being ideal for efficiency (that is, lowering wastage and saving electricity, and thus reduced costs). You may have to shell out more dollars for a more efficient unit when going through an air conditioner installation in Arlington TX, but in the long run, it is bound to save money and frustration.

Do: Measure the Room You Are Installing the Unit In

Not every air conditioning unit can fit the needs of every room. You need to consider the size of the room in order to both select the best possible unit for the room, and to ease the AC installation. This can be made easy through the use of an online air conditioning calculator, which will tell you how much power you need after you input the room’s dimensions. Alternatively you can opt to use air conditioning services in Arlington TX to do this.

Don’t: Ignore Fire Safety

Always make sure you have factored in fire safety, especially when the AC installation takes place in a window. In case of a fire, your AC should never block the path to safety. This is actually a good reason you should always consider calling an air conditioning service in Arlington TX instead of electing to do the job yourself.

Do: Incorporate the Climate of the Room to Determine What Unit Is Best Suited to Your Needs

A shaded room will require a less powerful air conditioner than a well-lit one, and while going through an air conditioner installation in Arlington TX, where you always want to save on air conditioning costs, this information can help you select a cheaper yet more efficient unit. The climate of the room is also affected by the number of people inhabiting it, so if your family is larger, you might need a more powerful unit.

Don’t: Plug the Air Conditioner into the Same Circuit That Powers Other High Energy Appliances

Air conditioning units consume a lot of power. If you connect the unit to the same circuit that powers other high energy appliances, like refrigerators, or vacuums, you could be risking a major outage that could end up costing you a pretty penny. Plus, ensure you’re using the right cord that can handle the heavy current draw of an air conditioner – it should say “air conditioner cord” or “major appliance cord” on it. It’s best to use as short a cord as possible.

Do: Find a Company that Knows Air Conditioning Products

As you can see from this article, a successful AC installation involves a lot of factors. Even though it may appear to be a routine installation, it is best to consult with a professional air conditioning service in Arlington TX, who can analyze your needs and come up with the best possible solution for your requirements. As long time veterans of the industry in Arlington, we are uniquely poised to resolve your specific issues. Our technicians are licensed and completely trained in all aspects of unit specifications, manufacture guidelines and state regulations, as well as safety rules and energy efficiency.

Don’t: Panic if Things Go Wrong

Air conditioners are complex systems and depend on a wide variety of conditions to work efficiently and effectively. In a hot and dry climate like Arlington’s, you will find yourself facing a host of issues. For example, the indoor evaporator coil in your AC may not get a sufficient amount of airflow, which negatively impacts the efficacy of the system. This could even go on to damage the compressor if not checked and fixed in time. However, if you’re in need of air conditioning repair in Arlington TX, call us, and we’ll be right there to help with your installation, maintenance or repair needs.