Minuteman Heating & Air offers first-rate air conditioning maintenance services to customers in Mansfield, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. It is essential to provide annual maintenance on your air conditioning unit to ensure its optimal performance, greatest efficiency, and the maximum potential life span. Proper maintenance will reduce the need for air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX. Assuring our clients’ comfort is our first priority, and our certified, experienced professional technicians have the expertise to handle all of your AC maintenance needs.

Homeowner Provided AC Maintenance

While having your HVAC unit serviced on an annual basis is crucial, homeowner’s can provide some simple tasks that will assist in maintaining performance in between professional maintenance, and assist in reducing the need for air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX. The following tips will protect and improve the performance of your air conditioner:

AC Filter Change – Dirt, pollen and debris will build up in your system if you do not frequently check the filter and replace it. For people with allergies or asthma, it is best to change out the filter once a month. A clean filter will produce better air quality in your home and will also help to ensure your system operates more efficiently while keeping the evaporator coils clean, and the system functioning properly. Changing the air filter is essential in maintaining system performance and reducing the need for air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX.

Clean the Vents – Air is drawn in through the air return, cooled and then delivered to your home through the air conditioning registers. Over time dust and lint will collect on the vents and should be cleaned off a few times a year or more often if needed.

Clean the AC Condenser Coil – When you ensure the outdoor unit is clean it will perform more efficiently providing cooler air. In the spring before the cooling season begins, clean the condenser by hosing it off. You may also use a vacuum or a soft brush if used gently. You do not want to bend the condenser fins as this will impair its performance. An AC technician can provide you with correct instructions if you are unsure how to perform this task, or we can provide you with a professional cleaning for the best performance. An excessively dirty condenser will require a professional cleaning by a qualified HVAC technician to maintain its performance.

If your air conditioning system is not performing as it should, or for annual maintenance and a tune-up contact Minuteman Heating & Air.

Professional AC Maintenance Reduces Repairs

Air conditioning emergencies seldom occur at a convenient time. Providing annual AC maintenance assists in preventing unexpected breakdowns and enables minor issues to be caught early before they become a larger and more costly problem by providing air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX. Contact Minuteman Heating & Air to schedule professional maintenance.

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Image of air purifier AC repair Fort Worth, TX
Image of air purifier AC repair Fort Worth, TX

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