Air Conditioning Repair: What Temperature Is Best For My Air Conditioner? | Mansfield, TX

Air Conditioning Repair: What Temperature Is Best For My Air Conditioner? | Mansfield, TX

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Having air conditioning in Mansfield, TX is almost a requirement in your home nowadays. Having to call for air conditioning repair is not something you want to do either. Keeping your unit running for as long as possible ensures you won’t have to call for air conditioning repair as much as possible. You want cold air, and you want your unit blowing cold air but you also don’t want to pay for it either by repairs by overworking your unit or by paying for the excess energy.

Temperature from the Vent

One of the first things your air conditioning repair professional will likely check when called is the current temperature blowing out of your vents. The standard range should be between 16 and 22 degrees less than the air temperature going into your supply vents of your air conditioning system. Why that difference? If it is not that cold at the vent then when the cool air is dispersed throughout your house it won’t reach the temperature you have set and can cause issues with humidity and cycle time of your unit.

If the air is not within those set parameters then something is likely wrong. If you call for an air conditioning repair you will get differing answers depending on what direction the imbalance. If the difference is higher than 22 degrees is generally because air flow problems are occurring and you’re getting less air back into the house compared to what you’re sending to the unit to cool. The symptoms of that will be determined by your air conditioning repair specialist but could include things like a dirty evaporator coil, an incorrect fan speed, a bad air filter, or issues with your duct work being too small for the unit you have. Going the other way, a difference of less than 16 degrees is going to take forever to cool your house down to your desired temperature that your unit will run for a long time especially in the hot Mansfield, TX summers. Again when you have this you should call for air conditioning repair to see exactly what is happening. It could be because of low or leaking refrigerant tubes, a weak compressor valve, leaks in the valves, or leaks in the duct work.

Temperature in Your House

There are many answers for what temperature should be. The two schools of thought are 72 and 78 degrees for when you are home. Choosing 72 degrees will keep you cooler and be closer to the ideal human comfort zone for ambient air, but it would use a lot more energy than you need to especially if the day is warm like most summers. that would put your range for acceptable temperatures would be between 50 and 56 degrees at the vents. Choosing 78 degrees, while it may feel warm still, is better than the outside but should save you a ton on operating expenses and on wear and tear of your unit. At 78 degrees your expected range for temperature at the vent is 56 to 62 degrees.

If your house varies in temperature between rooms you may wonder why. There are multiple reasons this may be. Some may require a call for air conditioning repair but others are just more natural. If you have multiple stories in your home it is highly likely that a central air conditioning system won’t keep the upper floors the same temperature as the lower ones. This is because of the natural process as air heats up it becomes less dense meaning it will rise. This is why some houses have more than one unit or will have supplemental window units.

Best Balance Between Comfort and Cost

Consulting with your air conditioning repair specialist can ensure your unit is running at its most efficient level. They will also be able to ensure that the unit isn’t running too long of cycles and is costing you as little as possible. As air conditioning units take more time per cycle they get much warmer and can cause damage over extended periods of time. When an appliance runs hot for too long parts can start to fail. Failing parts means you need to call to get for air conditioner repair. If the cycle is running too short it can mess with the start up cycle in the unit and cause it to fail from too many short cycles as well.

Not only is an ineffective air conditioning unit bad for the unit itself it’s bad for your pocketbook. If your unit isn’t keeping you cool enough or is forcing too much through at once it could also add major costs to your utility bills. All units use energy to run and the longer they run the more energy they use. Also, as units start up and stop there is a spike of energy used, which would also cost more. You need to find the balance between the extremes to minimize your energy usage and help your home stay cool.

The comfort of yourself is also important to that balance. The more time it takes for your unit to cool down your house the more uncomfortable you will be overall. This is another portion to balance, and it starts from whatever unit you have installed in your house. It then is based on the temperature and performance of your unit. Always ensure that the temperature you choose works best for you and your unit. If you call for air conditioning repair they’ll make sure you get it done.

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