Air Conditioning Service: Air Filter Options For Homeowners | Mansfield, TX

Air Conditioning Service: Air Filter Options For Homeowners | Mansfield, TX

Homeowners invest in quality HVAC systems for comfort during alternating hot and cold seasons. For the air conditioners and heaters to provide clean and healthy air for enhanced indoor air quality, they need the best air filters you can afford to filter allergens and contaminants that can be harmful to health. The filters can prevent allergies and some respiratory illnesses.

If you have family members allergic to pollen, dander, or dust, you should invest in the best air filters that will enhance their health. The air filtration units also require correct installation by qualified and skilled air conditioning service professionals in Mansfield, TX, to perform efficiently.

Aspects to Assess When Buying Filters

Several air filters exist in the HVAC markets and you can select the best with the help of an air conditioning service provider. Some of the factors to consider when buying an air filtration unit are:

  • The purpose of the filters
  • MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value of the air filters. It measures efficiency or performance in capturing particles.
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Time the air filters can serve before cleaning or replacing by an AC service technician.
  • The materials of the air filters, such as fabrics or fiberglass

Types of HVAC Air Filters

All air filters have benefits and limitations that you should learn before pinpointing the type to purchase for your home. Understanding them is the only way to make the right choice for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

An experienced air conditioning service installer can walk you through the various kinds of filters and allow you to choose the type that is within your budget. If you want enhanced indoor air quality in your house, you can invest in any of the following air filter options in the market.

UV Filters

An air conditioning provider installs UV filtration units to eliminate or kill microorganisms such as molds and spores. They use ultraviolet light to destroy viruses and bacteria that enter a home through your heating or cooling equipment. The UV filters have UV lamps with germicidal radiation that disinfect the microorganisms, allowing only clean air to circulate in your home. They can pose a threat when they give room for oxygen to transform into ozone.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) explains that ozone is a dangerous pollutant that can harm humans and plants. It contains the harmful type increasing in the air, exposing people to risks of skin cancer and asthmatic problems.

Another downside of the UV filter is its inefficiency in eliminating gasses, fumes, and smoke. Despite the limitations, the air conditioning technician can recommend the filtration units because they can exceptionally enhance your indoor air quality.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPA)

You can go for the HEPA filters for exceptional indoor air quality. The high-efficiency particulate filters can eliminate up to 99.97 percent of contaminants, including bacteria, pollen, dust, and allergens.

Its diameter specification of 0.3 microns makes it efficient in filtering out small and large particles, leaving the air healthy and clean for the health benefit of your children and other inhabitants. An air conditioning service expert in Mansfield, TX, can install the air filters in your HVAC without adjustments.

The HEPA filtration system is also cost-effective, implying you can get it as soon as you want to upgrade your air filter for higher efficient types. Similar to UV filters, they cannot remove glasses, fumes, and odors from the air circulating in your home.

Washable Filters

Homeowners can also choose a long-term investment into washable filters because they don’t need a replacement. The reusable air filters are environmentally friendly and need regular cleaning by an air conditioning service professional to maintain optimal functioning. Its MERV ratings are low, making them inefficient to filter out most pollutants entering your home through the cooling or heating units.

An air conditioning service expert can only re-install the washable filters when they are fully dry to prevent moisture from building up in your AC unit, giving room for mold and mildew to grow.

One of the benefits of the reusable filtration unit is that you buy it once and use it as many years as you want with proper maintenance. Its cons include the high initial costs that should not be an issue because the filters will serve you for long.

Electrostatic Air Filtration Units

Another air filter option is the electrostatic kind made of paper fibers and cotton that create static that attracts airborne pollutants. A skilled and experienced air conditioning service expert can help you select between the reusable and disposable magnetic air filters, depending on whether you prefer to dispose of them after use or clean them and re-install them.

The magnetism in the air filtration system effectively stops the contaminants from circulating in your home. The electrostatic filters are cost-effective but might fail to protect your family members or tenants from allergies because of the inability to remove large particles such as dust and mold spores.

Pleated Filters

The air conditioning service professional can also recommend the pleated filters for your home because of their efficiency of MERV ratings of between 5 and 13. The manufacturers of the filters use polyester fabrics and cotton to filter out airborne pollutants like pet dander, mold spores, and dust particles.

The folds in the air filtration unit make them more efficient in removing contaminants in the air than the non-pleated filters with low surface area. The pleated air filters can be washable or disposable and might wear down faster than expected.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with Us!

It is a fact that your HVAC systems cannot operate without air filters because they protect other components from damage. They are also vital in preventing allergies that can worsen the respiratory health of you or your vulnerable family members.

Call Minuteman Heating & Air in Mansfield, TX, for qualified and experienced technicians. Our air conditioning service professionals use up-to-date tools, knowledge, and techniques to offer the best HVAC services, including installation, maintenance, and repairs.

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