Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX – Tips to Save on Cooling

Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX – Tips to Save on Cooling

Very few will argue that it can become blistering hot during the summer in the Arlington area. When the sun outside is shining bright, one can be sure that homeowners will have the AC on at full speed in order to stay comfortable indoors. The last thing a homeowner will want to happen during one of these days is for the HVAC to break down. On top of that is the cost to run AC at full blast, though greatly needed during hot summer days, the need to reduce the costs may be just as great. In this article we will go over some helpful tips that will help you curb the costs at the electric meter and help you save money on your monthly power bill.


Many homeowners do quite the opposite when it comes to trying to save on the electric bill with cooling. Believe it or not the doors to unoccupied rooms in the home should not be closed. Quite the contrary actually. Leave all doors in the home open, if at all possible, of course excluding the doors leading outdoors. If doors are closed in a room, this will build up pressure in each of the rooms that have closed doors. When the air is being distributed throughout the rooms, the pressurization of the air in the closed rooms will eventually be forced out through the bottom of the doors and cracks around it. This in turn will draw outside air into the home by any cracks and gaps also.

Where Does the Outside Air Come In?

One of the most common places for outside air to enter a home is wherever there are the largest openings. Usually this could mean an opening such as the chimney or flues. With outdoor air being drawn in, so will all of the outdoor airborne contaminants such as pollen, allergens, pollution and even humidity. That excess humidity being drawn in will also cause your air conditioning to work even harder at expelling it from the indoor air.  This in turn means that the energy efficiency of the air conditioner will decrease, which means that the electrical costs will increase.


With all of that in mind, you should keep the interior doors in the home open in order to prevent unwanted drafts.  If leaving the doors open at all times is not a convenient method for one reason or the other then the next best thing to do would be to trim the bottom of the interior doors at least a quarter of an inch at the bottom.  This will help allow excess air to be expelled from the closed rooms. You may also consider instead having transfer grilles installed in each of the rooms that are frequently closed.


Other Tips to Save Energy

Inspect your home for leaking pipes, areas that could use more insulation and unprotected pipes that are exposed to air. Inspect the foundation and outer walls, especially where cables and other wires enter the home and apply caulking where needed. Have a look at the windows and doors and see if caulking need to be applied in these areas. Inspect the weather stripping on the windows and exterior doors and see if it needs to be replaced. If you have thin curtains and / or no shades on the windows then consider purchasing thicker curtains and shades.


When it comes to the appliances and electronics in your home, as you replace them, consider ENERGY STAR certified appliances and electronics. Also look for appliances with inverters to further decrease energy usage.  Never allow for the freezer and refrigerator to become bare, make sure to keep stock within it all times. Not too full and not too empty is key to keeping a balance for the inside temperatures which with further reduce the amount of electricity wasted.



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