Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

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Air conditioning units require servicing and repair every now and then in order to deliver their performance and last longer. The best units are those that are regularly serviced and taken care of. In this article we discuss air conditioning service in Arlington, TX and focus on the key aspects of air conditioner servicing such as maintenance, its advantages, etc.


Before we talk about air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, let us first note some useful tips that help in maintaining air conditioning units well and getting the best out of them. These tips not only extend the life of the unit but also help in minimizing expensive repair costs that people often have to pay when they neglect their air conditioners for too long. Some of the best tips include:

  • Try to keep it clean both externally as well as internally. Clean its filters regularly so that the dust does not clog them. This will ensure a smooth and consistent airflow
  • Replace the filters regularly when they wear out to avoid damaging the air conditioner’s components
  • Regularly check that the insulation is working fine
  • Clean the outside of the air compressor
  • Understand how the system works
  • Deep clean the unit with a soft brush
  • Clean the coils and the vents frequently
  • Ensure the vents remain dust-free to prevent them from blockages and clogging
  • Fix fins
  • Find and repair air leaks
  • Avoid using the lowest temperatures
  • Condensate drains habitually
  • Avail regular air conditioning service in Arlington, TX to ensure the unit is well maintained and running smoothly

Reasons to Get an Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

1.   Safety

Even if you are not having any issues with your air conditioning unit at the moment, it is best to get your unit serviced to ensure that it remains energy efficient, keeps running smoothly and lasts longer. You would not want to have a malfunctioning air conditioner in the sizzling summer days. Moreover, trying to service your air conditioning unit on your own is another common mistake that many people seem to make. Attempting to repair your air conditioner yourself often results in matters getting worse, which s why it is strongly recommended to have your unit serviced by professional air conditioning service in Arlington, TX.

2.   Saving Money

Many servicing companies offer good deals and money-saving promotions if you opt for their annual service plans. Not only will this save you money but also act as a reminder to have your air conditioner serviced, keeping it well maintained. Along with the discounts on the servicing procedures, you will also be able to save money by having to pay lower energy bills since a serviced and maintained unit is more energy-efficient than a neglected unit.

3.   Consistent Cooling

Regularly servicing your air conditioning unit will ensure that it has a constant, uninterrupted and smooth airflow. Therefore, to avoid any risks of succumbing to the deadly summer days of Arlington, ensure that your unit is regularly serviced.

4.   To Extend Your Air Conditioner’s Life

In order to ensure that you get the best value for your money and that your air conditioning unit lasts a long while, there are certain measures that you can take. For instance, having your unit regularly inspected and serviced is a great way to extend your unit’s life and maintain its airflow quality as well. The lifespan of your air conditioner heavily depends on the following factors:

  • Installation area and location
  • The amount of consumption
  • Frequency of servicing
  • The level or grade of the unit model

5.   Fewer Repairs

Another great benefit of regular servicing is that you rarely have to pay for any costly repairs since the frequent servicing takes care of any issues, wear and tear, or malfunctioning. Therefore, you hardly have to pay heavy prices to have any repair done for your unit.

6.   Improved Air Quality

To ensure that you and your family are inhaling quality air is very important. It helps in keeping you and your family members healthy and fresh. Air conditioner servicing is a great way of ensuring this. Your filters are replaced every time your unit is serviced, and this helps keep your filters and unit dust-free.

Such tiny measures play a huge role in keeping your family and yourself healthy and fresh since dust-free filters keep the air clean, bacteria-free and promote a healthier environment. Therefore, seek the assistance of a professional air conditioning service in Arlington, TX to improve your home’s air quality.

Signs Indicating That Your Unit Needs Servicing

Here are a few signs that indicate that you need to get your air conditioning serviced or repaired:

  • Stale or smelly air
  • Inconsistent or poor airflow
  • Poor or interrupted cooling
  • Thermostat problems
  • Unusual sounds coming from the unit when it is on
  • Frequent on/off cycling of the unit
  • High energy bills

If your unit is displaying any of these signs, it is best for you to have it serviced by a professional air conditioning service in Arlington, TX immediately, otherwise it may lead to worse problems such as:

  • Drainage problems
  • Sensor problems
  • Electric control failure

What to Look for When Getting Your Unit Serviced

You should ensure that the professional from the air conditioning service in Arlington, TX that you hire takes the following steps during servicing:

  • Unplugs your air conditioning unit before beginning work
  • Tests the switches
  • Examines the thermostat
  • Examines the ducts
  • Takes care of the main blower
  • Measures the evaporator coil’s airflow
  • Buys parts such as the condenser fan motor
  • Cleans the filters
  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Checks the entire system’s wiring
  • Oils the motors and checks belts for tightness and wear
  • Cleans up the whole mess


You should make some considerations before hiring someone for air conditioning service in Arlington, TX to ensure that you get the best services. These include:

  • Reliability
  • Range of services
  • Professionalism and Friendliness
  • Insurance and License
  • Affordability
  • Credibility
  • Experience
  • Efficiency
  • Customer Service
  • Good Reviews

According to HVAC experts, you should have your unit serviced at least once every year to keep it running smoothly. Hiring a professional air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, is the best way to keep your air conditioner functioning well.

If you are looking for a professional air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, to get your unit serviced or repaired, contact the best in the field. Contact Minuteman Heating and AC at 817-284-2569 for all your air conditioner related inquiries and concerns.