Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield, TX

Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield, TX

When it’s hot outside, a problem with your home’s air conditioner is unwanted trouble. Don’t despair, call Minuteman Heating & AC. Our NATE certified technicians will identify the cause, and provide you with a solution. NATE certification means our HVAC technicians have pursued a higher training and demonstrated advanced knowledge and practice, in order to earn the prestigious certification. For you it means a true expert has arrived to resolve your AC problem. Contact us today to schedule air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

When you call Minuteman Heating & AC for air conditioning repair, or routine air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, our technician will provide a comprehensive diagnostic on the unit. When the technician has completed the diagnostic procedure and inspection, the problem will have been identified. In addition, if weakening components are identified during the procedure, our technician can provide on the spot repair in most cases.

AC Installation

Unfortunately, repair is not always advisable, or possible. Over time, the AC will experience wear, and while almost any component can be replaced, there comes a time when replacing a worn out unit is the cost effective choice. For example, if you require a new compressor, other worn components will still be worn and place the AC at risk of breakdown. When parts begin to fail one after the other, it doesn’t take long for it to add up. A new air conditioning installation will maintain your comfort, save energy and provide greater reliability. In regards to AC repair, don’t worry, our technicians are trained and experienced in repair and maintenance of all major brands. You can rely on a Minuteman HVAC technician to provide superior service that meets and/or exceeds the industry standards, with any air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX you need.


For the majority of homeowner’s, maintenance is provided from two sources. Homeowner provided maintenance typically includes monthly changing/cleaning of the air filter, removing debris from around the outdoor condenser, vacuuming registers and the grill serving the indoor blower.

Maintenance provided by an HVAC technician encompasses a number of steps, such as inspection, testing of components, oil moving parts, ensuring electrical connections are tight, cleaning the evaporator and/or condensing coil, if needed, leveling the outdoor unit if required, fin straightening, cleaning a clogged evaporator drain and more. Don’t wait until the temperature is high to ensure your air conditioning system is ready for the summer, contact a Minuteman NATE certified technician today to schedule air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

Together, with homeowner provided tasks and routine service, you will receive the units optimal performance, including energy efficiency and performance. Contact Minuteman Heating & AC today to schedule your pre-summer tuneup. When you contact us, you are assured of reliable air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, and your satisfaction.

Check the Air Conditioner Now Before You Need It

It’s smart to check your system now in the event there are any problems or required air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX. By checking to ensure its proper operation now, you can call for repair before the weather becomes hot. Furthermore, the longer you wait, the more likely you are to be without air conditioning once service personnel are in full swing with the summer season.

Use the following tips to check the AC:

  1. If your thermostat operates on batteries replace them now, and purchase spares. Furthermore, if you don’t already use a programmable thermostat, consider purchasing one. A programmable thermostat can save you as much as 20% on the cost of cooling while maintaining your comfort.
  2. Inspect the duct work for broken seals, damage and/or separation. Providing repair on leaky ducts can save you up to 30% on energy costs, and will also improve your comfort by ensuring you receive the cold air you’re paying for.
  3. Ensure registers are not blocked by furniture, drapes or other items.
  4. Change the air filter before the season begins, and monthly thereafter. Use only the filters recommended by the system’s manufacturer. For example, not all systems can tolerate a HEPA filter, and the use of the filter when it is not recommended can result in permanent damage to your air conditioner.

Turn the System On

To begin testing your air conditioner, lower the temperature on the thermostat to the a level lower than the room temperature. Turn the system on at the thermostat. Next, go to the blower and listen for the fan running. Do the same at the outdoor condenser, ensuring the fan is running/ Listen for unusual noises at both fans.

Allow the system run for 15 minutes or as required for you to feel the indoor temperature dropping throughout the home. If you notice unusual sounds, the odor of burning wire or if the AC is blowing warm air, contact Minuteman Heating & AC for air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX. 

Maintaining a smoothly operating system relies on proper, routine maintenance and servicing needs. Have your air conditioning system inspected and maintenance provided before problems occur. Being proactive will help to ensure your comfort. If you require air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, repair or installation of a new system, give us a call. Minuteman Heating & AC offers a wide range of HVAC services. We serve Arlington, Mansfield and the surrounding areas. Minuteman Heating & AC is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.