Air Conditioning Service: Know What To Expect | Arlington, TX

Air Conditioning Service: Know What To Expect | Arlington, TX

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The people of Arlington, TX realize just what a good commodity air conditioning service is, especially during the intense Texas summers. Quality air conditioning is the primary reason for surviving those harsh summers, and without it, the worst can actually happen. Imagine the pressure you feel as you battle pools of sweat during an outage or when your AC unit begins to malfunction and then ceases to work. Fortunately, there’s one name you can trust, and that’s Minuteman Heating and Air of Arlington, TX.

Your heating and AC unit has a funny way of telling you when it’s about to fail. In fact, you will come to notice a few trademark signs, some of which are subtle and others that are far more blatant and urgent. Your thermostat is one good indicator of a potential system malfunction. If you have ever been in a situation where the room temperature feels different than what the thermostat is actually registering, then you know that there might be a problem worth investigating. In this case, you should try resetting your thermostat before turning it back on. You can do this by simply turning it off for at least an hour so that it has plenty of time to reset. If this doesn’t work, it may be time to have the unit’s batteries checked and possibly replaced. In other cases, a dirty air filter can be the source of your woes, and calling your air conditioning service provider to have it replaced is a good idea.

Air filters do warrant periodic maintenance and cleaning, and in most cases, should even be replaced. This is especially true in situations where people live in more developed, urban areas where there is far more pollution than in rural settings. Factor in smog from traffic, air pollution from nearby factories, and all other environmental issues, and it should come as no surprise that your air conditioner’s filters can get dirty far more quicker than in other regions.

A dirty air filter has many repercussions on your air conditioning unit, including your system’s evaporator coils and the amount of energy that is consumed when your air conditioner is actively running. Your air’s velocity slows down as it tries hard to push its way into the clogged filter and into your home, and that is the very reason for the increase in energy costs as more electricity gets consumed in the process. So if you happen to notice a spike in your monthly utility bills, then having the filter checked is a good option. Thankfully, this is something your air conditioning service company can do for you.

A decline in your indoor air quality is another excellent indicator that something is seriously wrong with your air filter. In fact, this could mean that the filter is so dirty that particles have somehow managed to escape, thus resulting in breathing problems for you and your loved ones, not to mention your guests. Those living with chronic respiratory conditions need to be particularly aware of the dangers in breathing in these types of airborne toxins, as they can exaggerate symptoms and even block your airways to where you can’t breathe at all. Just thinking of all the dust, mold, and other contaminants should be enough to get you thinking about calling for air conditioning service in order to have your filter replaced.

Yet when evaporator coils get clogged up with dirt, debris, or mold, they can pose problems of their own. Dirty air filters can cause grime to collect on the coils and disrupt their overall functioning. This can have even more challenges for your Arlington, TX home as you continue to battle the harsh summer heat. There are cases where evaporator coils may even freeze, which seriously disrupts the continued airflow in and out of your air conditioner. When this happens, your best bet is to call for air conditioning service right away.

Other issues that come with dirty evaporator coils have a huge impact on other functions of your air conditioner, such as warm air flow, for example. This could mean that your coils might be long overdue for good cleaning, and that is something that can be readily addressed by an air conditioning service provider. Your Arlington, TX home deserves nothing but the best, and your contractor will have all the right tools and knowledge needed to get the job done. Any air conditioner that simply won’t turn at all may signal the need to replace your unit’s evaporator coils as quickly as possible.

Good air conditioning service need not be limited to the scope of just simple, basic routine cleaning. It can be expanded to include air conditioning repairs as needed, and can also include annual unit inspections as well. During the process, your air conditioning service technician can look for mold and mildew build up and check for broken or missing air conditioner parts.

Fan belts are special features that are most typically used with older air conditioning units, as they perform their function well in distributing clean, cool air. But sometimes they can pose a specific nuisance with your air conditioning unit. Fan belts can get broken or become loosened when elements such as dirt, debris, and other outer contaminants invade. Broken fan belts emit a loud, clanging noise that’s disruptive enough to have you calling for air conditioning service right away.

Fan belts that are tattered and worn due to age make ticking noises when your air conditioner is in full swing. Your fan belt may also squeal when its in motion as the air conditioner attempts to cool off your home, and the sound can be a real nuisance for Arlington, TX homeowners trying to keep things quiet. But there’s no need to worry, as this means that something should be done right away. Replacing the fan belt may be the thing to do in a situation like this. This simply means that calling your air conditioning service provider is needed so that it can be checked for further damage before beginning the job.

Motors that burn out suddenly or over the course of time have been known to stop the fan inside your air conditioner and keep it from cooling off your home. It may also play a role in your home’s electricity system and could trip a breaker while attempting to run. You could hear grinding noises as the motor tries to kick on, and that is definitely a sign of major trouble. In fact, any grinding or squealing sound means that the motor is old and in need of being replaced as soon as possible, so calling your air conditioning service repair technician is a must. They can check the motor and diagnose any further problems so that your air conditioner will be up and running once again.

Air conditioners that are installed and secured inside of a window have their own level of risk, the greatest one being that of outside debris that sneaks into the inside of the unit and causes great damage to any of its parts. In fact, your fan blades may get affected by flying objects such as rocks, tree limbs, and other outdoor materials that can warp and damage the fan blades to the point where they can become bent inwards, thus causing great damage to the other parts of the unit.

Perhaps the greatest issue with bent or broken fan blades is their propensity to greatly reduce the flow of cool air into your home, which could affect your health and comfort. Knowing that there may be a battle for cool air looming ahead is enough to get you going, but also thinking of the exorbitant energy bills that result should really get a fire lit under you to call for an appointment. Your air conditioning service technician will have the knowledge to advise you on what you should do for your next step, and if that happens to include getting your air conditioning fan replaced, then that can be easily done.

The temperature coming from your air conditioner may start to vary over time. At first, it may begin as a small problem that can just be barely noticeable, but over time, it could morph into something far more serious than meets the eye. You may notice small leaks of a funny colored liquid coming right out of the air conditioner itself, which is something that can prove to be fatal for you and everyone else in your home. In fact, you are most likely experiencing the loss of refrigerant, or freon, which is the lifeblood of your air conditioner due to the fact that it allows your unit to run at its most optimal in spite of the heat outside. This loss can not only affect your unit’s efficiency, but it can also freeze up your evaporator coils and cause your entire cooling system to go into lockdown.

Having your unit inspected for proper freon levels is a critical component of air conditioning service, and this is something that needs to be done annually to keep it up and running. Any type of hissing sound that comes right out of your air conditioner has much to say about your need to get it serviced as quickly as possible, as it means that you might be losing freon at a much faster rate than previously expected. Your air conditioning service professionals will know just how much freon is lost and how much should be added to keep you cool.

Freon isn’t the only chemical to leak out of your unit, as water can also seep through as well. If anything, water leaks that happen are to be reasonably expected due to the fact that there could be some level of condensation building up. However, any water leak that appears excessive may be due to a dirty air filter or low freon levels. It can also be the result of blockage in the system’s drain, which is responsible for dispensing water levels outside in an effort to prevent unusual leaks indoors. Your air conditioning service company can address this.

Your air conditioner’s pipeline will gradually collect all manner of dirt, scum, and debris over the course of time. This can happen as a direct result of use or an air conditioner that has been improperly installed. Any AC that is angled rather than leveled will not be able to drain out your water correctly, and other problems can result. You may begin to notice the signs of mold or mildew growing within your air conditioner, which will result in a sour odor when you turn it on. If you happen to notice this, you should immediately call your technician for an inspection. This is a vital part of routine air conditioning service, as taking in these toxins may result in allergies and breathing problems within your home.

Air conditioners that shut on and off at will may be telling you something critical about your AC’s thermostat. In fact, there is a thermostat sensor within the unit that connects directly to room temperature and reads it, thus letting the air conditioner know exactly when it’s time to kick on and cool your home. Any failure on the part of the sensor to perform this important function indicates that the sensor is either broken or it has been knocked out of place. Either way, this can be fixed within a matter of minutes. Your air conditioning service professionals can bend it back in place or even replace it if needed.

There are many air conditioning service companies around the area, but the best one to call is Minuteman Heating and Air Conditioning. They have the knowledge to serve your needs when the air goes out on your unit. Living without cool air is no fun in the middle of the summer, and those in Texas know just how hot things can get. Good air conditioning service and repair is vital to keeping the climate cool within, and this is something Minuteman can do.