Air Conditioning Service | Mansfield, TX

Air Conditioning Service | Mansfield, TX

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Mansfield, TX is a thriving residential city part of the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Metropolitan area. The area had a total population of 73,550 in 2020. In 2014 CNN/Money Magazine placed Mansfield at number17 in its yearly ‘Best Places to Live’ list.

Mansfield, TX has an extensive park network with 11 parks, hiking, and biking trails all through TX. There is also an 80 acres nature park, and the Hawaiian Falls Water Park which is a popular destination for families in the hot summer months.

As you might expect the climate in this region of TX is typified by very hot, humid summers. Temperatures are often above 90 degrees, so dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke are not unusual. It can be a dangerous time for both the young and the elderly and so it is important to keep everyone cool and safe making air conditioning and air conditioning service vital to the community’s health.

A dependable air conditioning service is important for both homes and businesses if something goes wrong it could cause a health emergency or waste tons of refrigerated projects. So, who do you turn to when your air conditioner is not working on a hot summer day?

You could search on the internet, type in “Air Conditioning Service”, but the problem is that you are going to get many results returned and all claiming to be the cheapest and the best when they rarely are what they claim. You want a company that can be trusted with many repeat (satisfied) customers and five-star reviews like Minuteman Heating and Air.

Minuteman understands just how crucial it is to have dependable air conditioning, during hot Texas summers, and is dedicated to bringing the very best air conditioning service to Mansfield, TX for whatever your plumbing or AC needs, you can rely on us to assist you.

How Does an HVAC Unit Work?

A fan pulls the warm air from the room through a grille at the base of the HVAC and blows it across evaporator coils. These coils contain a volatile coolant fluid that is circulating in a loop. Like the cold box in a fridge, it cools down the incoming air and a dehumidifier removes the excess moisture.

The cooler air then flows over a heating element, on a warm day, the heating element is turned off and the cold air is blown back into the room. On a cold day, the heating element is turned on so the HVAC acts as a heater, and warm air is blown back into the room.

Dangerous Coolants

As the coolant in the evaporator coils is heated up it changes into a gas and the heat is carried from inside the room to the outside of the building. This gas now passes through a compressor and is changed from low pressure to a warmer high-pressure gas. This warm gas now passes through a condenser which turns it back into its liquid state.

The heat from the warm gas is carried away by the cooling fins around the condenser coil helped by a fan blowing the outside air across it. The coolant now flows back in the house in a loop and the cycle continues. Over time the warmer air inside the room will be removed outside.

There are many components in an HVAC unit that could break requiring an Air Conditioning Service. There are some signs that you should look out for.

Signs That You Need an Air Conditioning Service

We at Minuteman Heating and Air would strongly recommend that you have your HVAC unit regularly serviced by one of our highly trained technicians. This should be carried out at least once a year, as it will help avoid unforeseen problems before they arise. We will check whether air filters are dirty and need replacing, clean the evaporator and condenser coils, clear the vents, ensure the coolant levels are ok and many other checks. This will ensure that your unit is working correctly and efficiently providing maximum cooling with the least energy input.

Problems with Your HVAC

Without regular service, you run the risk of expensive repair bills. There are many warning signs you should be on the lookout for:

  • Strange odors coming from the unit
  • Reduced airflow
  • Higher than expected energy bills
  • The unit makes strange noises.
  • Weak cooling or heating from the unit
  • The pooling of water around the unit

If you encounter any of these warning signs you need an air conditioning service immediately, turn the unit off, and call us as any further use could seriously damage the unit.

What Is the cause of These Problems?

Many things could go wrong in an HVAC unit necessitating an Air Conditioning Service. The main concerns are:

Coolant Leak: The coolant in your unit removes the excess heat and humidity from the air in your room. If it starts to leak, less heat can be absorbed from the air as less coolant means less cooling. Each HVAC unit needs an optimum level of coolant in it for maximum efficiency. When the coolant levels are low problems will occur.

You may notice that there is less cold air coming from the unit. Frost and ice may form on the evaporator coil which can damage it. The HVAC will need to work harder to maintain the same level of cold air output.

This extra effort will not only increase your energy bills but will damage the HVAC in time. An air conditioning service from one of our skilled technicians will be needed to locate and repair any leaks. This can be both time-consuming and expensive to fix.

The Evaporator Coil is Frozen: Another cause of a frozen evaporator coil is a reduced airflow across the coil that will cause it to freeze. If the evaporator coil has frozen, you should stop using the HVAC unit immediately and wait until it defrosts before you turn on the HVAC unit again.

Then call Minuteman Heating and Air for an air conditioning service. A frozen evaporator coil or low coolant can make the compressor work harder, causing it to overheat and burn out, meaning an expensive repair bill.

What causes the evaporator coil to freeze? Usually, it is due to restricted airflow over the evaporator coil. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as dirty air filters, a dirty evaporator coil, and a blocked air return grill. All these problems can be avoided by having a regular air conditioning service from one of Minuteman’s many highly trained technicians who will replace the air filter and clean the HVAC unit.

Dirty and Blocked Condensers: Your condenser needs plenty of air to flow over it so that any blockages such as plants, grass, and weeds need to be removed from around it. Any dirt or grime covering it will reduce its working efficiency.

This can be more of a problem in an area with lots of pollution. The dirt and grime act as an insulating layer reducing the transfer of heat to the outside air. If it is not cleaned regularly the condenser will have to work harder increasing the wear and tear on it. Cleaning the condenser is a job you can do yourself, but it is part of a regular air conditioning service from Minuteman.

Leaking Ducts: A system of ducts is a central element of a building’s HVAC system and is used to transport cool air in the summer and heated air in the winter. They need to be regularly inspected to ensure that the joint seals or the ducts themselves are not broken or damaged.

The cool air will be able to escape through gaps in the ducts. It is estimated that 20-30 percent of an AC unit’s energy is lost in this way, meaning higher energy costs for you. The cleaning of the ducts may be a job you want to attempt yourself but be careful. You may dislodge mold and bring allergens into your home.

The ductwork is often in hard to access places and you could damage your HVAC system or worse still hurt yourself. Whatever you decide it is still a good idea to have an air conditioning service.

Thermostat Issues: A thermostat will need to be calibrated and correctly placed to make the HVAC unit more efficient. A thermostat in a location where it is receiving direct sunlight will misread the temperature to be higher than it is.

In this case, your HVAC will be overworking itself, trying to reach the selected temperature. An older dial-type thermostat will need to be recalibrated more often, it may be better to have one of Minuteman’s air conditioning service technicians either recalibrating it or replace it with a new programmable thermostat.

In a larger home, you may find that some rooms are hotter or colder than others. A single thermostat will have problems adjusting all the rooms to the same temperature. By installing a multi-zone thermostat, you can control temperatures in different areas of your home. This helps increase your comfort and make the HVAC more efficient.

Fan Problems: There are two fans in your AC unit, one blows warm indoor air over the evaporator coil to cool it and the other blows outdoor air over the condenser to remove the excess heat. Any problems with the fans reduce the airflow and create other problems such as the evaporator coil freezing.

Out of the ordinary noises indicate a problem. A clunking sound can indicate a loose or bent blade hitting the inside of your unit. A screeching sound can indicate a worn-out fan belt. Whatever the issue a regular air conditioning service from Minuteman can help prevent an expensive repair.

Clogged AC Drain Line: Every HVAC unit has an external drain line that runs from the condenser. Any condensation that your HVAC unit produces should be removed via a drain line. If you are not careful mold and mildew will grow inside the drain line and cause a clog.

This clogged line will increase the humidity levels indoors, create a musty odor, and maybe cause water damage inside your home. So, keep your drain line clean and clear. It is easy to say that is a job you can do yourself but not everyone has the time or confidence to tackle these jobs. If you do not, then call for an air conditioning service from Minuteman.

The Age of Your HVAC: Nothing lasts forever or so they say. This is true of any HVAC system, even the best-maintained ones need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. An older model will not be as energy-efficient as a newer one. New technologies have emerged that help create a better air environment for your home.

A modern home has rooms that are used for offices and require more conditioning during the day and little at night. Rooms that have more sunlight on them will need less or more conditioning at different times of the day and night. A Zoning HVAC System will deliver different conditioning for each room reflecting the needs of you and your family.

There is a bewildering number of different systems on the market, let Minuteman help you decide what system is best for you.

Minuteman Heating and Air a TX, Trusted Air Conditioning Service Company

Minuteman Heating and Air have been serving the community of Mansfield, TX for many years. Our technicians either live in Mansfield or nearby, they have families and understand better than anyone how important it is to offer a reliable air conditioning service particularly during hot Texas summers. Our skilled technicians are NATE certified and are kept up to date with continuous education classes.

Your family’s safety is our main concern. If your HVAC system breaks down, we promise to be at your home ASAP. We will give you an honest assessment of your HVAC issues. We will never try to sell you a service that you do not need or hoodwink you into having work done that is not necessary. We will not leave until the job is safely done.

For your further safety, all our technicians must pass a thorough background check and have a drug test before we hire them. We conduct random drug and alcohol tests throughout their service with us. To help prevent the spread of Covid-19 our technicians will always all wear masks and use hand sanitizer before we enter your home.

Why do people use Minuteman Heating & Air? Well simplify put, they trust us, and we will not let them down. Give us a ring if you have any plumbing questions or issues!