Air Conditioning Service Minimizes Wear On Your System And Boosts Performance | Arlington, TX

Air Conditioning Service Minimizes Wear On Your System And Boosts Performance | Arlington, TX

Regular maintenance and repairs are part of keeping your investment in air conditioning performing efficiently for as long as possible. Relying on our air conditioning service team in Arlington, TX is the best way to keep your system in top shape, because Minuteman Heating & Air keeps our technicians well-trained and ready to take care of your AC system’s health. With our indoor air quality services, we’re here to do more for your health as well. Our high standards ensure that every visit from our air conditioning service provides the benefit of our experience and knowledge, whether we’re ensuring that your AC runs right away whenever you turn the thermostat down, or that it keeps on running until your home reaches the set temperature and stops, rather than running endlessly without quite reaching the setting you prefer. We arrive at your home with the equipment and parts to make most air conditioning calls a one-visit repair, and we have the skills to diagnose and provide your service quickly as well. When the temperatures here reach up towards 100 degrees and more, you’ll be glad you call our reliable experts.

Maintenance Keeps Your System Running Efficiently and Improves Longevity, Too

If you’ve called our air conditioning service team for AC maintenance after a few years without, you may notice that your home is cooler, your energy bills are lower, and best of all, you have fewer AC repair calls during the summer, or none at all. Those are some of the short-term benefits of having AC maintenance performed on your system but our professional technicians. Cleaning, testing, and an AC tune-up not only boost your efficiency but catch any current and upcoming repair needs in the process, allowing us to take care of them before your system is working hard through the summer. We’ll clean coils for better cooling, check the electrical connections in case winter weather or furry visitors have disturbed them, and make sure your refrigerant is at the right level and not leaking. The cooling fan that keeps your outdoor unit working right needs to be reliable as the unit pushes on through the heat of summer, and your compressor needs to be running smoothly, with enough refrigerant to avoid wear and damage.

Our detail-oriented air conditioning service team will also look for signs of trouble on the refrigerant line to and from your Arlington, TX home, check the insulation to avoid cooling losses, and verify the electrical connections so your AC has reliable power. Inside, we’ll check once again for leaks at the evaporator coils, make sure they’re clean, and look at the condensate drainage system that carries away moisture from the cooling process. If you’ve ever experienced icing of the evaporator coils, you’ll appreciate that we check the airflow which, when reduced, can allow ice to form on the coils. A common cause of iced-up coils is low airflow through the system air filter, easy to remedy with a filter replacement which should be performed about once a month. If your air intakes from rooms in your home are blocked, that can also cause airflow problems and ice buildup, so it’s good to check them, especially if they’re on the floor. In fact, if your vents are blocked you’ll have poor performance in that area, and sometimes overly cool in other areas as the cool airflow is diverted to nearby vents. If the room with insufficient cooling also has the main thermostat, you’ll probably see even more unwanted cooling taking place as the system overworks to meet the temperature goal in a room it’s having trouble reaching.

Putting Off Repairs Can Increase Wear

An overworked system due to blocked vents is one example of how putting off repair items can cascade to cause other problems, especially increased wear. A clogged air filter can result in not only icing of the coils, but excessive wear on the air handling components, with belts and motors prematurely wearing out and failing. The compressor relies on having refrigerant to compress, and if there’s a leak and refrigerant levels drop quickly, it will soon start making loud noises due to rapid wear and imminent failure. It’s a good time to call and catch up on refrigerant replacement, any leak detection and repair, and possibly compressor replacement as well. If there’s a slow leak, periodic replacement of the lost amount can help, but it’s typically bad for the environment to allow a leak to continue. If the replacement doesn’t take place in time, you’re back in emergency mode with the compressor howling, having to shut down your AC and make various repairs. There are so many longevity benefits from timely repairs that they shouldn’t wait. If repairs are becoming too numerous, though, or your system efficiency is dropping without resolutions available, we can help you review all the great new systems, with significantly improved efficiency and reliability and many ways to make them more affordable besides energy savings. In addition to creative, expert repair solutions, we provide comfort solutions to meet your needs and budget as well. That’s the advantage of working with our expert air conditioning service and customer service team!

Enjoy an AC Tune-Up

Enjoying air conditioning service? Well, the benefits of it, anyway, keeping your comfort when you come home for the day, or on weekends when you’ve enjoyed the great outdoors and gotten hot and sweaty. Think of how an AC tune-up can improve your comfort as your system works more reliably and efficiently to keep you comfortable, while often reducing your energy bills as well! As part of an AC maintenance visit by our air conditioning service, a tune-up can include efficiency adjustments, tests, and inspections throughout your Arlington, TX home’s HVAC system, from the compressor and related valves, refrigerant levels, and coil condition, to duct and refrigerant line insulation and airflow performance. Wherever the system can affect your cooling efficiency or air distribution performance, we can check and see if there are improvements to be made. Best of all, we can measure many of these values such as airflow and cooling efficiency, and track them from year to year to record your system’s ongoing effectiveness. That’s a great way to see results from your investment in air conditioning service, as well as recognize when you might be better off having our air conditioning service install a new AC system.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Temperature control is not the only way to increase your comfort indoors, and your indoor air’s breathability. Our air conditioning service can install components for your AC system that control humidity, neutralize pathogens such as germs and mold spores with UV lights, pull contaminants from the air such as chemical and kitchen odors with air purification, and filter pollen, pet dander, dust, and other particles even to sizes smaller than a micro with HEPA filtration. You may already have one or more portable HEPA filters in rooms, especially if you have people in your home with breathing concerns, and if so this whole house HEPA filtration will be great for keeping your whole home more breathable. When your air is better, at the right humidity, and flowing freely, you may find that you don’t need quite as much cooling, so you save energy. Newer AC systems provide other ways to adjust your cooling so you’re more comfortable without working your AC system harder, and we can also tell you about those.

Duct Cleaning Service

What’s in your ducts? Enough material that most homes need duct cleaning about every three to five years. Airborne chemicals and grease along with similar substances stick to the duct walls and accumulate whatever else is airborne, making a mess that gradually builds up on the internal walls of the ducts and narrows the air passage, occasionally releasing material back into your home’s air. Duct cleaning service is a careful method of thoroughly cleaning each branch of your duct system, loosening the felt-like accumulation of debris and vacuuming it into carefully sealed bags for disposal. Your home doesn’t get any dirtier, and your ducts get beautifully clean. If our duct cleaning experts notice any problems along the way with damaged ducts or disconnections and unsealed joints, our air conditioning service can take care of them and restore proper airflow. Just as with vent and air intake problems, duct gaps and unsealed joints can cause imbalances in your home’s airflow and resulting cooling problems.

Duct Maintenance and Repairs

Duct servicing by our air conditioning service includes fixing gaps, sealing joints, checking and repairing insulation, especially in hot attics and other places where cooling might be wasted as the air passes through. In some homes, the AC system dynamically manages airflow using doors inside the ducts called dampers, and when these doors get stuck or fail to respond to control signals, it can have an effect similar to a duct blockage. Our air conditioning service team can locate these problems in the course of performing duct cleaning service, by testing airflow and using the results to locate an obstruction, or by visual inspection and testing inside the ducts. Often, these dampers are located along the main duct run in locations like your attic, so it’s good that our air conditioning service team has multiple ways to locate issues with them.

Zoned Duct Systems

A single duct system is common in many homes, but it’s not the most efficient way to cool your Arlington, TX home. Our air conditioning service team can divide your duct system into several smaller systems, each with its own air handling equipment and thermostat so they operate independently, using the same AC system for cooling. When you use intelligent thermostats or smart home thermostat control, the control of each zone’s temperature can vary according to time of day, day of the week, whether the space is occupied, whether it’s a sunny day, the state of your automatic window shades, and more, simple or sophisticated. When you don’t need much cooling, such as in your living room and basement while you sleep, or in your bedrooms during the day, your system can reduce your cooling there to a minimum, and so require much less cooling from your AC system, even when one area is still being cooled. It’s a great advantage over running the temperature up and down over the whole house at one time, and not only saves energy but significantly saves wear on your AC unit when used to advantage.

Smart Home Technology Can Make Great AC Even Better

Having our air conditioning service connect your AC system to a smart home thermostat provides control over your system in conjunction with many sensors and devices, increasing your efficiency and convenience, even when you’re on the road. Even if you forget to adjust the thermostat while you’re on vacation, you can do it remotely, and if your system is wired to contact you, it can tell you when your home’s temperature reflects a problem with the AC cooling, protecting occupants and items that are temperature sensitive from excessive heat.

Energy-saving Strategies That Don’t Require Sacrifice

Some Arlington, TX homeowners are finding ductless mini-split air conditioning equipment is a great complement to whole-house central air conditioning. These small, targeted systems supply up to four rooms, typically, such as a home office, in-law apartment, or home theater room, with separate cooling that’s even more manageable than a zone of your larger system, using less energy.

Your Expert Air Conditioning Service in Arlington, TX

At Minuteman Heating & Air in Arlington, TX, we provide the professional air conditioning service that your system deserves. We’re here for you when your AC is struggling or has quit, and we’re also ready to provide careful maintenance, tune-ups, and scheduled repairs that keep your system running well and keep your energy costs as low as possible. We’re the air conditioning service that you can count on over the years, ensuring that you get the most out of your AC system.

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