Air Conditioning Service: What Happens If You Neglect HVAC Maintenance? | Arlington, TX

Air Conditioning Service: What Happens If You Neglect HVAC Maintenance? | Arlington, TX

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One of the most daunting things about being a homeowner is keeping track of when your HVAC system needs to be maintained. Many people often forget that they need to get their air conditioning serviced every year. Some people remember, but believe that it’s not necessary since the cost of services can add up.

Those who neglect to keep up with HVAC maintenance are more likely to run into problems down the road that are more expensive than getting the HVAC systems serviced in the first place. This article will look at some of the possible scenarios that you may encounter.

If you’re not sure how often your HVAC systems need maintenance, give Minuteman Heating and Air a call. Based on the type of system that you have and how long your last maintenance was, our contractors can help you come up with a maintenance schedule for any HVAC systems in Arlington, TX.

How Often Should You Call for HVAC Maintenance?

The different HVAC systems will benefit from getting serviced at different times and different frequencies. In general, HVAC services should be inspected, cleaned and serviced approximately once a year. This is the same for an air conditioning service.

It’s best to get the heating service in fall before the winter comes. This way, you’ll know that your heating system is working at optimal levels before you make it work overtime during the winter. Similarly, you should get air conditioning service done in the spring, as you’ll likely be using the system all through the summer.

If you have any oil-fired equipment, you should also get them serviced annually at the beginning of each heating season.

Potential Problems That Could Arise

Those who neglect to call for an air conditioning service regularly or some other type of HVAC maintenance service can face a lot of headaches. These problems may cost you a pretty penny and may be difficult to fix. Let’s take a look at some of the potential problems that could arise from not getting service regularly.

#1. High Energy Bills

No one wants to pay high energy bills. One of the main reasons why you should opt for HVAC maintenance, like an air conditioning service, regularly is because these services will help ensure that your HVAC unit is running as efficiently as possible. It’ll prevent your HVAC system from having to work overtime or use up too much energy in order to get the same job done. This in turn will ensure that your utility bills are kept as low as possible.

Although you might be worried that an air conditioning service is expensive, the extra cost that you pay on your energy bills from not getting these maintenance services can really add up. Getting HVAC maintenance services regularly can actually save you a lot of money in the long run.

While we’re on this note, some HVAC maintenance may switch out some outdated parts for SMART components that will help your household save even more money on your next energy bill. These SMART parts may even reduce premature wear and tear, which we will talk about below.

#2. More Premature Wear and Tear

If your HVAC system is not maintained properly, it will start to break down even more quickly. If an HVAC system is forced to use more energy to heat up or cool down your home, it’s taking on a much larger burden. It’ll be working overtime, and so the parts are going to experience more premature wear and year. If you let this situation go on, you’ll find that your HVAC systems will start to break down a lot more quickly. You’ll need to spend a fortune on replacement parts and repairs.

Even if you were to call for air conditioning services at a later date, it won’t make a difference, as the parts and mechanisms are already worn down. By getting your HVAC system maintained, you’ll be able to extend their lifespan and spend less money in general.

Also, some parts are more likely to break down if you don’t get the system serviced regularly. For example, the condenser coils and the compressors of air conditioning systems are particularly vulnerable. Those who are unable to get their air conditioning serviced regularly will find that they may need to constantly replace these parts. Unfortunately, these parts aren’t cheap. If you have to replace them regularly, you might as well go for the servicing! It’ll save your money.

#3. Refrigerant Leaks

When it comes to your AC system, the refrigerant plays an incredibly important role. The refrigerant is used to cool down the incoming air. If you do not get your air conditioning serviced regularly in Arlington, TX, you’re more likely to run into refrigerant leaks. You won’t be able to detect the leaks as soon as they emerge, so you’ll usually end up with a huge problem on your hands once the leak has affected your system to the point where it is noticeable.

A refrigerant leak doesn’t only prevent your air conditioning from working properly. It can also be dangerous. In fact, you’ll notice that our contractors will need to wear proper protective gear when performing any type of air conditioning service related to leaks. The extra protective gear will make the service a lot more expensive, as our contractors will need to spend more time preparing. Keep in mind that the leaks can also be rather costly to fix as well.

#4. Inconsistent Performance

Without regular HVAC maintenance, like air conditioning services, your HVAC system is less likely to perform consistently. For example, without regular servicing, you might notice that your AC unit will not cool consistently. In fact, it may work sporadically or it may only cool certain parts of your home.

This may decrease your overall quality of living. You won’t be able to enjoy the AC unit that you’ve paid for. In fact, because your AC unit is not working properly, you may feel the need to turn on a portable fan or some other type of equipment. This takes up a lot more energy. An inconsistent performance may also cause some people to turn away from their AC unit altogether, which is a huge waste of resources.

#5. Unpleasant Odors

A huge part of HVAC maintenance services, like air conditioning services, is cleaning the units and the ductwork. It’s particularly important to clean the air conditioning ducts, as failure to do so can easily lead to unpleasant odors. Those who fail to clean the ducts regularly may also expose their homes to more microbial growth.

The ducts are a dark and damp environment. They are the perfect place for mold, fungi and bacteria to grow. You’ll start to notice a musky odor that’s hard to get rid of even with an air freshener. You may even notice some mold spots on the outside of the ducts or even on the walls.

Another issue is that some vermin and rodents may die inside the ducts or make their homes there. The air conditioning service will also involve getting rid of vermin. This will make sure that your home is as clean as possible. It’ll also help avoid infestations that could also lead to costly repairs down the road. Dead vermin can easily become a safety concern.

#6. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Another reason why you should never neglect HVAC maintenance is because it can lead to poor indoor air quality. A huge part of every service is cleaning the filter. If you don’t get your air conditioning serviced regularly, a lot of contaminants can build up within the unit. These contaminants will then get distributed throughout your entire home once you turn your air conditioning on.

This is particularly problematic for those with asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. The poor indoor air quality will only continue to worsen until you get your air conditioning serviced. Our experts will need to go into the unit with a camera to see where all of the dirt, dust, pollen and other contaminants are. They will then have to remove everything until the inside ducts look like new. The cleaning will also extend to the unit as well.

Many homeowners will ask for before and after photos. This gives them a better idea of how effective the cleaning was. Some experts will even show you the dirt that they’ve collected inside.

On top of cleaning the ducts, many experts will also clean the outside of the units and all parts that may be installed outdoors. These parts are more likely to accumulate dirt, dust and pollen and tend to be dirtiest. By cleaning the units, you’ll also indirectly improve their overall performance and efficiency.

What HVAC Maintenance Services Entail

Many people aren’t too sure what HVAC maintenance entails. They don’t know what they’re paying for. If you’re ever confused, ask for a breakdown of the services and what the contractors will be doing while they’re in your home. Some of the things that are included in a regular maintenance, like an air conditioning service, are:


  • The cleaning of the filters. Dirty filters are a huge problem and will block the flow of air. One of the first things that most experts do is clean the filters or change them. They may recommend that you switch to a more efficient filter that will improve the quality of the air even more by allowing even smaller particles to get through. Cleaning the filters will also reduce premature wear and tear and will reduce your overall energy bills.


  • The cleaning of the rest of the unit, especially the air conditioning ducts. These areas can easily harbor bacteria and other microbes. By cleaning these areas, you’ll have a cleaner home.


  • Making sure that all of the parts are functioning properly. They’ll tighten screws and make sure that all of the parts are connected properly to ensure optimal performance.


  • Checking for leaks and other damages. Leaks, cracks and holes can easily allow air to escape. Some of these may even leak dangerous chemicals that should be dealt with right away. By taking care of the leaks and cracks while they’re still small, you can avoid a huge headache later on.


  • Measuring the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. Knowing how efficient the system is can help you make an informed decision whether it’s getting old and needs to be repaired. It may also tell you whether there are any parts that may be failing.


A breakdown of what the HVAC maintenance service includes can help you decide which contractor to go with and give you a better understanding of the condition of your HVAC system.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance in Arlington, TX with Minuteman Heating and Air

Have you gotten your HVAC serviced recently? If not, it may be time for you to schedule an HVAC maintenance again. If it’s the spring, you might want to consider just getting an air conditioning service. On the other hand, if it’s the fall, you might want our experts to just service the heating unit. It all depends on the type of HVAC system that you have and your budget.

Regardless of the type of HVAC services that you’re looking for, like an air conditioning service, Minuteman Heating & Air has you covered! We can schedule regular inspections, and our experts will take this opportunity to get a closer look at your system to see if there are any minor issues that need to be addressed now. The sooner that you address the problems, the less likely they are to explode and become a huge headache in the future.

To learn more about the HVAC services that we offer in Arlington, TX, give us a call at 817-284-2569. You can even contact us online through this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our experts are committed to keeping your HVAC system in tip-top shape. We can even set up an air conditioning service schedule with you, so you don’t have to remember when your HVAC system needs to be serviced. We’ll call you to remind you every year!