Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX: Which is a Better Option?

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX: Which is a Better Option?

When it comes to staying cool during the summers, you have two options: air conditioner and air cooler. Both are great at keeping the house comfortable and cool on any hot summer day. But there are a few differences between them that you should know when it comes to new air conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX.

In this article, you will learn about the differences between the two types of room coolers. This will allow you to make a more informed decision regarding new air conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX.

Air Coolers and Air Conditioner: How Do they Work?

Air coolers are different from air conditioners in the way that cool air is generated. The air cooler works through the process of evaporation. Hot dry air is sucked inside the unit through a water soaked pad. The air evaporates and becomes cool. The cool air is then circulated in the rooms by a fan built inside the unit.

Unlike air coolers that cool the air through evaporation, air conditioners cool the air through condensation of a refrigerant. They cool the warm air by passing it through cooling oil. The coil consists of a refrigerant that becomes cool when it is converted from liquid to gas. Older models used R22 as refrigerant. However, this refrigerant is gradually being phased out due to the ozone depletion potential. Most modern air conditioners use R410A as a refrigerant.

Now that you know how the two types of cooling devices work, you should know about the differences between them.

1. Humidity Levels inside the House

Generally, air coolers consist of a fan that drives air through a wet medium. The medium is continuously wetted by water contained in a tank. As a result, using the air cooler can ensure adequate humidity inside the room.

With new air conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX, when the air temperature goes below certain temperature, water starts to evaporate from the air. This reduces the humidity level inside the room.

The ideal humidity level ranges from 30 percent to 50 percent. A home that is highly humid can be bad as it can result in the growth of mold, mildew, and compromise the structure of the home. New air conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX is thus better option as it can reduce the humidity levels inside the house. They condense water vapor from the air that drain into a water bucket.

2. Energy Efficiency

Air coolers tend to be more energy efficient as compared to the air conditioners. The reason that they are energy efficient is that they require little energy to generate cool air. The only mechanical part of the air cooler is the water pump and the fan.

On the other hand, air conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX will result in more energy usage. The reason is that the units have a number of mechanical parts. As a result, the air conditioner units require more energy to operate. The unit has two set of fans, two set of coils, and a compressor. So, you have to pay higher energy bills in case of air conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX.

3. Cooling Efficiency

When it comes to cooling efficiency, air conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX is the preferred option as compared to air cooler. The air condition unit has colder potential air temperature. They can cool the room more efficiently as compared to the air cooler. So, hotter regions such as Texas would be better served by installing an air conditioner.

4. Weather Conditions

Air cooler cannot work in humid climates. This is because it’s hard for evaporation to occur when the air contains too much moisture content. Using the air cooler will make even a mildly humid room worse. The units work well when the humidity level is below 20 percent. The coolers are best suited for climates in states such as Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.

The mild to high humid weather in Texas makes the air conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX a preferred choice. The air conditioner will work even if the humidity level is high. They are more suitable than air cooler in south central locations such as Texas.

5. Effect on the Environment

Air coolers use water as the cooling device. So, they don’t have any harmful effect on the environment. Some states offer rebates on air coolers. You should visit the NC Clean Energy Technology website to find whether there are any federal or state incentives for installation of air coolers in your area. You will generally be offered a rebate on the air cooler, if you reside in a state where the air coolers can be used.

Older air conditioner models that use R22 or other refrigerants having the ozone depleting potential can be harmful to the environment. The Montreal Protocol that was introduced in 1989 banned the use of refrigerants that depletes the ozone layers. As a result, modern air conditioners contain new type of refrigerants that are not harmful to the environment.

Most of the today’s air conditioners contains R410A that have lower ozone depletion potential. There is less harm to the environment when you use the latest air conditioners in your home to cool the room.

Bottom Line

Now that you know about the difference between the air coolers and air conditioner, you will be able to make a better choice for your home. Just keep in mind that air conditioner Installation in Arlington, TX should always be done by professional technicians. You should not fall into the trap of hiring cheap technicians in the hope of saving money. If not installed properly, you will find yourself paying more for repair or replacement of the cooling device.

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