Air Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

Air Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

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Mansfield, TX had a population of over 70, 000 people in 2020 and is a prosperous suburban area part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan complex. Like most of Texas, it can suffer from temperatures above 100 degrees on many occasions during the hot summer months.

These temperatures can be hazardous for the very young, elderly, and those with underlying health conditions. Dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke are not uncommon. It is vital that residents have a reliable HVAC repair company, and fortunately, it does, and its name is Minuteman Heating and Air and we specialize in an air duct cleaning service for our dusty TX!

Minuteman Heating and Air understands just how essential it is to have dependable air conditioning, during hot Texas summers, and is committed to providing the very best service to the community of Mansfield.

But having a nice cool home is one thing, but what about air quality? Many people overlook their vents but an air duct cleaning service is part of keeping your home or office clean and healthy to spend time in.

Clean air ducts are just as important to those suffering from chronic respiratory conditions such as Asthma and other pulmonary issues. If there is dust or pollen in the air, this could trigger an allergic attack which could prove fatal. A HAVC’s ductworks must be cleaned regularly and we at Minuteman offer such an air duct cleaning service.

Indoor Air Quality in Mansfield, TX

Did you know that a study conducted at Yale University found that air pollution was worse inside of 19 out of 20 homes than the air outside? That is frightening news, but worse is to come.

Another study calculated that each year, the average six-room home collected up to 40 lbs. of dust and allergens in its air ducts. It is little wonder that the air quality is poor in so many homes and needs a regular air duct cleaning.

What Do I Do Next?

Most homes have probably never had an air duct cleaning service, the air ducts are often out of sight and therefore out of mind. If the HVAC is working fine you probably do not give the air ducts a second thought.

Remember that an HVAC takes air from the outside and replaces the air inside your home. If the air is polluted outside, it is going to be polluted inside. During pollen season the pollen is going to make its way inside your home. So, what can you do to enhance the air quality inside your home?

First, Have an Air Duct Cleaning Service.

The air duct system plays an essential role in transporting either cooler air around your home in the summer or warmer air in the winter. These ducts collect dirt, dust, and debris often consisting of flakes of human or pet skin.

If the air ducts have moist air running through them then you run the risk of mold, fungi, and other dangerous microbes forming in the ducting and vents. This is not a job for the faint-hearted.

You could dislodge dust and mold making the air quality worse. As these ducts are probably old and located in hard to access crawl places you could end up damaging the air duct or even injuring yourself.

It is safer to leave this air duct cleaning service to the professionals. Minuteman’s technicians use powerful HEPA-filtered vacuums to clean air ducts and vents, removing all traces of dirt and dust out of your air ducts. They also wear special gear and masks to protect themselves from dust and mold in the air ducts.

How to Prevent Dust and Dirt Entering the Air Ducts

We at Minuteman also suggest that you have your HVAC system regularly maintained by one of our highly trained technicians. They can spot any minor problems that can be dealt with before they become serious and expensive to fix.

One item on the maintenance list is the replacement of air filters in the HVAC. People often forget to replace or clean these. The filter will accumulate dust and debris over time. This will not only affect the smooth running of the HVAC but will allow this dust to enter the air ducts.

People also forget to change filters on the air grilles or registers throughout their home. Changing these regularly will also reduce the amount of dust entering the air ducts and lessen the need for an air duct cleaning service. Check if there are any gaps between the edge of the duct and the wall opening. Dust may be entering through those slim gaps.

If you check these filters often and they are clean it means that little dust and debris are entering the air ducts and you may not need an air duct cleaning service as often.

Other Services Offered

We do not just offer an air duct cleaning service at Minuteman; we offer a comprehensive range of HVAC services. We repair and install new HVAC units. We will help you decide what system best suits your needs and budget.

It may be time to replace your old air ducts especially if they are damaged. Did you know that up to 30 percent of your cold or warm air can escape through damaged air ducts? That is a lot of money wasted on energy bills.

The replacement of old ductwork provides an opportunity to redesign its layout. Better placement of the ductwork, and correct sizing of the pipes, will ensure that the pressure is better balanced throughout the system. This will ensure the HVAC will run more effectively, saving you on energy bills.

Minuteman Heating and Air Helping Our Community

Many of us at Minuteman Heating and Air live in Mansfield or nearly. We have families and know better than most the dangers of not having good air quality in your home. We know how hot it gets on a summer’s day and fully understand the risks involved if your HVAC breaks down.

Whatever your problem we will answer your call straight away. We will send one of our skilled NATE certified technicians to your home as quickly as possible. We hire the best and the best service will be offered to you.

They will fix your problem on the first visit and your home will be safe once again for you and your family. Whatever your problem, call Minuteman Heating & Air today!