All About Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

All About Air Conditioner Installation | Mansfield, TX

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Air conditioners are expensive and any homeowner would expect their air conditioner to function properly for as long as possible. Most homeowners don’t realize the fact that installation of the unit plays a major role in the efficiency of their air conditioner hence they fail to pay the required amount of attention to it. Hiring an amateur for air conditioner installation in the Mansfield, TX area is a waste of money and time. In addition to the resources getting wasted, your air conditioner might have to face some irreparable damage as well.

At Minuteman Heating and AC, our trained and knowledgeable technicians take care of all the nitty-gritty of the job. They take all the elements into account like the placement of the indoor and outdoor unit, proper measurements, neat installation of the pipes, and much more.

Air conditioner installation is an entire step-by-step process. The individual doing the job follows them and makes sure you are fully satisfied. In fact, at companies like Minuteman Heating and AC, we make sure that the homeowner is involved at every step of the installation process so that their opinions and concerns are also incorporated. For you to be well involved in the process, you must have an idea what it looks like so keep reading.

Indoor Unit Installation

  1. Installation of the indoor unit is not just about placing it in the center and above the bed. It is about properly measuring and deciding on where to place it on the wall. This step requires full diligence and make sure your service provider for air conditioner installation does it well.
  2. As mentioned above, most homeowners prefer their unit to be placed on the wall behind their bed and in the center. Moreover, it is advised that you place it away from your windows to avoid direct sunlight and heat affecting your outdoor unit. Exposure to heat puts more strain on your air conditioner and makes it work harder than usual.
  3. Additionally, the service provider should leave at least 15 cm on each of the four sides of your outdoor unit. The wall your indoor unit is mounted to should be sturdy enough to take the weight of the unit and the metal frame behind it.
  4. After your technician has made all the required measurements and taken all your concerns into account, he will now drill a hole to install the metal frame. It should be leveled properly. You don’t want to drill holes in your wall multiple times.
  5. Your technician will now drill another hole for the pipe to pass through. This pipe will later be connected to the outdoor unit.
  6. Next, your service provider should check the electrical connections thoroughly before connecting the pipes. Also, please note that the length of your air conditioner’s PVC pipe should be slightly shorter (usually 6 mm) than the length between your indoor and outdoor wall.
  7. Now, the PVC pipe will be passed through the hole and tied with the copper wires, power cables, and the drain pipe. Make sure that your technician places the drainpipe at the bottom so that water flows out, facing the ground.
  8. Two wrenches are normally used to connect the PVC pipe with the outdoor unit. Too many wrenches may make it look a bit messy.
  9. Next, the drainpipe is connected to the bottom of your outdoor unit because that’s where the water leaks from.
  10. Finally, the service provider places the indoor unit firmly to the metal plate to complete installing the indoor unit.

Outdoor Unit Installation

  1. Again, the outdoor unit should be placed in a location that is free from direct exposure to sun and dust. At least 12 inches should be left around the outdoor unit for air conditioner installation.
  2. It is advised to not place your outdoor unit on the ground. A special stand is available in the market for this purpose. Make sure your technician uses that.
  3. Next, your technician places a concrete pad and rubber cushioning before placing the outdoor unit. This controls the vibration while the air conditioner is switched on.
  4. Finally, all pipes, wires, and cables should be connected as per the instructions manual.

Almost There!

  1. Now coming to your refrigerant circuit; remove the caps from the service port and valves. A vacuum pump is now connected to the service port. Your technician should then witch the vacuum on. Turn the vacuum off when it reaches 10 mm Hg of pressure. Check for any leaks and disconnect the vacuum. Place the caps back on.
  2. Finally, the insulating tape is used to cover the joints of the pipes. If your service provider sees any open holes, he should cover those using clamps and seals. Your air conditioner installation is now complete.

What Makes Minuteman Heating and AC the Best Choice?

Please ensure that you hire a trained and knowledgeable service provider forair conditioner installation; someone reliable who knows their job in and out and is known for their excellent service. Minuteman Heating and AC is known for their service in Texas.

Minuteman Heating and AC has the best technicians for air conditioner installation in the Mansfield, TX area. Our team is one of the finest you will find in Mansfield, TX and is equipped with comprehensive knowledge, skillset, and experience. All you need to do is give us a call on 817-284-2569 and we will be at your service for air conditioner installation in the Mansfield, TX area.