All You Need to Know About Air Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

All You Need to Know About Air Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

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Air duct cleaning refers to the removal of dust particles and contaminants within the ductwork of your home’s HVAC system. Can you think of the last time you thought about your air ducts and whether or not they were clean? Most of us automatically assume that there is no need to give our air ducts a second thought.  Here’s why you should contact a professional duct cleaning service in the Arlington, TX area.

Why Is Duct Cleaning So Important?

The air ducts in your home provide a very important function. They circulate the air from your HVAC into and out of each room, making sure that your home remains comfortable all year round.

All of the air in your home circulates through the ducts multiple times a day. This is the air that completely fills up the environment you live in. Ideally, you would want to make sure that the air you breathe in is clean and free from all sorts of pollutants. This is where a professional duct cleaning service can help you.

When you purchase a new HVAC system, your ducts are clean. With the passage of time though, your air ducts start to collect not only dust, but also insects, debris and even pests such as rodents and mold.

Each time you turn your HVAC system on, these contaminating particles are likely to spread throughout your house, polluting the air you breathe in.

Even with the best filters, your ducts are going to collect debris. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you have a filter in your system, your ducts do not have to be cleaned.

Your ducts are far more likely to collect dust and other such particles if you live in a high pollution area, for example, if you live in an area surrounded by construction work or if you live by the sea.

These elements may even clog up your vents, making them less efficient and effective. This of course means increased energy bills and reduced air quality for you.

Remember that duct cleaning is not something you should attempt by yourself and you should always contact a professional duct cleaning service.

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned reduces the dust and debris that would have otherwise circulated throughout your home, on your furniture, flooring and even bedding. A thorough air duct cleaning service reduces the amount of interior cleaning and dusting you need to do to maintain a clean home.

People who suffer from allergies or respiratory disorders such as asthma are particularly prone to developing illnesses caused by polluted air. So if you have a family member who suffers from any such problem, consider getting your air ducts cleaned from a professional duct cleaning service. A periodic air dust cleaning encourages a healthier living. Otherwise, you will have the same dirty air constantly circulating around your house.

In fact, even if you don’t have a family member who suffers from any type of illness, cleaner air makes it easier for people to breathe regardless. Even if everyone in your home is perfectly healthy, dust and pollutants entering the nose and lungs can trigger bronchial congestion and sinus problems. Given the choice between clean and dirty air, clean air should be the obvious choice.

Cleaning your air ducts regularly has the added advantage of removing any sort of foul or unpleasant smells or odors from the surroundings. Often, the smell of paint fumes, pets, tobacco, mold or even cleaning agents gets stuck inside your ducts so that each time you turn the system on, foul smells spread everywhere. Contacting a professional duct cleaning service in Arlington, TX can help remove these unpleasant smells.

A heavy build up of dust and grime can also restrict the air flow from the furnace to the HVAC. This means that your system will have to work extra hard to heat or cool your home. This causes a fall in efficiency and a rise in energy costs. Alternatively, a clean, well functioning system will operate at peak efficiency, providing the most cost-effective performance for the money spent.

How Often Do Air Ducts Need Cleaning?

On average, air ducts need to be cleaned every two to five years. There are a few factors that affect when exactly to get your air ducts cleaned. If for example, you take good care of your system, pay for annual maintenance, or exchange your filters twice a year, you can increase time between professional cleanings.

On the other hand, if your system has never been cleaned, you should most likely contact a professional duct cleaning service. The older your system and the fewer times it has been cleaned, the more likely it is in need of duct cleaning.

In fact, even one season can build up enough dust and debris in your system to make it less efficient than when it was first installed.

When Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Getting the air ducts on your HVAC system won’t take as long as for example replacing your entire system. Even so, you should set aside a date during the season why you aren’t likely to need to use your system too much. You will need to set aside enough time for the professional duct cleaning service to properly clean your ducts.

Perhaps the best time to get your air ducts cleaned is either in spring or in the start of fall, after you have stopped using your HVAC system to cool and before you need to use it to heat.

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