An Air Conditioning Service Company You Can Count On | Mansfield, TX

An Air Conditioning Service Company You Can Count On | Mansfield, TX

During one of Mansfield, TX’s long hot summers, an air conditioner will come in for a lot of hard work. That is not surprising as temperatures often reach over 100 degrees, so the air conditioner is likely to be on all day and night. Fortunately, air conditioners are usually very robust and with regular air conditioning service can last for many years without a breakdown.

Minuteman Heating and Air are the top air conditioning service company in Mansfield, TX, providing a comprehensive range of services. We provide the highest standards of workmanship at affordable prices.

Why Are We, Minuteman Heating and Air, the Best?

There are many reasons why we are the best at what we do:

  • We hire only the highest skilled technicians.
  • We offer free estimates for work, with no hidden charges.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or we will redo it for free.
  • We have many NATE-certified technicians ready to help you.
  • We are on call 24/7, on weekends and holidays.

So, why are you waiting? Call Minuteman Heating and Air for the best air conditioning service at affordable prices.

Why Do I Need an Air Conditioning Service?

The average AC repair costs between 200 – 300 dollars and often a lot more. Having a regular air conditioning service will reduce the risk that it will break down and need an expensive repair. You will also have peace of mind during those long hot summer months. Do you want to take the risk that it will break down on a very hot and humid day? Without a working air conditioner life will soon get unbearable. This will be a dangerous time for both the young and the elderly, temperatures and humidity will soar. The risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion will increase and those suffering from breathing problems such as asthma will notice a deterioration in air quality.

If you notice any of the following signs, then your unit may break down. This would be a good time to arrange an air conditioning service from one of our technicians.

  • Large energy bills.
  • Reduction in cool air.
  • Reduced airflow.
  • Strange smells and odd noises coming from the unit.
  • Puddles of water around the unit.

What Causes These Problems and Can I Avoid Them?

Several things could go wrong in an air conditioner, and these include:

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Seeing frost and ice form on the evaporator coil is not a good sign. If you ignore this sign and allow the coil to completely freeze, you will need to turn the unit off and let the coil thaw out completely. This could take up to 24 hours. There could be several reasons why frost and ice might form.

There could be reduced levels of coolant in your unit. Another reason is that the airflow is restricted across the evaporator coil. Dirty air filters, and blocked air return grilles, will reduce the airflow over the coil. Cleaning or replacing the air filters will increase airflow and improve air quality as fewer dirt particles will enter your home. Over time dirt is deposited on the coil and this will act as an insulating layer causing the coil to freeze. So, the coil itself will need to be cleaned regularly. Some of these cleaning jobs you can do yourself but are performed during an air conditioning service.

Coolant Leak

A coolant leak will reduce the coolant level in your air conditioner. Without the correct amount of coolant in it, the air conditioner will not work as efficiently. So, less heat and humidity can be removed from the warm air in your home. To maintain the same level of cool air, the other components in the unit try to compensate by working harder. This means that more energy is used, and your electricity bills will be larger. Harder working components will get hotter and are more likely to overheat and burn out.

Dirty Condenser and Cooling Fins

As the condenser and cooling fins are located outside your home, dirt and grime from the outside air will cover them. The main purpose of the cooling fins is to radiate the excess heat from your home to the outside air. The dirt layer will act as an insulator and impede the rate at which heat is transferred. As not enough heat is radiated away the cooling effect of your air conditioner will be reduced.

Faulty Fans

To work efficiently your air conditioner has two fans, one to blow the warm air from your home over the evaporator coil and the other to blow the outside air over the condenser and cooling fins. A fault with either fan will reduce the cooling effect and could lead to the evaporator coil freezing or the condenser overheating.

A fault with the fan could be the source of many strange noises coming from the air conditioner. A clunking sound may well mean a loose or bent blade is striking the inside of your unit. A worn-out fan belt can emit a loud screeching sound. A regular air conditioning repair will check the fans and help avoid an expensive repair.

Blocked AC Drain Line

A frequently overlooked part of your air conditioner is the AC drain line. The excess moisture from your warm air is collected in the drain pan and exits your home via the AC drain line. Should the AC line become blocked by mold and mildew growing in the line or drain pan, the drain pan could overflow and cause those puddles of water around the air conditioner. It could also explain any smell of mold in your home. Any cleaning of the drip pan and AC drain line will be part of an air conditioning service.

Keeping Mansfield, TX Cool and Safe

There are many other checks done during an air conditioning service, most will ensure the safe running of your air conditioner. We recommend that you schedule this service during a quiet period like early spring when it is easier to arrange a time to suit you. Whatever your air conditioning needs, call Minuteman Heating & Air today.