Are Professional Air Conditioning Services Really Necessary? | Arlington, TX

Are Professional Air Conditioning Services Really Necessary? | Arlington, TX

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The heating and air conditioning system is one of the most important features of a home in Arlington, TX. An AC unit is a complex piece of equipment with many moving parts and electrical cables. A minor mistake can seriously damage the unit and lead to extensive repairs.

The risk of injury is very high when a person with no technical education attempts repairs or major maintenance tasks for large electrical appliances and systems. Professional air conditioning services avoid these risks and make sure households can enjoy a comfortable home environment.


Replacement Parts and Downtime

Replacement parts are often necessary when an AC unit malfunctions. Several types and brands of AC units are common in Arlington, TX. Parts are not always interchangeable between units. Professionals know how to obtain compatible parts for specific units, and they may have frequently replaced parts on-hand for immediate use. 

Air conditioning service providers also know where to find parts quickly to avoid unnecessary delays and get units up and running as soon as possible. Amateur repairs might not fix the real problem and could leave the home without a functioning AC unit until the underlying problem is found and addressed. Regular tune-ups reduce the chance of a surprise repair leaving AC units sidelined when they are most needed. 

Inspecting and cleaning AC units in the off-season ensures they are ready when hot weather arrives again. Sometimes homeowners forget about cooling units during cooler months and begin use again without any maintenance, or even a brief inspection, between seasons. This can lead to wear and tear on the unit and let minor problems cause more serious damage. 

A thorough inspection of an air conditioning system measures supply and return differentials and identifies small issues that homeowners may overlook. Minor repairs and system maintenance also improve efficiency. Ductwork inspections and slight alterations can reduce energy loss and lower costs of monthly expenses.


Improve Efficiency and Safety

Professional air conditioning services include a wide range of tasks and inspections. The average AC unit contains an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit absorbs heat from the house and transfers it to the outdoor unit to be released. Most AC systems last for approximately 15 years, but this number drops or increases depending on the quality of regular maintenance. 

Technicians calibrate thermostats and evaluate interference from nearby heat sources such as light bulbs and electrical appliances. They check and tighten electrical connections to improve function and reduce the risk of electrical hazards, such as electrocution or fire. System control checks make sure HVAC systems are cycling safely and measure compressor amperage and voltage. 

Electrical disconnect boxes are evaluated for appropriate ratings and proper installation, and technicians make sure no wires are exposed. A visual inspection of indoor and condenser coils should be done at least once a year, along with cleaning and debris removal.


Extend AC Unit Lifetimes and Improve Function

Air conditioning services also include inspection of capacitors, fan blades, and service valves. Technicians monitor refrigerant pressure and add refrigerant as needed. Most consumers need to consult professional air conditioning services to replace or fill refrigerant because refrigerants are regulated. It is also important to use the right type of refrigerant. Older and newer AC unit models frequently use different refrigerants, and they cannot be substituted.

Recharging refrigerant is a common and routine task, but leaking refrigerant is a bigger problem. Signs of a refrigerant leak include strange noises, dirt on AC lines, and decreased output. Leaks affect several parts of an AC unit including copper tubing, filter canisters, valve cores, shipping valves, and weld joints. Professional air conditioning services are needed to locate and fix refrigerant leaks. 

Air conditioning systems have a longer lifespan and require repairs less frequently when they are properly lubricated. Lubricants reduce friction between moving parts, such as motors and gears, and lessen the gradual wear and tear from daily use. 

AC units function by forcing air over coils filled with refrigerant. The refrigerant is a gas forced into liquid form by a condenser. Clearing condensate lines lets the unit drain liquid condensation. A clogged line leads to water leaks and other issues caused by moisture where it isn’t supposed to be. Condensate drain cleaning prevents mold and bacterial growth around drain lines. A technician checks for cracked condensate drain pans and replaces leaking drain lines. They may add products to eradicate algae growth.


Filters and Ducts

Many homeowners change air filters themselves, but an expert technician may recommend different types of filters or filtration systems that would improve function of the AC unit in specific home environments. Homes with lots of pets or frequent movement in and out of the house may benefit from filters with higher ratings.

Clogged and dirty filters block airflow and significantly reduce cooling efficiency. Energy consumption can improve by 5% to 15% simply by replacing a clogged filter. Airflow diverted around a blocked filter could transfer dirt into the evaporator coil. The dirt interferes with the coil’s ability to absorb heat. 

Filters are located anywhere in the duct system along walls, ceilings, or near the AC unit itself. Filters in room air conditions are located in the front grill. Sometimes filters shared between the heating and cooling system are behind metal panels. Air conditioning service providers remove panels to reach the filters and frequently clean ducts as well. 

Technicians performing air conditioning services have the education and hands-on training to repair, install, and maintain AC units safely. Professionals recognize signs of faulty cooling system and identify problems faster and much more accurately than individuals without specialized training. Minimize downtime and ensure your cooling system lasts as long as possible by contacting the professionals at Minuteman Heating and Air for air conditioning services in Arlington, TX.