Arlington’s Best Heating And AC Repair Company | Arlington, TX

Arlington’s Best Heating And AC Repair Company | Arlington, TX

You need your HVAC to be in top condition all year round in Arlington, TX. This is because temperatures can vary from freezing cold in winter to over one hundred degrees in summer. To ensure your HVAC is working property we at Minuteman Heating & Air suggest that you have it regularly maintained by one of our highly skilled technicians. A regularly maintained HVAC will be less likely to break down and need expensive heating and AC repair. It will run more efficiently reducing your energy bills and giving you greater peace during the summer when the unit is on constantly day and night.

Even a well-maintained HVAC can break down periodically and you will need a reliable heating and AC repair company to quickly visit your home and fix the problem. You want a company that has technicians available 24/7 and has many satisfied customers. You want Minuteman Heating & Air.

Schedule Your Maintenance During a Quiet Period

When times are hard it may be tempting to skip the maintenance. This would be a mistake. The cost of the maintenance is very reasonable compared to the cost of an emergency callout and heating and AC repair. Did you know that the average cost of a repair is over $300! You can see why regular maintenance makes sense.

As you can imagine the summer period is our busiest period, so we suggest that you schedule your maintenance during a quieter period like during the late spring or late autumn.

Top Warning Signs That You May Have HVAC Problems

Calling out a heating and AC repair company in the middle of the night or at weekend is never going to be cheap, but if you spot the following warning signs you should be able to take corrective action to avoid that expensive call-out.

Frost and Ice Appear on the Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils remove the heat and humidity from the warm air inside your home. The interior fan extracts the warm air and blows it over the coils. The coolant inside the coils then absorbs the heat from the warm air, and cooler air is blown back inside your home. When frost and ice start to appear on the coils one of several things can be going wrong.

Reduced airflow over the coils – The main reasons for this would be the air filters are dirty so restricting airflow or that the fan is faulty.

The coils are dirty – if a dirt layer is allowed to build upon the evaporator coils, then this will reduce the amount of heat that can be absorbed by the coolant from the warm air.

Low coolant levels – A small leak will reduce the coolant levels in the HVAC. This too reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the evaporator coils leading to frost and ice forming on the coil.

It may seem strange that on a scorching hot Texas day, that the evaporator coil can start to freeze over. This is because the coils need a certain amount of heat to prevent them from freezing. Should the coils completely freeze you will need to turn the HVAC off to allow the coils to thaw and this could take up to 24-hours.

All these factors mentioned above will reduce the cooling effect from your HVAC, as not enough heat has been removed from the warm air. These issues are dealt with when you schedule maintenance from Minuteman Heating & Air. But should you ignore them the likely outcome is a heating and AC repair bill?

You Have Large Energy Bills

Frost and ice on the evaporator coils will result in larger energy bills. If any component in the HVAC starts to work less effectively, then the others need to work harder to maintain the cooling output. As the evaporator coils start to freeze the compressor works harder to compensate. This not only increases your energy bills but increases the wear and tear on the component, resulting in a breakdown and a heating and AC repair.

Dirty Condenser and Cooling Fins For Heating and AC Repair

Once the coolant has removed the heat and humidity from the warm air it is pumped outside and through the condenser and cooling fins. There it loses the heat it gained to the outside air. Being outside dirt and grime will accumulate over the condenser and cooling fins reducing the rate at which the heat is transferred. Any weeds and moss that grow on the cooling fins will have the same effect and lessen the airflow provided by the external fan.

The condenser and cooling fins need to be cleaned periodically and this is done during the maintenance. Failure to clean them will make them less efficient at losing heat from the coolant and could even cause the condenser to overheat and burn out, leading to a heating and AC repair.

Problems with the Furnace in Arlington, TX

The largest component in your HVAC is the furnace. Unless you have an electric furnace, you will need air vents to the outside to draw fresh air to the combustion chamber. Here the air is mixed with gas, propane, or oil. It then burns and releases heat. If the vents are blocked for any reason, not enough fresh air is available to cause combustion, so they must be cleaned regularly.

The air vents also remove any dangerous combustion gases, like carbon monoxide produced in the burning process. It is a good idea to fix carbon monoxide detectors inside your home and then test them periodically. A furnace will also require air filters to remove pollutants from the air, and these too will need regular changing.

Why Choose Minuteman Heating & Air Serving Arlington, TX For Heating and AC Repair?

We understand just how important it is to have a dependable HVAC unit, and that is why we suggest that it has regular maintenance. But in case anything goes we will have one of our technicians around quickly to help. Your family’s safety is our primary concern, so, whatever your HVAC problem, call Minuteman Heating & Air straight away.