As the Weather Warms Up, Our Customers Are Considering New Air Conditioner Installation — How About You? | Mansfield, TX

As the Weather Warms Up, Our Customers Are Considering New Air Conditioner Installation — How About You? | Mansfield, TX

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New Whole-House Air Conditioner Installation

Here in Mansfield, TX it does tend to get hot in spring and summer, sometimes even fall. That’s a great excuse for getting your home filled with cool air for comfortable living. A custom air conditioner installation by Minuteman Heating & Air can make that happen. We have several types of systems available. There’s ductless systems that don’t take much to install to whole-house HVAC systems that are likely to cut your heating and cooling costs as they raise your home’s comfort level and even clean the air for you.

New HVAC System Installation or Upgrade

Summer is not the best time for a new HVAC system or upgrade in response to failures in the old system. Deals from manufacturers often are available in the off season to keep sales lively, and we can help you make an informed decision about how to heat and cool your home with an integrated, up-to-date system. If you already have duct-based heating in place, whole-house air conditioner installation may be fairly simple, too.

Adding Options to Your Whole-House HVAC System

For systems that deliver heat and cooling through forced air ducts, there are a number of options that you can consider to increase the quality of your home’s air throughout the year. These include humidification and dehumidification, usually used to reduce winter static and dryness and to take the summer moisture out of the air. They also include filtration and pathogen reduction equipment, such as HEPA filters and UV light systems. These keep the airborne allergens and biological elements to a minimum, helping those with respiratory issues in particular but making your home a place where everyone can breathe easily.

Control and Thermostat Systems

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your thermostat no matter what else you do to improve your heating and cooling systems. A simple timer-based thermostat can cut back your energy use when it’s not used, and more advanced thermostats can “learn” your preferred temperatures and follow your lead in keeping your house comfortable. If you’re into smart home technology, of course, the thermostat is the interface to the rest of your control system, using intelligence about the weather, sensors which detect occupied rooms, and other information to save even more energy and allow you to control and monitor your systems from your phone, wherever you are.

Reviewing Your Existing Air Conditioner 

If your electric bill is too high, your house has warm spots where cooling isn’t reaching, or you want to upgrade to a zoned system and maybe integrate it into your whole-house climate control system, let’s talk. We can help you add value to your home with an efficient, long-lasting cooling system that will keep you comfortable in the hot Mansfield, TX summers. We can also discuss the differences between types of cooling systems including traditional condenser units and heat pumps, and share the pros and cons of ductless and high-velocity systems.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

No matter what kind of air conditioner system you have, it needs maintenance and cleaning on an annual basis. There are filters to change, equipment to clean, possibly coils to clean, and fans to check. Duct-based systems should be cleaned internally, and other types of systems need cleaning, coolant checks, and mechanical inspection as well.

High-Velocity Air Conditioner Installation

A good alternative for older homes, high-velocity air conditioner installation doesn’t involve making holes for eight to eighteen-inch ducts to pass through carrying cool air throughout your home. The ducts for high-velocity systems are only a couple of inches, and the volume of the airflow is maintained by a much faster blower system. They are louder, the forced cold air can feel uncomfortable if you’re near the vent, and they only serve the whole house, not individual zones. One major benefit — they cool down your home much faster than traditional systems.

Ductless Cooling Air Conditioner Installation

One type of system you may not have heard of, a great alternative to cutting holes for traditional or high-velocity ducting or even modifying windows for individual window units, is ductless cooling. Ductless systems do require access to the outside through a small hole where the heat removed from the room being cooled can be discharged. Multiple ductless systems can be used to create a zoned system, setting individual temperatures for different rooms as desired — all while leaving the windows alone, which can be a real advantage on modern homes with specialized windows. Plus, you get to keep the view.

Seasonal AC Checkups

In addition to maintenance, we like to make sure that your AC system is meeting your needs and is likely to continue to do so over time. If you’ve been thinking of upgrading, don’t like the way your system cools your spaces, or want to take a look at your energy efficiency, we can help you to see what your options are. We can also discuss the age of your cooling equipment and how likely it might be to need to replace or upgrade it in the years ahead.

Window Air Conditioner Installation

The simplest way to cool a room of your home is to use a basic, removable window air conditioner. While many people consider this a do-it-yourself project, these devices can be heavy, especially if they have more than marginal cooling capacity. There are also plenty of people, including seniors, who would rather leave window air conditioner installation to professionals. For the long term, we highly recommend permanent AC systems, but window AC has its purpose.

Keep It Simple and Just Call Us for Your Air Conditioner Needs

There’s no need to take risks by doing it yourself. Whether it’s a new air conditioner installation or work on your existing units or system, Minuteman Heating & Air is one to call. We serve the Mansfield, TX area with certified, expert technicians and quality new HVAC systems. Give us a call at 817-284-2569.