Basic Types of AC Systems | Insight from Your Trusted Mansfield, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

Basic Types of AC Systems | Insight from Your Trusted Mansfield, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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We’re all familiar with the comforts that home air conditioning can provide during the steamiest days of a hot summer. But there are real health benefits attached to modulating the quality of the indoor air your family is breathing — and a good, well-maintained AC system can help.

Climate change is producing more extreme weather and weather events in Mansfield, TX, as with the rest of the world. Summers seem to be extended and the amount of time cooling aids are in use increasing. That makes understanding household systems that deliver air conditioning and maintaining them correctly is more important than ever.

Air conditioning service providers such as Minuteman Heating and Air in Mansfield, TX can also contribute to an overall plan for healthy home AC. A professional air conditioning service provider can assess AC needs and source just the right system for the square footage of a home and the family’s usage requirements. They can also maintain the system and provide repairs or replacement parts as necessary. 

HVAC is a crucial component of any home’s inner workings, too important to apply DIY techniques for installing and maintaining a complex air conditioning system. Sure, there are things that homeowners can do to make the most of their AC devices, but a professional air conditioning service provider can support those efforts with specialized skill, knowledge, advice and tools. 


Types of AC Systems

Mini-split AC Systems are becoming popular for smaller homes, or in retro-fitted homes previously without central HVAC. They also work well in open concept homes with fewer rooms, or for situations in which only select rooms (the bedrooms, for example) need to be cooled. The units are smaller and wall-mounted, connecting to an outdoor compressor. Up to four units with individual thermostats can connect to a single outdoor compressor.


Window and Standalone AC Units also have a role to play in homes where a central system may not be possible. While they have limitations, they can be a cost-effective way to cool a bedroom for sleeping for example, or cooling a family room where all can get some heat relief. 


Central Air Conditioning is the most efficient means to cool a large house. Using supply and return ducts that end in registers (which they often share with the heating system), central AC circulates warm air replacing it with cool. An important component is the outdoor compressor or condenser that powers the system. This type of setup needs to be the right size for the amount of square footage to be cooled, otherwise utility costs may be unnecessarily high.


Hybrid AC Systems use a heat pump to collect hot air and replace it with cooler air from outside. In the winter they do the reverse. They work between two power sources, electric and gas or oil, automatically choosing the most efficient at any given moment. But this type of setup is complex and needs to be installed and fine-tuned by a professional Air conditioning service provider.


How Is AC Healthy?

A properly installed and maintained AC system can contribute to the overall health and well-being of your family, particularly its most vulnerable members.

In areas where outdoor air quality deteriorates in warm temperatures, an AC system can help keep pollution out of the home. Conditioned air can be further improved with HEPA filters to also block outdoor allergens.

AC units can help keep body temperature at healthy levels. Cooler temperatures are less stressful for the body when the temperature and humidity soar outside. This is an important consideration when it comes to children, the elderly, or those with a compromised immune system or certain medical conditions such as hypertension or respiratory illnesses like asthma


But Keep It Clean

An AC system provides health benefits only to the extent it is properly installed, maintained and kept clean. Recently, scientists have been warning about AC-related agents, such as legionellosis bacteria, which can accumulate within air conditioning systems. The bacteria is distributed around the home along with the cooler air.

The best air conditioning service provider will stress that a clean AC system is a healthy AC system. Split back and window units should be inspected regularly for accumulated dirt and debris, and their compressor, motors and grills cleaned off. Filters for all types of systems should be changed every six months or so, some HEPA filters even more frequently. Delivery infrastructure such as ducts should also be kept scrupulously clean. This is where a professional air conditioning service provider comes in.


Pros of Regular Service

Some of the advantages to working with a professional air conditioning service provider on a regular basis are:

  • They have the skills and knowledge to assess your home’s needs before installing just the right sized AC system for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Professional air conditioning service providers have the right tools to clean every nook and cranny of the AC system’s compressor, pump or motor, as well as the delivery ducts, registers and hoses.
  • During the course of regular maintenance, they can spot and head off little problems before they become big ones. This could save homeowners big money in the long run.
  • With the same kind of care a trained air conditioning service provider can maximize the longevity of the AC unit and its component parts. And when the time eventually comes, they can advise on upgrades and new technologies.


The trained technicians at Minuteman Heating and Air, based in Mansfield, TX can assess your home, source and install the right size system and provide ongoing air conditioning service to keep everything running smoothly whether there’s a heat wave going on outside or not. Call now to learn more about their many services. They’ll help your family stay cool and healthy.