Benefit Now From Regular AC Service | Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield, TX

Benefit Now From Regular AC Service | Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield, TX

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An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. It is better to be safe than sorry. Clichéd? Rote? Typical? Undoubtedly so! Yet, these hold kernels of truth all the same! The messages to learn from these old adages are timeless and universal, applicable to both our health and the many appliances we use in daily life.  In this example, your AC unit, servicing all your needs for cooling and comfort in the Texas heat. It also needs its own service from time to time to ensure that it keeps working to its best ability and never compromises on its task of providing cooling. There are numerous benefits you can stand to gain with regular air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, let us enlighten you.

1.  Lighter on the Wallet

Now you might be thinking, how is paying again and again for air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX lighter on my wallet? If anything, wouldn’t that be more expensive with regular costs.

Thinking conventionally, you might indeed be right, getting AC servicing done twice a year will surely add to some amount of expense.

What is important here is that you are missing one key part of the equation. The costs of repair and replacement in case your AC starts malfunctioning or stops.

The costs to repair an AC unit or replace it will almost always be far greater than the costs of air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX even if you add the latter up. Not only that but you will also have to account for and treat any damage caused by a malfunctioning AC unit.

In the long run therefore, AC servicing actually saves you on costs by spreading your purchase cost over a longer period of time and ensuring your AC keeps working optimally for as long as possible.

2.  Cooling All the Time

The best part about regular air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX? You won’t ever have to worry about that precious and heavenly cooling of the AC ever stopping.

Coming back from the day’s Texas heat, you need the chilly breezes to cool down and rest. Coming home to find out your AC has stopped working is one scenario we are sure you do not want to imagine let alone experience.

Consistent and diligent AC service will keep your AC working always to your pleasure.

3.  Lower Electricity Bills

We mentioned the point about lower costs above but this point merits its own explanation.

AC units which are poorly serviced or blocked in their cooling by choked filters have to work overtime to cool the room. They have to be kept functioning at lower temperatures for longer periods of time to cool the room and this consumes more electricity.

The time taken to cool the room by a poorly serviced AC unit will be more than the time taken by a well serviced AC. What all this means in the end is high electricity bills and costs which can put a significant dent in your pocket and leave you with less for other more important tasks.

Save yourself unnecessary electricity costs and spend a little every time in air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX. The cost you will pay for routine service will be far less than the combined cost of increased electricity bills.

4.  Health is Wealth

Most importantly, frequent air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX means you will never have to compromise on the health of you and your family.

Health is in the end everything and no cost is too great in the face of health. With fully serviced AC units that perform at their optimum capacity, your children won’t be under the risk of heat strokes after a particularly hot day. With clean and clear filters, you won’t ever have to fear dusty and stale air which can potentially cause asthma and other respiratory problems.

A good working AC unit is essential to good health in the weather of Texas so getting air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX done is only aiding your own health in the end.

5.  Environmentally Friendly

By carrying our routine and frequent air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, you not only help yourself but also the environment.

ACs which are running well and cooling normally will cool a room in a quicker amount of time and thus not need to be kept at colder temperatures. What this means is less consumption of electricity and less output of greenhouse gases.

Your carbon footprint will be much lower than if you had poorly serviced ACs which were consuming more electricity to cool your house and outputting more greenhouse gases. Global warming is approaching tangibly dangerous levels and we are seeing the effects of that in more freak weather patterns.

It is the responsibility of everyone to be environmentally conscientious and reduce our carbon footprints as much as possible.

6.  Longer Life

This goes without saying but well serviced ACs will naturally have longer lives, possibly even extending far past their manufacturer recommended lives.

This is because with regular servicing there will be less wear and tear on their component parts and less opportunities for small problems to snowball into larger ones and cause permanent damage to your unit.

It also means you will have to replace your AC unit at far longer intervals which will save you much more in costs than had you saved by skimping on costs for air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.


If you have been running late on your AC servicing and are looking for air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX then worry not. Contact Minuteman Heating and AC at 817-284-2569 today and you will very soon have an experienced professional at your house to give your AC unit a complete once over and servicing session.

You will not go disappointed in the thoroughness of our care and procedure and we will let the increased quality of your AC cooling speak for ourselves.