Benefits Of Fogging After An Air Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

Benefits Of Fogging After An Air Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

Do your family members only show symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, sneezing, teary eyes, and headaches when they return home? That could be because they have sick building syndrome (SBS). Dirty air ducts are among the leading causes of this. Your home should be your haven, where you can rest comfortably after a long day at work. Unfortunately, when such symptoms show up, indoor air quality is compromised. One of the best ways to ensure improved indoor air quality is by having an air duct cleaning service and regularly replacing the air filters. Unfortunately, duct cleaning is not done annually like other air conditioning services. Thus, some homeowners need to remember that they need it. Others overlook this important task since the ducts are stuck in out-of-sight places. Unfortunately, it would help to do something when you notice your family members have sick-building syndrome. One of the ways of cleaning the air ducts is fogging them.

What Is Air Duct Fogging?

Have you ever heard of duct fogging? If you haven’t, it’s understandable, and you certainly aren’t alone. Other people don’t even know that such a service exists. This method uses an EPA-approved cleaning agent to disinfect and sanitize your entire air duct system. Having an air duct cleaning service provider perform duct fogging means you can rest assured knowing that your family is secure and safe as the ducts have been cleaned.

How Is Duct Fogging Done? 

Duct fogging begins with an EPA-approved cleaning agent and a professional fogging machine. During an air duct cleaning service, the technician sufficiently prepares your air ducts for cleaning. This includes inspecting the for compromised areas and leaks. After ascertaining that the ducts are alright, they are started with the fogging machine. They use it to apply an effective yet safe fogging solution. The cleaning agents used in fogging are designed with safety in mind and can eliminate odors, kill bacteria, and exterminate mold without using harmful and harsh chemicals. The duct cleaning professional monitors the entire duct cleaning process to ensure the fog reaches your air duct system’s crannies, and corners. They then give it ample time to dry and inspect the ducts for effective cleaning.

Benefits of Air Duct Fogging

Removes Allergens

Do you or any of your family members suffer from allergic inflammation? It might seem like there is no escape, whether at home or outside. The pollen, pet dander, mold, and other allergens could become trapped in your air ducts and then be distributed across your home whenever you turn on the air conditioner. Although an air duct cleaning service can help, it might only eliminate some allergens effectively. Fortunately, there is a way out; air duct fogging. This method can remove microscopic particles and sanitize your air ducts, improving indoor air quality. This then makes it easier for the allergic and healthy to breathe. Remember, even pet hair is an allergen and can make its way into the air ducts unless you have a good air duct cleaning service and regularly change or clean the air filters.

Improves Air Quality

You must have great indoor air quality for healthy and happy living. With the many outdoor contaminants affecting the air quality outdoors, the importance of having a refuge from indoor contaminants is now clearer than ever. However, it has been proven that indoor contaminant concentration can sometimes be higher than outdoors, negatively affecting indoor air quality. Fortunately, a well-designed air duct system combined with air filters can help. But sanitizing and cleaning the air ducts can also boost indoor air quality to newer levels. Hence, you should have an air duct cleaning service done periodically. This is because the air ducts carry the air flowing throughout your home. For those with respiratory diseases like asthma, improving indoor air quality can help tone down the symptoms as they breathe cleaner air.

Kills Mold

Mold also can result in allergy-like reactions. However, mold is far more dangerous compared to other typical allergens. This is because it thrives and breeds under humid conditions and could cause serious damage to your home. Since the air ducts sometimes have the ideal conditions for breeding and thriving, mold can sometimes be concentrated there, causing serious health problems at home. Its microscopic spores will float all over your air ducts and eventually enter your home. Although you can prevent this problem with a regular air duct cleaning service, dealing with it after it arises is entirely different. Fortunately, a technician can use antimicrobial fogging to kill the spores and ensure that you have great indoor air quality.

Removes Odors

Odors, whether pet smells, mold, or pet droppings, can be trapped in the air ducts. It can be difficult to eliminate nasty smells, especially if they are coming from your air ducts. Unfortunately, some homeowners resort to scouring their ducts, looking for the source of the odor, damaging them in the process. Rather, you should have an air duct cleaning service provider for your air ducts, as this method has been proven to eliminate unpleasant, musty smells. Killing the bacteria and disinfecting the ducts means you won’t have to deal with the musty smells again.

Who Benefits from Duct Fogging?

Because of duct fogging’s effectiveness in eliminating mold, bacteria, and other airborne pollutants from the air ducts, everyone benefits. If you have a household member with serious or minor health concerns, then duct fogging can be particularly beneficial in improving allergy resistance and preventing respiratory difficulties. Do you have pets at your home? Then you can notice a reduction in pet smells and allergens in every room. Do you suspect mold? Is there a musty smell coming from your air ducts? You should have an air duct cleaning service followed by antimicrobial fogging to kill any present bacteria.

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