Benefits Of Having A Heating And AC Repair Technician Install Spiral Air Ducts Over Rectangular Air Ducts | Crowley, TX

Benefits Of Having A Heating And AC Repair Technician Install Spiral Air Ducts Over Rectangular Air Ducts | Crowley, TX

When did you last have an air duct replacement? Never? Any heating and AC repair professional will tell you that because of expanding and contracting, cooling and heating, leaking and rusting, ducts should be replaced after every 15-20 years. The condition of the air ducts is key to when a duct replacement is necessary. If the air ducts are in good shape, why should you have them replaced? Have them inspected by a technician every few years to determine their condition. The professional can do this during the annual maintenance and cleaning visit at your home. Maybe your air ducts can live long past the recommended 15 – 20 years with proper maintenance. If replacing your air ducts, consider swapping the older rectangular ones with the new spiral ones. But why:

Smooth Air Flow

Air flowing in your air ducts with as little inhibition as possible in your heating and air conditioning system is critical. During summer or winter, heating or cooling, airflow through the air ducts ought to be efficient and smooth. Just as different blockages may restrict blood that flows in your vascular system, so can air in your heating and cooling system be restricted by its features. This is one of the areas where the spiral air ducts are superior to the rectangular ones as they reduce static pressure. Static pressure refers to airflow resistance via the air ducts and other system components. Therefore, if you want to replace your rectangular air ducts, have the heating and AC repair technician use spiral ducts.

More Aesthetically Appealing

Spiral pipes are usually known to make your commercial or industrial space more aesthetically appealing. This happens because the pipes in the spiral ducts appear to blend seamlessly in an environment without sticking out, akin to a sore thumb to an onlooker. A spiral duct is more evident in such spaces; hence, you can incorporate them in your future residential design. It might seem unconventional, but adopting a spiral air duct in your designs can be creative and practical.

You wouldn’t usually see rectangular-shaped air ducts as this design appears to be disheveled and bulky. Based on the finish of the spiral duct you plan to use, you will have the freedom to paint over the material for you to complement the design of your room. Hence, to preserve the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial space while replacing the air ducts, have the heating and AC repair technician install spiral air ducts.

Less Air Loss

Air loss is much lower with spiral ductwork than with rectangular. This makes the HVAC system more energy efficient. It took a lot of work to achieve less than 10% air leaks in rectangular air ducts for a long time. An improved connecting method could reduce leakage in a rectangular system to as little as 3–4%. This was the reason behind the development of spiral-seamed air ducts in the heating and air conditioning sector. Hence, if you plan to replace the air ducts, have the heating and AC repair technician use spiral ductwork instead of rectangular air ducts.

Since there are numerous possibilities for sealing and coupling the end-to-end joints, spiral ducts are airtight and typically have as little as 1-2% overall air leakage. That is a reduction of 50% from the best result possible with rectangular ducts! The joints and seams of rectangular ducting are where the air is lost in most instances. Hence, rectangular air ducts will have more air loss, which is more of a reason to have a heating and AC repair technician replace them.

Space Saving

Installing traditional air ducts requires more space of up to three inches to fit connections and reinforcements into the joints. This means that installing them in constricted space is almost impossible. On the other hand, spiral air ducts don’t need this and can easily fit into any space. Do you have a condo that has restrictive space? Do you want more space after replacing the air ducts? Have a professional heating and AC repair technician replace the existing rectangular air ducts with spiral ductwork. Replacing them with spiral ducts will also not cost you as much as using rectangular air ducts.

Less Noise

The main reason for noises in traditional air ducts is reverberation. However, the gentle curvature of the spiral air ducts results in less turbulence than rectangular air ducts with sharp corners. Installing them results in a quieter atmosphere. Hence, they are best suited for installation in schools, offices, and hospitals. Do you love a quiet home, but those rectangular air ducts cannot give you peace? Have a heating and AC repair technician replace them with spiral air ducts.

Easier to Maintain

Air ducts should have high quality and ease of use for industrial and commercial spaces. This is one of the areas where the spiral air ducts beat rectangular duct systems. Installing the spiral air ducts is relatively easier than installing rectangular duct systems. Unfortunately, you will have to pay the heating and AC repair technicians more to install rectangular air ducts than they’ve charged you to install spiral air ducts.

You want your heating and AC repair technicians to do their work as quickly and effectively as possible if they work in your industrial or commercial location. The skills of a technician are only as good as the materials they are working with. Using spiral air ducts for your HVAC system can ease installation. These air ducts are easier to handle and carry cred to the rectangular lowers. The lower surface area also results in a softer material weight when it comes to spiral air ducts.

Do you need the rectangular air ducts installed at your home replaced? We can help. In this instance, the best replacement duct should be spiral ones. Contact us at Minuteman Heating & Air for a quality duct replacement service.

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