Best Duct Cleaning Service |  Arlington, TX

Best Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

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Are you looking for someone to tidy up your ducts and dryer openings? To find a solution, you need a reliable duct cleaning service like Minuteman Heating and Air.

When should you request for a duct cleaning service?

Professionals should carry out regular inspections, as extreme dust accumulation can destroy the HVAC system. Experts advise that you should clean the air ducts at least once every 3 years. It would also help if you also cleaned your channels:

  • If you had just moved into your new house.
  • After the renovation, an above-average amount of dust is generated during construction.
  • If you have a problem with mice or vermin.
  • If you suspect that mold is forming in your pipes.

Just like cleaning at home, you can clean your HVAC systems and air ducts. Suppose your house hasn’t been cleaned for 3 to 5 years? The majority of homeowners keep their homes very clean while ignoring HVAC systems. Many new houses have air ducts lined with rubble. HVAC systems should be cleaned every three to five years.

How long does duct cleaning service take?

Many variables can influence the duration it takes to clean the duct system. These factors include the type of house, the accessibility of the piping, the number of systems, and the amount of piping that circulates the air in your house. Average size houses take 3 to 4 hours for two technicians. Our technicians stay as long as necessary to clean the entire system thoroughly.

What are disinfectants and why should they be used?

The disinfectants are chemicals that are used against microbial substances to protect the air duct surfaces. The system should be cleaned thoroughly before using disinfectants. PA approved for use in HVAC systems should be used for any antimicrobial treatment. Request the chemical safety data sheet (MSDS). The antimicrobial products approved by the EPA are not suitable for use on porous device surfaces such as glass fiber surfaces.

Is my duct cleaning service company a NADCA member?

NADCA members have adopted an ethics code which agrees to take all possible measures to protect customers and to meet NADCA cleaning standards. Air duct cleaning companies will, therefore, meet the high demands of NADCA membership. All NADCA members must have ASCS-certified employees (Air System Cleaning Specialist).The exam shows a wealth of knowledge in the design and cleaning method of HVAC.

How should HVAC systems be cleaned and which devices are required?

A vacuum system that is strong enough to remove all hazardous waste accumulated in the HVAC system is the best way to clean air ducts and ventilation systems. The most efficient vacuum systems are truck mounting systems, which bring up to 10,000 cubic feet of air per minute onto the pipes at negative pressure. Various devices are inserted into the ducts to remove the dirt particles that contaminate your system as the air is drawn in from the vacuum. Such tools include whips and sticks, etc., which are mostly filled with compressed air up to 200 psi.

The technicians are trained to choose the right tool for your specific channel type. In rare cases, the vacuum cup of our truck-mounted system may not be practical. In these cases, for example, we can bring a large portable unit into a high-rise building. We can do the work on our mobile units.

Can the duct cleaning service increase the efficiency of the HVAC?

Over time, cracks, leaks, and gaps can form on the treated air escapes. By sealing the air ducts, you reduce the workload of the air conditioning system, remove and hot cold spots, and improve the interior comfort. You can save up to 30% on bills.

Sealing leaks can also keep pollutants away from your home and stop draining again. When they are drained back, burning gases are drawn into your home by water heaters and dryers instead of being funneled out.

How can you benefit from our duct cleaning service and experience?

Our experience in duct cleaning service offers the following advantages:

Improved energy efficiency: When the air ducts are cleaned, the overall energy efficiency of the system is improved.

Odor removal: We focus on removing odor traces through our experience in cleaning air ducts in residential areas.

Dirt removal: We strive to properly clean the airlines to reduce unnecessary waste and dirt in your air passage network. It would help the atmosphere to get clean and fresh air.

Allergy removal: We clean the air duct systems thoroughly and accurately to ensure that there are no allergens.

Rely on the best duct cleaning service.

Before you choose our air duct cleaning service in Arlington, TX, it is only reasonable that you ask yourself why Minuteman Heating and Air? Now, as already mentioned, air ducts collect a lot of the indoors and outdoors contaminants over time. Additionally, the existence of moisture may cause mold to grow, which will contribute to pollution. The air quality in your house will decrease as a result, and you will end up breathing in lots of mold, dust, particles, or other pollutants. This can be bad for people suffering from allergies or asthma. Cleaning the air ducts can therefore help improve your health by taking away anything toxic that you breathe.

What we will do is check your air conditioning unit and ac ducts to determine how much is needed to clean them properly, then use a strong vacuum and brushes to get rid of the dirt. These brushes or our air scrubbing system will loosen the dirt and dust, so it’s easier to remove. As a result, the pipes will be clean and ready to provide pollution-free air.

With a team of qualified technical personnel, we can help you save money while maintaining the optimum indoor air quality in your home. We offer excellent value for everything we do.

Regular investment in the cleaning of ducts and dryers is essential to ensure that your family is healthy and that your home runs best. Call Minuteman Heating and Air local ductwork experts if you’re overdue for the cleaning or have any questions. We cover the whole of Arlington, TX and beyond. Call us for exceptional duct cleaning services or check out our request form.