Buying the Right Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home | Tips from Your Mansfield, TX Air Conditioner Installation

Buying the Right Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home | Tips from Your Mansfield, TX Air Conditioner Installation

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With Mansfield, TX, residents expecting winter on the way, now’s the perfect time to consider replacing your air conditioner for next summer. The air conditioner installation market as we know it today, however, is filled with products that try to meet the expectations of a high-tech world, so it can be overwhelming to know the exact fit for your household. To know the types and features in an air conditioning unit you’ll want to consider, we’ll be discussing the most commonly sold types on the market today and why’d they would be right for you.


Air Conditioner Installation from the Ground Up:

If you’re a Mansfield, TX resident who owns an older home and you’re looking for an air conditioner installation specialist, you may want to look at what kind of ductwork your home has, first. Some home owners may want to install central air conditioning units that can cool their home as effectively as possible, but some homes simply don’t have the size of duct that could deliver that amount of air, leading to a loud, inefficient system. The same thing can be said about older ductwork, or ductwork that has seen a lot of use, if your ducts are 30 years old or older, it would be a good idea to replace them if you’re trading up in air conditioning. If you’re willing to replace the ductwork, along with your current air conditioning system, you’ll be trading a higher upfront cost for better energy efficiency, and a silently running system. If you aren’t sure you want to spend the time or money, however, investing in new duct work, you can consult with an air conditioner installation technician to see if there are any central ac’s that would be a good match for your current system. You can also take steps to better preserve your ductwork by replacing the seals and installations on your ducts over time, and planning seasonal checkups to replace filters, flush coils, and generally refresh your air conditioner to put less stress on it, and your ducts.

Types Of Air Conditioning Systems:

For Mansfield, TX home owners, the first question you’ll have to ask before buying an air conditioner, is “will my home support ductwork”. With the space for ductwork, you can have an air conditioner installation specialist install a central air conditioning unit, that chills and distributes cold air throughout your home. This unit is also an exterior one, so make sure you have the space to install one outside or on your roof. There’s also the variation on the central air conditioning unit, which includes a heat pump, a system that doubles as both a heater and an air conditioner. On the other hand, lower hanging houses with roofs that can’t support many ducts can find success in having an air conditioner installation specialist install a split ductless system. It’s system with an outside compressor, and condenser that sends air to wall mounted air handlers that take the place of ducts. While ductless air conditioners are more energy efficient, they have a higher up-front cost, and they might clash with the aesthetics of your home that contrasts with the normally hidden ductwork.

Important Specifications to Know:

Now that you have an idea of what type of air conditioner you want, you can now move on to consider what specific features and attributes you want your air conditioner to have. An air conditioner installation technician can tell you for example what size air conditioner you require for your home, expressed in “British thermal units per hour” or (Btu/ph)”. The size of your ac has to be adjusted for how many people live in your home and how much sunlight your house gets over the year, so consulting with an hvac technician is important in this case. Different units also operate with different levels of efficiency, measured by seasonal energy-efficiency rating, or SEER. Some units come with service plans that discount regular inspections and labor warranties, which is a smart investment to make if you’re going to be living with your unit for a long time. Finally, a programmable thermostat is almost always recommended by air conditioner installation technicians as they can help you save power for when you’re at work or asleep.

Miscellaneous Features:

Balancing effective air conditioning with a power bill that won’t break the bank is an important decision to make for every Mansfield, TX, resident. However, you may find certain features to be more attractive than either one given individual circumstance. Electronic, and remote controls for example are features that can integrate with smart homes and make using your air conditioner more convenient. Some air conditioner installation technicians recommend models that ventilate rooms in the house with outside air, for rooms without window access or for window insulation purposes. For houses with larger rooms, air conditioners come with oscillating vents, for more even cooling and energy efficiency. Similar to the check engine light on a car, some air conditioners come with indicators that inform you when a filter needs to be changed or a part needs to be repaired, perfect for periodic maintenance checks. Finally, for ecologically conscious consumers, air conditioner sellers today sell units that are compatible with ozone friendly refrigerant alternatives, such as R-410A and other acceptable substitutes.

In Summary:

Mansfield, TX residents may find replacing their old air conditioner to be an unnecessary expense, especially if their old unit has worked for years and years before with minimal need for repair. However, proper installation and maintenance with the assistance of an air conditioner installation technician can make the summer months more bearable as you benefit from lower electricity bills, less time spent replacing broken parts, and more time enjoying the heat from indoors.

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