Call Minuteman Heating & Air For Your Air Conditioner Installation Needs | Mansfield, TX

Call Minuteman Heating & Air For Your Air Conditioner Installation Needs | Mansfield, TX

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If you are in need of air conditioner installation, you might be tempted to do it yourself. However, most experts would strongly advise against this. It can actually be quite dangerous to attempt an installation if you don’t have the required expertise and background. In addition, doing this yourself can cause damage to your HVAC system, which could lead to decreased efficiency and higher AC bills for you in the long run.

It is important that you bring in a qualified professional to perform your air conditioner installation. It’s always going to be a good idea for you to do the appropriate research and learn a little more about the topic before you make a deal with an installation professional, however.

Types of Central Air Conditioners

There are many different types of AC systems, and the air conditioner installation process will depend on exactly what type you have.

Split System

The split system is the most popular central air conditioner type in the United States. It has this name because the components are “split” between indoors and outdoors.

The indoor components include the air handler, which is home to the blower and the evaporator coil. On the outside of the building is the metal housing for the compressor and condenser coil, which is what the majority of people refer to as the “air conditioner.”

The system is connected by refrigerant lines. Most of the time people who use furnaces for central heating have this type of AC system.

Heat Pump

This is a different type of split system AC. With this type of system, the heat pump will give you heating in the cold seasons and cooling in the hot seasons (this is different from having a furnace and an AC). The air handler is located indoors, and the heat pump cabinet is outside.

These types of systems can be either geothermal or air source systems. Geothermal heat pumps will take heat from or deposit heat into the ground in order to heat or cool your home. Air source heat pumps will take heat from or exhaust heat into the outdoors, depending on whether the home is being heated or cooled at the time.

Packaged AC Systems

These types of air conditioners combine a heat pump and electricity, or both cooling and heating equipment, in order to power the AC system. These units will typically be located outside the building or on the top of the roof. These units are known for their relatively small footprint and flexibility when it comes to the air conditioner installation process. They are used for commercial applications quite often because of this.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

This type of system does not require ductwork in order to move cool air around a building. This is a great choice for cooling a building that does not contain ductwork.

These systems have a heat pump or outdoor air conditioner, which would be linked to air handling units that are located in at least one room on the inside of the building. This type of system allows you to have more control over how much cooling is delivered to each room without necessarily affecting the others.

Other Factors to Consider During an Air Conditioner Installation

There are a few other factors that you need to take into consideration if you are having an installation done in your Mansfield, TX home in the near future.

Duct System Installation and Repairs

Some buildings do not have existing ductwork. If you want to choose a type of AC system that requires one, you will need to have a duct system installed along with the air conditioner. This will come with extra considerations in terms of pricing and space.

Even if your building does have a duct system already, it is possible that the ducts that are there will require alterations or repairs in order to be able to support the new AC system. For example, if there are cracks in the ductwork, these can lead to air leaks. These types of leaks can decrease the efficiency of an AC system by 30 percent in some cases, which will also mean poor control of temperature and very high AC bills just to keep your building reasonably cool. In these situations, you may need duct sealing in addition to the air conditioner installation. You might need additional duct runs tied into the existing system in order to make the installation of the AC possible.

Indoor Air Quality

Depending on your specific environment, you may feel that central air conditioning does not provide the amount of dehumidification that you need. This can be common in humid areas. You may find that you need to have a whole-home dehumidifier installed in addition to the air conditioner.

In some other cases, indoor contamination could be an issue. This could happen for a variety of reasons. If it is because of contaminants in the ductwork, you should have an air conditioner service technician do an inspection and clean up any dirt, debris, or microorganisms that might be growing in there. The pollution could also come from outside in some cases. Whatever the reason, you may see fit to have a whole-home air purifier as an add-on during the air conditioner installation process.

The Takeaway…

As you can see, there are a variety of factors that you need to consider if you are about to have an air conditioner installation performed in your home. This is why you should not attempt this installation yourself and should hire professionals, such as the ones at Minuteman Heating & Air, instead.

If you attempt to install it yourself, you could end up causing damage to your home or even yourself. If you are in need of an air conditioner installation in Mansfield, TX, you should definitely contact the professionals at Minuteman Heating & Air. You can count on them to meet your needs.