Call Minuteman Heating And Air For Your Heating And AC Repair Needs | Mansfield, TX

Call Minuteman Heating And Air For Your Heating And AC Repair Needs | Mansfield, TX

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Going without heat or cool air is no fun, especially if you live in a climate that has extreme heat or brutally cold weather. When you need heating and AC repair, nobody compares to Minuteman Heating and Air. If you’re having trouble with your unit, they are the ones to call.

Minuteman Heating & Air technicians are certified and knowledgeable in HVAC systems. The staff provides a service you can be sure of. You can feel confident it’s right the first time. However, you should still schedule routine check ups. Read on to find out why.

Air Conditioning Services Benefits

For system durability and comfort, air conditioning maintenance service is essential. Three of the primary advantages are:

Operates Year Round

Extended operations are an important part of your account with a good maintenance program. Your air conditioner will remain operational in the summer or warm weather months with annual maintenance.

Prevents Emergency Calls

Yearly HVAC services typically aid technicians in detecting issues before needing heating and AC repair, reducing the risk of complications later on.

Saves You Money

A well-kept system provides a more powerful air conditioning system and could operate much longer than one without proper maintenance.

Reasons Your AC Isn’t Turning On

A blown circuit breaker, the wrong thermostat configurations, a disabled switch, or a condensation drain pan that’s full can offer some explanations why your AC system is not working correctly, but call Minuteman Heating and Air if you live in or anywhere near Mansfield, TX. They will tell you for certain if you need heating and AC repair or replacement. But here are some possibilities:

Circuit Breaker Tripped

Sometimes the breaker trips and if this is the case, the air conditioner won’t come on. If this is a constant problem, it could mean there’s an electrical problem in your house.

Wrong Thermostat Settings

If your AC isn’t told to operate, it won’t.

Check the setting on the thermostat before you panic. The switch should be on “cool” and not “heat.” If the unit is set to heat, you will get hot air instead of cool air.

Off/On Switch

Your air conditioner should have a shutdown switch. This lever is in a metal frame box somewhere in your home. The switch could be in the off position, especially if your air conditioner has had recent heating and AC repair.

Drain Pan Clogged

Drainage pans keep extra water or condensation from the air from reaching your air conditioner. The bottom of this pan is likely located inside your unit or below the air handler. If you have a clogged drain, water is going to build up and there should be a safety setting that will prevent your system from running.

AC Blows Warm Air

If your air conditioning system works but does not cool, check your filter. A blocked air filter or a dirty condenser may reduce the airflow of your AC unit. You can tell if a filter needs changing by holding it up to the light. If you can’t see through it, you need to change it.

Air Conditioning Unit

There are all kinds of debris that can get stuck in your condensing unit, especially during the grass cutting season. Because of this, it may limit airflow and affect your unit’s efficiency, so you may need to discuss the possibility of repair needs.

Refrigerant Low

When there’s not enough refrigerant, the unit won’t be able to cool properly. Heat and humidity will stick around, unfortunately.

AC Not Blowing Enough Air

If you feel as though you’re not getting enough cold air inside, check the connection to your AC unit. If it’s okay, then it may be because of a clog.

Equipment Age

Air conditioning systems work best when they are younger than 15 years old. If your unit is getting on in age, then instead of heating and AC repair, it may need replacing.

Breaking Down Often

Consider heating and AC repair or replacement if you have to call the repairman more often than you fill up at the gas station.

Higher Electricity Bills

Obviously, older units are not as efficient as they once were. If you haven’t been keeping regular maintenance on your air conditioner or if you have been making frequent calls for heating and AC repair, replace it.

Outmoded AC systems start more often than newer ones, and it becomes a challenge for the unit to cool your home. Manufacturers build modern heating and AC units to start less frequently so you save on utility bills.

Advantages of a New Air Conditioner

Modern central air conditioning systems have benefits outdated equipment can’t match. And you can also feel sure you’ll have a system that will work for years. An up-to-date AC unit can offer:

Improved Efficiency

Modernized air conditioners produce better efficiency ratings than the equipment used 10–15 years ago. A new air conditioner can save you nearly 50% on your power bills. Compare your energy bills to be certain of the money you’re saving once you convert to a newer model. You may save more by using a unit with an excellent SEER rating. SEER measures an AC unit for its cooling efficiency.

Quiet Air Conditioning

Manufacturers install certain features, knowing various measures will help ensure your AC units will last longer while providing maximum comfort. Newer air conditioners combine advanced technology to help cool your home with less disturbance. When you have to replace your AC system, consider what it would mean to have a service agreement in place. This way, the air conditioning in your home will get a tune-up just like your vehicle.

Heating and AC Repair in Mansfield, TX

When you need the best heating and AC repair in and near Mansfield, call Minuteman Heating & Air. Consumers can prevent most repair calls and costs by scheduling routine checkups. Use that opportunity to go over any plans to enhance productivity so the unit can last longer.