Common AC Problems You Will Face | Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield, TX

Common AC Problems You Will Face | Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield, TX

Air conditioning is one of the most essential systems at your home in Mansfield, TX. The intense need for air conditioner is felt when it goes out and you are left in the hot, humid atmosphere at your home.

A troubled air conditioner can become a big hassle if not taken care of. This means going out and looking for air conditioner repair in Mansfield, TX that will make it work again. It must be noted that air conditioner repairs can be costly and the only way to avoid these unexpected high costs is to have regular checkups for your system.

Minuteman Heating & Air is an air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX. They have been in business for a long time and have worked hard at being the best in their field. They have a team of professionals that works efficiently to make sure that your air conditioner is in top condition when you need it the most. Through regular heating and air conditioner repair in Mansfield, TX you can avoid high costs and have a properly working system.

It is important to know your system and the likely problems it may cause. Following are a few problems that you might have to face and require calling air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX.

Choked or Damaged Filters

One of the most frequent problems that home-owners face involves troubling AC filters. After some time, the filters get dirty and clogged. Users often neglect the guidelines manufacturers provide to clean and maintain the filters. The filter is critical as it ensures the trouble-free working of an air conditioner unit. Another problem that a choked filter can cause is the freezing of the unit itself while the water drips on the inside.

Permanent filters can be quickly taken out and rinsed thoroughly for cleaning. After this, you will immediately feel a difference in quality and efficiency of your ACs air.


 No Cool Air

This is another problem faced by many homeowners. This happens after a particular unit has been used for a very long time and can be a nuisance during summers. If you can hear your AC working and the unit throwing out hot air instead, then it is a sign that you should get the refrigerant levels analyzed. Sometimes the refrigerant loses its levels and drops down when we expect it the least.

To solve this problem, you will have to call air conditioning repair in Mansfield, TX to take a look and refill the refrigerant. The refrigerant leak will be stopped with a little repair work and your air conditioner will perform effectively again.


Drainage Choking

Like the filter, the drainage hole of the air conditioner unit has to be kept clear as well. The drainage hole is usually present on the lower end of the unit and helps keep the system clear. It can be contaminated with dust, dirt, and lint. When the drainage pan is filled up, you should clean it and make sure there aren’t any other blockages in the system. A clogged system will make water leak from the inside of the unit which can cause severe damage to it.


Fan Won’t Rotate

Fans stop rotating when they are burned out. When it happens, you will have to get them replaced. The fans may burn out due to access humidity within the unit. If the water was not draining out but leaking inside then that could have been the culprit.

It is essential to have it checked by a professional air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX. The professionals will replace the non-functional fans with the new ones and make your AC work again.


Heated Compressor

A heated compressor is an issue typically faced by older units. Older units get less efficient over time and their ability to function at optimal levels goes down. The compressor is used to supply refrigerant with the energy to propel through the coil to exchange heat.

If the compressor becomes faulty and stops working, your unit will stop cooling your house and will eventually seize to work. The unit gets heated and causes internal failure.

Therefore, it is advised that when you feel your unit heating up, you should call the air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX. They are better equipped at dealing with this.


Not Cooling Properly

Cooling problems can occur due to various reasons. The first is that the thermostat is not set correctly. You should try lowering it down to make it more effective. Secondly, the dirty air filter can be another culprit for this issue. This can be solved by cleaning or repairing the filters.

Another reason that causes this is the size of the room and adequacy of the air conditioner. People underestimate the size of their room and get a unit that is not sufficient to fulfill their needs. Therefore, the AC is not able to cool the room properly. It is advised to talk to an air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX and get an opinion on the size you should acquire.

Air conditioning is a tricky system to work with. It is not something on which you can carry out DIY experiments on. If you try it, you might end up messing it more. In these situations, air conditioning services in Mansfield, TX will take care of all troubles you might face with your unit. Try arranging regular checks to avoid any major breakdown of the system.

Minuteman Heating & Air is a reputable company and is your go-to service shop to get your systems checked and fixed. Get it checked before you have to spend time in the unforgiving summer heat.