Common Air Conditioning Problems | Tips from Your Mansfield, TX Air Conditioning Repair Company

Common Air Conditioning Problems | Tips from Your Mansfield, TX Air Conditioning Repair Company

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The hot and humid weather in the Mansfield, TX area is quite unbearable. Just an air conditioner installation isn’t enough. You must schedule regular inspections and maintenance. Make sure that the system is kept clean and the air filters are changed when required.

You can reach out to an air conditioning repair service, but if you want to know what exactly the problem is, we’ll help you avoid sweaty situations by listing down the frequently occurring heating and acproblems.

AC Doesn’t Turn On

This suggests issues with the thermostat. You can lower the temperature setting to let it cool. If that doesn’t work, call in a professional to inspect the electric panel for a blown fuse or open breaker. They will also check the wires to ensure there’s no issue with the power supply,  thermostat or furnace power switch. You may not be able to identify the source of the problem on your own, but don’t worry and let a professional handle it for you.

No Air Comes out of the Vent

This happens if the fan on the outside stops running. You only need to reset the breaker that might’ve tripped. It can also occur if the blower belt needs changing or due to a filled condensate pump reservoir. Issues with wiring, thermostat or control board may also be the reason. In case the issue lies with things other than the breaker, you need to contact an air conditioning repair.

AC Blows out Hot Air

You don’t want your AC assisting the already high temperatures. Prevent this by keeping the air filter clean and monitoring Freon levels. Also ensure the outside system is running. So, during air conditioning repair remove any debris that’s blocking air flow.

No Cooling

There could be a number of reasons why a running AC isn’t cooling. Extreme temperatures might be one of them. ACs can bring outside temperature down by only 20 degrees. Other reasons include blocked condensate drain, dirty air filter or low refrigerant level. Check if the outdoor compressor is dirty or ice has formed on the coils. Call in a skilled technician for a quick check on the system.

Compressor Isn’t Running

It might be the result of a faulty start capacitor, charred wire or a defected compressor itself. Check the capacitor, fix the refrigerant charge and clear the condenser coil. If the compressor doesn’t reset get it checked by calling any air conditioning repair. In case they deliver bad news, you might need to get a new compressor.

Fan Has Stopped Working

The AC won’t properly function if the outdoor unit fan doesn’t turn. Try restarting it by hitting the reset or overload button. Turn off the system and test the fan blades by rotating them clockwise. The capacitors might’ve an issue and requires replacement in case the fan spins freely. Any air conditioning repair service company in the Mansfield, TX area can substitute the defected capacitors for you.

Condenser Isn’t Operating

Firstly, verify if the system is plugged in and receiving power. Check for any tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. If the condenser has issues with getting the cooling control signal from the thermostat, it won’t function. Be sure to check the oil level and safety switches. In case of leakage of the refrigerant, the pressure will fall and subsequently turn on low pressure safety switch. If you can’t seem to find the cause of the problem, try contacting any air conditioning repair service in Mansfield, TX as they’re more experienced.

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

The air conditioner won’t turn on if the circuit breaker trips all the time. This is the result of a weak breaker that needs substitution with a new one. It also occurs because of a faulty capacitor or shorted condenser fan motor. To avoid such situations, ensure that the compressor is properly grounded.

AC Constantly Turns on and Off

If your unit is continuously turning on and off, it’s a cry for help. This means that you’ve got a dirty or blocked condenser unit. It might also result from a dirty evaporator. Check them both for any blockages. Clear out any debris that’s stuck. Get the entire air conditioning system cleaned from a service.

AC Won’t Turn Off

We suggest that you give your AC some rest, despite the high heat. But there might be an issue with the fan if it won’t turn off. Try bringing it to a halt by turning the thermostat to the off position. Also have a look at the relay switches and check the refrigerant levels. If the situation doesn’t seem to get any better, contact a professional for help.


Normally, the condensation created by heating and air conditioning is drained out. However, leakages or blockage of pipe can occur. Verify if it’s leaking and clear it out often. The condensate pump might malfunction. When you get your air conditioner repaired, get the pump system cleaned and electrical connections fixed.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Being low on refrigerant would affect the cooling. It may be undercharged or leaking. Issues with leaks will continue and harm the environment. So always check for leaks first instead of adding additional refrigerant.

Frozen Coil

If your home remains hot even when the AC works for long hours, the coil is frozen. Clear out the air filters and check the return air duct for blockages. Watch out for low refrigerant levels or faulty blower fans. If nothing works you’ve the option to opt for duct cleaning services.

AC Makes an Unusual Noise

If you’ve started to notice that your unit is making a strange noise, don’t panic. Pay close attention to the type of sound that’s created. Most commonly occurring is a squealing noise due to problems in the belt. This might be the result of incorrect alignment of the belt during air conditioner installationor it requires changing. An issue in the motor’s bearings makes a grinding sound. Popping and pinging indicates free metal flap in the duct work. Whereas, rattling noise is due to loose cover panels. Let a technician help you out from this noisy situation.

AC Gives off a Strange Odor

Due to overheated parts, namely seized bearings, loose electrical connections or blower motor, an electrical odor might be released. Electrical overheating results from a limited airflow. This requires an air filter replacement. However, if you experience a burning odor there might be debris in the unit or duct work. You need to call in a duct cleaning service for repair.


We’ve pretty much covered all the common problems that you might face. However, if you fail to identify them or are unable to fix them yourself, feel free to contact Minuteman Heating and Air for the most reliable service you’d find in Mansfield, TX. Call at 817-284-2569 to schedule an appointment with us today!