Common HVAC Problems, Causes, and Solutions | Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Arlington, TX

Common HVAC Problems, Causes, and Solutions | Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Arlington, TX

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When correctly chosen, professionally installed, and well taken care of, HVAC systems rarely cause problems or need recurrent repairs. However, if you still notice any problems with your HVAC systems, they should be fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid major losses due to extensive damages in addition to all the panic and discomfort.

While the presence of professional heating and air conditioning services in Arlington, TX has made it a lot easier to deal with HVAC troubles, you must have basic knowledge of the dos and don’ts to prevent such problems completely.

HVAC systems have an impact on a lot of things apart from the indoor temperature of your house. They are what affect the comfort level, energy bills, indoor air quality, and even the health of the occupants. This is the reason you should never take any signs of HVAC problems lightly and the only trust licensed heating and air conditioning services in Arlington, TX and elsewhere, such as Minuteman Heating and AC.

Minuteman is a top-notch name when it comes to heating and AC in Arlington, TX. It is often the first name that homeowners think of contacting in case of routine and emergency HVAC services.  From introducing minor repair to tacky tasks like HVAC tune-ups, installation, and repairs, the experts at Minuteman are trained to do everything professionally and perfectly.

As per those professionals, the best way homeowners can prevent HVAC problems is by scheduling routine maintenance and servicing. These activities don’t only help treat existing problems that might be there but also in identifying and averting potential HVAC issues.

Nonetheless, if a problem is already there, you must not postpone introducing repairs through a reliable heating and air conditioning services in Arlington, TX. And if you aren’t sure what kind of problems you might face or can’t get hold of an existing problem that you are noticing, here are common HVAC issues, their causes, and solutions that you should know.

Common HVAC Problems and Their Causes

When it is about heating and air conditioning system, you should not wait to call a professional for heating and AC repair in Arlington, TX and elsewhere. However, the majority of homeowners are unaware that problems like HVAC breakdown do not occur on their own but because of other issues in certain parts of the system. The following are a few components that may appear small and least troublesome, but in reality, they are.

·      Air Filters

Air filters in HVAC systems often get clogged due to dirt and debris, ultimately affecting the indoor air quality of homes and the energy bills by causing HVAC systems to strain.

Air filters are supposed to filter out pollutants from the air before sending it indoors and this is the reason they are highly prone to clogging, i.e., due to accumulated dirt. In case of filter problems, you can either go for repairs or replacement but that is something that only the professionals of heating and AC in Arlington, TX can analyze and decide.

As a rule of thumb, filters that are new are generally cleaned and installed back while those that are old are preferred to be replaced. Remember that if you fail to replace old filters in time, they will interrupt the flow of air inside your home. The air that fails to pass gets trapped in the system and ultimately causes the unit to fully freeze.

·        Thermostat

Heating and air conditioning services in Arlington, TX confirm that the majority of the times they get contacted for HVAC repairs is when the system completely stops working. As much as homeowners dread this situation and panic, it is mostly thermostat adjustment that is needed to get the system back to work. So, the sooner you call the technicians, the earlier your comfort is restored.

·        Refrigerants

You simply can’t expect your HVAC system to cool down your indoors if the refrigerants are missing or not enough. It is quite common for air conditioning systems to leak refrigerants in the condenser or evaporators coil. This problem can’t be fixed without hiring a reliable air conditioning service in Arlington, TX to replace the condenser or evaporator coils, whichever has suffered.

Condenser Coil

Condenser coil can be seen on the outside of the compressor. These coils easily get dirty, requiring to be cleaned once in 6 months. If not this, they should be cleaned once a year at any rate in order to avoid heating and air conditioning problems. On the off chance that the coils are too dirty too clean, you can always leave the task to those who are best at it, i.e. professional heating and air conditioning services in Arlington, TX.

Evaporator Coil

Just like condenser coils, evaporator coils are placed on the outside of the compressor but they are not as likely to get dirty. These coils require cleaning at least once in 3 years and need replacement in case they get damaged or broken. In case of replacement, you must not let anyone but licensed professionals for heating and AC in Arlington, TX to do it.

This is because the technicians who are licensed are well-versed in all kinds of HVAC issues. They are fully equipped with the latest tools and have sound knowledge of the techniques and procedures that need to be executed to introduce relevant repairs. Moreover, with professionals taking care of your HVAC systems, there is a lower risk of mishaps and losses.

·        Compressor

The compressor is the backbone of your heating and air conditioning system. The system will fail to heat or cool your indoors if the compressor is malfunctioning and this makes it really important for you to pay extra attention to the compressor.

If the compressor is undercharged by the refrigerant, it will breakdown and fail to serve the purpose it is meant for. Likewise, if the refrigerant overcharges the compressor, the refrigerant will start dripping. Therefore, it is extremely important to have the right amount of refrigerant.

If you are unaware of the right amount of refrigerant and what quantity of it your system currently has, connect with a professional heating and air conditioning services in Arlington, TX at your earliest to prevent massive HVAC issues.


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