Common Issues Homeowners Run Into With Electric Heaters And How A Heating And AC Repair Service Can Help | Arlington, TX

Common Issues Homeowners Run Into With Electric Heaters And How A Heating And AC Repair Service Can Help | Arlington, TX

Electric heaters use known resistance to convert electric current into heat to make your house cozy. According to the US Department of Energy, the electric Resistance heating units are 100 percent energy efficient.

The heating system has resistance heating wires that include open wire resistance coil, open ribbon wire, and tubular cased wire for modern resistors. It utilizes conduction, convection, and radiation techniques to transfer heat for warmth in icy cold spaces.

Despite your choice of heater between air heaters, duct heaters, forced air heating systems, flame heaters, space heaters, cartridge heaters, or heat transfer heaters, problems are inevitable at some point.

They can fail to heat your space, increase the level of discomfort in your house, or have numerous other issues that will compel you to call for heating and AC repair services. Below are some electric heater mishaps you should understand in case you encounter any of them.

Electric Heater Not Functioning

No matter the type of electric heater in your house, it can stop working due to a lack of frequent maintenance. It is up to your hired HVAC contractors to pinpoint the underlying causes and fix them. Some of the reasons are:

Lack of Power

The technicians can start by checking the power supply for the equipment to determine if it is on and transferring electricity to the heating unit. They can test the power supply by using another functioning outlet or sockets to rule out the lack of power as the cause of the malfunctioning system.

If power is the root cause of the heater not functioning, the heating and AC repair expert can seek the help of an electrical specialist to change the sockets for it to work at your expense.

Blown Fuse

Another common cause of an electric heater failing to operate is blown fuses. It requires the professional to check the fuse box to rule out or confirm the suspicion, then replace it if it is the underlying reason behind it not working.

Auto Safety Shut Off

Another place to inspect is an auto safety shut-off or a circuit breaker, which turns off power whenever they sense a problem in the circuit. Experienced heating and AC repair professionals in Arlington, TX, can unplug the heating unit to ensure it cools down if the auto safety shut-off has tripped, then plug it in again.

Broken Electrical Cord

A faulty electrical cord connecting your heating equipment might also fail the unit. A malfunctioned electric line cannot conduct heat to your heater if it is torn or broken, hence requires a replacement as soon as possible.

Faulty Heating Element

Skilled heating and AC repair service providers can identify a faulty heating element in the heater as the culprit of a malfunctioning electric heating unit. They disassemble the electric heater to get to the heating element through inspections and testing to determine its functionality.

The expert scrutinizes the multimeter and resistance that converts the circuit to heat and changes it if it is faulty.

Bad Thermostat

In addition, the HVAC specialist can inspect the thermostat to know if it is stuck, faulty, or broken down. A peak-performing thermostat regulates heat to the desired level providing comfort in your space. You can use the device to lower the temperatures if you feel it is too hot or increase it if your room feels colder than usual.

If the thermostat dial gets stuck, it might be the reason your electric heater might not be producing sufficient heat to warm your house, a mishap a heating and AC repair technician can fix promptly. The HVAC can professionally and skillfully replace a faulty or worn-out thermostat with a more advanced type in the heating and cooling system.

Insufficient Heat from the Heater

Sometimes your electric heating system might not provide adequate heat to warm your home efficiently for maximum comfort. One of the reasons behind an ineffective system is dirty air filters that restrict airflow into the unit. A clogged air filter can lead to multiple other issues in the heating system, such as high electrical bills that rise due to straining to warm your house and making the equipment stop cooling.

In addition, the dirty air filters cause mechanical problems such as a failed compressor over time. This is an issue that qualified heating and AC repair contractors in Arlington, TX, can fix perfectly by replacing it. Therefore, keeping the air filters in your heating unit clean through regular tune-ups is a preventative measure that protects your electrical heater.

Faulty Fan and Blower

Electric heating equipment has a fan that transfers warm-conditioned air to your rooms. As the fan pushes heat out, the backdraft pulls in fresh air into the heater to maintain a continuous circulation that prevents your heater from overheating to avoid fire hazards and maintain warmth.

But, when the fans are faulty and stop working, they will expel heat and take in the air leading to overheating and a burnout unit. Some causes of a malfunctioning fan and blower include bad electrical wiring, a dead fan motor, and a failing temperature gauge that experienced heating and AC repair professionals can diagnose and fix appropriately to restore its peak performance. They can also replace the worn-out temperature gauge and fan.

Blower Running Endlessly

Another electric heater issue that most folks face is a failing blower that runs endlessly, an issue that affects the efficiency of your unit. The malfunctioning blower makes your furnace hard to turn on, ineffectively warm your rooms, and operates noisily.

Possible causes of the problem include the wrong thermostat setting, which indicates AUTO to continue running without stopping, and a faulty relay that makes the circuit blow even after commanding it to stop. The hired heating and AC repair contractor can identify, diagnose and fix the malfunctioned blower.

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