Cooling Your Home This Summer and Air Conditioning Myths | Heating and AC in Arlington, TX

Cooling Your Home This Summer and Air Conditioning Myths | Heating and AC in Arlington, TX

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With summer in complete swing, it’s the time of the year when your air conditioning units are back in use after a long winter season. The last you probably want at any time of the year is your system of heating and AC in Arlington, TX falling apart right when you need it most.

You have to ensure that you get timely tuning up of the system and keep it well maintained across the year to achieve best results throughout.

However, when it comes to air conditioning units and keeping your home cool and comfortable in the summer season, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that homeowners have. In this article today, we’ve gathered some of the most common myths regarding heating and AC in Arlington, TX to help you know your system better and reduce your energy bills simultaneously.

Myth #1: Lowering the Thermostat Temperature Helps Cool Your Home Faster

This is the most widely conceived myth that has led towards putting the extensive burden on the heating and AC in Arlington, TX. It has no ground reality whatsoever. No matter what temperature you set on your thermostat, your HVAC unit filters in the same amount of air at a constant rate.

Lowering the temperature only puts more pressure on the system which leads towards more energy consumption. As a result, you get higher energy bills. It’s best that you keep the temperature at an average temperature and give it some time to cool the room air.

Myth #2: Ceiling Fans Can Cool the Room Better Alongside the AC Unit

Ceiling fans do help a great deal in lowering the temperature of the room when you leave them on alongside the air conditioning unit. But this is a wrong presumption that the fans actually cool the room. The purpose of a fan is to circulate the air in the room. It makes you feel cooler because of the wind-chill effect it creates, not because it is actually lowering the temperature.

Leaving them on when the AC is already working means you are deliberately wasting energy. It’s best that you close them off when you leave the room. This can help you make considerable savings when it comes to the cost of heating and AC in Arlington, TX.

Myth #3: The Larger the Unit the Better the Results

This couldn’t be more wrong. The units of heating and AC in Arlington, TX have sizes and designs based on the prospective usage. Larger units are designed to cater to a larger room, not because they can cool or heat the room with better results.

If you install a smaller HVAC unit for a convention hall, you won’t get the desired results. But if you have a larger sized unit of heating and AC in Arlington, TX for the hall, it will give you much better and rapid results because it has more power and is capable of catering bigger spaces. But if you install the same size in your apartment, it will only give you bigger bills. So, you have to choose the units according to the need of the space where you want to install.

Myth #4: Setting the Thermostat of AC High while Leaving Home can Save Money

It’s commonly presumed that setting the AC at a higher temperature while leaving the home and then turning the thermostat low on returning help in saving. This is a misconception and nothing else. If you leave the AC on a higher temperature and then try cooling it down, it will cause more pressure on your system of heating and AC in Arlington, TX.

Instead of saving you money, it will result in not just high energy bills but increased HVAC problems caused due to wear and tear.

Myth #5: AC Units Give the Same Results Irrespective of the Place You Install Them

You cannot undermine the importance of the place where you install the unit of heating and AC in Arlington, TX. It has a huge impact on the performance of the system. Installing the unit closer to light fixtures or electrical appliances should be avoided.

The heat emitted by these appliances can disrupt the performance of the unit and influence its accuracy in sensing the temperature of the room. Also, avoid placing the unit where there’s exposure to direct sunlight or in a place where the air flow is directly obstructed.

Myth #6: Air Filters Should Be Changed Once in Awhile

If you’re looking for high performance of your system of heating and AC in Arlington, TX throughout the year, you have to pay considerable attention to its maintenance. Air filters are that part of your air conditioning unit that needs regular cleaning and replacement.

You should clean your air filters at least once every two months if you don’t replace it. This is the only way you can ensure the efficient running of your cooling system during the season. Dirt and debris can easily get stuck in the air filter and affect the flow and quality of the air through your AC unit.

Not getting them cleaned timely can result in an increased burden on the unit and compromised air quality.

Myth #7: Not Using a System of Heating and AC in Arlington, TX Means No Problems

The homeowners think that their cooling and heating units would incur no problem or issues when they aren’t in use. This is why they expect their units of heating and AC in Arlington, TX to work optimally after the summer and winter season respectively. This is a huge misconception that holds back the homeowners from getting regular maintenance and tuning up of their HVAC system.

Even if you’re not using your air conditioners in winters and heaters in summers, you should get them serviced because not using them can instigate problems. Ignoring them in the offseason will ultimately give you trouble when you need them.

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