Demystifying Air Conditioning Myths That Lead to Major HVAC Problems | Heating and AC in Mansfield, TX

Demystifying Air Conditioning Myths That Lead to Major HVAC Problems | Heating and AC in Mansfield, TX

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As summer nears, the majority of homeowners look for ways that can help them reduce energy consumption and bills that surge due to increased energy usage.

Amid surfing the internet for remedial measures and DIY solutions, a lot of people fall for solutions that should not be taken on. Some of these solutions don’t work at all while the rest only seem to help for a short time and then result in large-scale problems and emergencies; hence causing losses and discomfort. Not to mention the hassle that you have to go through to find a reliable provider for heating and AC in Mansfield, TX.

If you often find yourself trying DIY remedies or using folklores in the hope of keeping your air conditioner in good shape or reducing the energy bills, you have come to the right place.

Below we have debunked some common HVAC myths that people trust and take on without realizing they will do more bad than good. Take a look at these to learn about things that you should not do to your system for heating and AC in Mansfield, TX.

Debunking the Common Myths Related to Heating and AC in Mansfield, TX

1.   Fans Can Help Spread Cool Air Better

It is widely believed that fans help air to spread faster in a room without affecting the overall temperature that heating and AC systems in Mansfield, TX maintain. In addition, fans are thought to help sweat from the body to evaporate faster and help make the occupants feel cooler.

In truth, fans don’t really make a difference in areas with a functional air conditioner. They obviously make you feel a bit cooler by throwing air from the room that is cool (because of the AC), and this is what gets people to believe that fans further lower the temperature.

A fan can only help when you don’t want to lower down the thermostat and still want to feel a bit cooler.

2.   Air Conditioner Are Only Meant for Cooling Purposes

Air conditioners don’t only cool the air; they condition it. This means that in addition to cooling the areas they are installed in, they work against humidity and remove it simultaneously. The modern systems for heating and AC in Mansfield, TX even have specific features for dehumidification that are your savior on humid days.

3.   The Bigger the Air Conditioner, the Better It Works

Most homeowners tend to believe ‘the bigger, the better’ maxim when it comes to buying heating and AC in Mansfield, TX. However, this is absolutely false.

You can’t expect your HVAC system to perform well and maintain the desired levels of indoor temperatures if it is too big for the area that is to be covered. The experts dealing in heating and ACrepairs in Mansfield, TX say that a right-sized air conditioner is like a car that gives good fuel mileage. And we couldn’t agree more!

Remember that different sizes of air conditioning systems are designed to cool different spaces at a pre-defined rate. If you buy an AC that is too big, it will do no good but increase your energy bills and cool the area excessively regardless of the levels you set it on. This, in turn, brings losses as well as discomfort.

4.   The House Cools Faster If You Lower the Thermostat Levels

While thermostats are meant to regulate indoor temperature, always remember that air conditioners function at a consistent rate to maintain the temperature levels that you set. This implies that lowering the thermostat levels will not help cool the house quicker. In fact, the cooling rate will be just the same, but you will end up wasting a lot of energy by doing this. And of course, energy wastage means high energy bills!

5.   You Can Save Energy by Turning off the AC When the House is Empty

If you are leaving home for a day for any purpose whatsoever, turning off the AC will be of no use because it will consume even more energy to turn on again than it usually does. This can only help a bit when you plan to leave the house vacant for a longer period, such as when you are traveling.

As per the professionals for heating and AC in Mansfield, TX, the best way you can cut down on energy consumption is by setting the thermostat 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the regular temperature you set it on. This will keep your home comfortable, keep the AC from consuming extra energy to turn on, and will save you the time you have to spend waiting for your AC to cool down your home all over again.

6.   Air Filters Don’t Need Attention

While air filters are minute components in air conditioning systems, you simply can’t expect it to perform optimally or perform at all with a filter that is dirty or damaged.

Air filters require regular cleaning because they filter out the air for dirt and debris, hence trapping dust particles and other filth in the air. Without well-kept air filters, you can’t expect superior indoor air quality, nor will you be able to get the desired levels of cooling.

The experts dealing in heating and AC service in Mansfield, TX confirm that replacing the air filters on time can save energy usage by up to 10%.

7.   Regular Maintenance is Nothing but a Means to Waste Time, Money, and Energy

This is absolutely wrong. Just like it is important to get HVAC systems installed professionally, it is equally important to schedule regular maintenance to keep the system in good condition. Such a preventive measure will not waste your time, energy, and money but save you additional costs that you bear due to faults in the HVAC system.


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