Details: How The Careful Eye Of Your Air Conditioning Service Professional Means Savings For You | Mansfield, TX

Details: How The Careful Eye Of Your Air Conditioning Service Professional Means Savings For You | Mansfield, TX

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There are a host of TV shows that cover the pro-level details of cooking, fashion, home improvement, and other areas we’re familiar with but never knew were quite that complex. It should be no surprise, then, that air conditioning service is composed of a large set of major and minor checklist items that result in longer equipment life, greater energy efficiency, and perfect room comfort. In other words, the critical eye of an air conditioning service professional sees much more about your system than you’d expect. The details that we attend to at Minuteman Heating and Air for our Mansfield, TX clients add up to a better outcome from air conditioning service. It’s our experience and training that make the difference. We know what will make your equipment last and perform at its best.

AC Unit Cleanup

Air conditioning service begins with a clean unit. Outdoor cooling and heat pump gear gets exposed to a lot of rough conditions, from wild weather to being in the middle of landscaping activity. If there’s been any home improvement going on nearby, it could get banged up from ladders, equipment, and even attempts to cover and protect it. Depending on what’s needed, we check the housing of the unit, remove the fan cage and clean out material that has blown in since the last cleaning.

We may also vacuum it out if that’s appropriate, and otherwise make sure that the passage of time has not made a mess inside that may interfere with the unit’s operation. We clean the fins on the outside, too, making sure that we don’t damage them with too much spray pressure or brush force. Vacuuming can help, and there are special spray cleaners we can use to finish the job. If a non-professional has worked on these areas, we may also find ourselves repairing or replacing components to bring them back into proper condition.

Our objectives, besides keeping up appearances, are twofold: we’re helping your unit to last longer by keeping it clean, and we’re making sure that dirt and other contaminants are kept as far away from the working parts of the unit as possible. In the case of the fins themselves, we clean and straighten them, making sure the tubes that pass through them aren’t damaged, ensuring maximum efficiency. Keeping fins in good order is an important part of any air conditioning service.

Getting to the Heart of the Machine

When air conditioners are installed, they are carefully leveled to prevent damage to the compressor unit. As part of our air conditioning service, we ensure that the soil underneath has not settled over time and changed the tilt of the concrete pedestal. Then we proceed indoors to check the evaporator coil and other components at the heart of your home HVAC system.

The evaporator coil also requires a bit of attention, making sure it is clear of any corrosive materials or other debris, to ensure it will stay intact over the life of the unit. There are a variety of other cleaning and maintenance items to perform in this area, clearing out accumulated materials from runoff and other products of unit operation over the previous summer. Our goals here are to carefully clean so we don’t cause damage, using professional techniques, and to ensure in the process that we eliminate hazardous growth of mold and other biological material that could affect your air quality.

Ducting and Cleanliness

Speaking of air quality, how long has it been since your ducts were thoroughly cleaned? Our air conditioning service team can take care of them as a separate service. We’ll keep accumulated dust, airborne grease particles, and biological material from clinging to the sides. This material can later break loose and become a source of contamination that travels through your system each time the fan operates. It’s an important part of your air conditioning service schedule since it helps avoid allergies and exacerbation of respiratory conditions. We can also check and change your standard filters, and add higher quality filtration if you’d like.

We can also take a look at how the ducts distribute your warm and cool air, and maybe offer suggestions about how you can get better coverage and more even temperature. One possibility is the installation of in-line duct booster fans for long runs to make sure that they deliver as much heated and cooled air as the rest of the system. It’s also possible that changing your vent aiming or location, making sure that air coming from the vents isn’t blocked by large furniture and ensuring that your duct system maintains even output for full coverage around your home. Our team can also make sure that the air that reaches your thermostat isn’t warmer or cooler than the surrounding air, affecting the results of the thermostat setting.

Thermostat Controls

Are your thermostats clean and accurate? If they use a timer to adjust your temperature, is the timer working properly and programmed to meet your needs? Some customers don’t take advantage of this energy-saving feature, especially if they don’t have access to the instructions. Our team can clean your thermostat and make sure it’s functioning properly and calibrated, programmed and serving you well. If you want to upgrade from an older, basic unit to a timed or setback unit, intelligent thermostat, or even a smart home style unit, while we’re doing your maintenance it’s a perfect time for simple changes like these.

Thermostats can also offer humidistat control if your home comfort system has humidity management features. With this additional function on your thermostats, you can set the target humidity level that you prefer. We have all sorts of options for controlling your HVAC system just the way you like it. Let us know how we can help, and what your experience with your system is like so that we can make adjustments to set the right temperature, make sure your sitting areas aren’t drafty, and do something about those warm or cold spots in your home that aren’t getting well-blended air.

Air Quality Components

As part of your routine service, we’ll clean and replace standard filters on your system. If you’re enjoying the benefits of air quality improvement options such as HEPA filters, humidity control equipment, and UV pathogen control, our technicians can make sure that they are in good shape, with replaceable parts renewed if appropriate. If you’re experiencing indoor allergies or other air quality concerns, we can also provide information about having these additions made to your system so that you can relax and breathe easier. This is especially helpful for families that are spending more time at home and want the best indoor air possible.

Mechanical Components

We’ll sometimes measure the current draw and check the condition of motors to make sure they are in good shape to last the upcoming season. If your compressor motor is wearing out, that could lead to an air conditioning service call in the middle of the summer. If our evaluation says it’s time, we’ll recommend that it be replaced now, giving you a strong and reliable compressor drive when the first hot days put your system to the test. The same goes for fan motors and belts which will work hard throughout the summer as they did moving your heat through the winter. Now’s an excellent time to maintain or replace them as part of your air conditioning service visit.

When It’s Time for a Change

At some point, the list of components that need to be replaced or repaired may start to add up, and it will be time to talk about whether our air conditioning service team should install a new unit. Old age and wear and tear aren’t the only reasons for replacement, however: the efficiency of newer units can make a change of AC system attractive because of the energy savings as well as the repair costs. Our air conditioning service team can help you run the numbers including anticipated repairs based on your unit’s age and model and typical energy use, and see if now or in the near future is a good time to plan for a new system.

The seasonal nature of the air conditioning service business can also factor into your decision, as the costs of unit installation and manufacturer incentives may vary from season to season. We can help you understand how these variables and other details can help you get a bit more capacity or other features if the opportunity arises. It pays to keep in touch with us about the care of your current system, and occasionally talking about your future needs.

Gathering Details for Best Upgrade Results

If you decide to upgrade your AC unit, our air conditioning service team will make sure that we have all the details on your current system to make sure that the replacement is as straightforward as possible. We’ll look at the renewal of connections and even the replacement of an existing concrete pad with a newer composite type to support the new, usually larger unit and handle vibration and soil shifting. Our goal is to make sure that your replacement installation is high quality, with all the details attended to. We’ll also discuss any changes you’d like to make including capacity, cool air distribution methods such as zoned ducting that can improve your comfort, and other details that will ensure that your new system makes life even more comfortable than before.

Zoned ducting is one way that you can get better results from your new unit and also save on the energy use and wear and tear of daily operation. If you don’t already have multiple zones in your air distribution system, we can divide and reroute the ducts to create multiple areas of your home that are cooled independently, often to different target temperatures at different times of the day. When the system only cools when and where needed, the main unit doesn’t need to cycle as often, and you’ll benefit on expenses in the long term as well as stay comfortable in the short term.

Air quality improvements are also well-timed additions to a new cooling unit, adding increased filtration such as HEPA filters and humidity management to your air conditioning unit. This will help keep the air that’s circulating clear of dust, pollen, pet dander, and other particles that can affect people’s allergies and respiratory conditions. While our air conditioning service team is making your upgrade, it’s another way you can make a fresh start when the new system is turned on.

Professional Quality Service Depends on Details

Our team enjoys getting to know our Mansfield, TX area customers so we can serve them better. Maintenance and air conditioning service visits are chances for us to make note of what kinds of parts your system may need and at what point in time, based on system age, they may need replacing. We’re better prepared to answer questions you have about your home comfort system when we know the details, and we’re glad to help you compare strategies for upkeep versus replacement. At Minuteman Heating and Air, we also have a wealth of information about increasing your system’s efficiency and reliability, and our team can provide guidance about getting the best performance as part of our air conditioning service.

Your Detail-Oriented Heating and Air Conditioning Service

When Minuteman Heating & Air of Mansfield, TX handles the details with your comfort systems, you can count on great results. Our team of skilled air conditioning service technicians knows what to look for and what to take care of to make sure you stay cool. Look to us for basic maintenance, repairs, overhaul for units that have been idle for some time, and upgrades or replacements. Our experts will help you keep cool just the way you like it. Call us and be sure that you have all the details covered.