Dirty Ducts and Their Impact: What to Do With Air Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

Dirty Ducts and Their Impact: What to Do With Air Duct Cleaning Service | Mansfield, TX

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Air duct cleaning service is critical to the running success of your air conditioning service, and the residents of Mansfield, TX know this. The challenges presented by dirty, clogged air ducts are many, and most can affect your health and well-being.

When checking the registers and vents, you may come to notice the presence of dirt, dust, and possibly dust mites, all of which are indicators of the need for air duct cleaning service. You may start to experience a breathing problem that rages with time. Suddenly having sinus, allergy, or other respiratory problems without notice indicate that there could be problems with dirty or clogged air ducts within your home’s inner ventilation system, which can be easily cleaned by a professional.

Stale air is another concern. This can happen when the air fails to properly circulate throughout your home. When old air cannot escape through the vents and ducts, no fresh air can come in. Germs get trapped and can result in illness that can prove fatal at times. Good airflow happens when your ducts and vents are able to open well enough to transport the air to and from your home, and when this doesn’t happen, there’s no clean air for you to breathe, and that’s all the more reason to call for duct cleaning service.

When any building undergoes a major renovation, it could affect your air ducts. Having them checked right after any kind of in-home remodeling project should be routine as far as air duct cleaning service is concerned. Construction of any kind is a messy business no matter how conscientious the contractors may be about cleaning up the mess. Dust and debris have a way of sneaking off into the safety of your air ducts and hide out, thus leaving you with toxins and particles in the wake.

Even without any type of home renovation, dust and dirt particles have an ugly way of sneaking into the ductwork of your AC system and hiding there. If you dust your home everyday, you may notice a thin layer of dust that covers your furniture and counters right away. Any dust that appears anywhere within your home may be an indicator that your duct work needs to be inspected. Before considering air duct cleaning service, you should check the ducts for dust. This can be done by simply removing the vent covers and taking a look inside. If you notice any layers of dirt or dust, then it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned and serviced.

There are cases where the duct work is so clogged with dirt and debris that the air cannot possibly flow free in and out of your home. The entire heating and air conditioning system now must work overtime to push the air in and out while still working to maintain an easy climate in your Mansfield, TX home, which can result in further complications down the line. You may suddenly discover that the air will fail to heat or cool down your home no matter how the thermostat is set. You then come to notice a sudden and unexplained increase in your monthly utility bill, and that is a real and legitimate concern.

Prior to deciding whether or not you need air duct cleaning service, you should ask your technician to inspect the duct work to see if there are any holes in it. Any type of puncture, even a pin-sized one, can allow too much air to escape to the point where your home does not get the ventilation it needs to remain consistent in climate and temperature.

Changing the air filter is a necessity in keeping your air ducts clean and free of debris. In fact, a huge part of air duct cleaning service needs to involve your technician taking a look at your filters to see if they are clean and in good, working condition. This is especially true for homeowners who live in urban environments where traffic and air pollution are constant issues that can result in dirty air filters. Believe it or not, your air filters can collect dirt particles and harmful toxins from exhaust fumes, so having them checked as part of routine service is a must so that they can continue to help keep your entire system clean and free of debris.

Noises in the duct work can be an issue that relates to dirty or clogged ducts in serious need of cleaning. In fact, this could be a sign that there is debris that is banging around inside the walls of the ducts themselves. Garbage, tree branches, and other tangible objects will have a way of sneaking in there during the course of time. And with holes in the duct work, it is highly possible for this to happen. Whooshing sounds that are extreme in nature should be seen as a possible red flag that it’s time for you to call for air duct cleaning service.

If the outer grids of your vents appear to be dirty, you may start by simply grabbing a duster and wiping them clean. After that, you should start keeping an eye out for further dust accumulation. If it happens within a matter of days, you may have a problem with clogged ducts. Keep in mind that any dirt which gets stuck inside the duct work has a way of making it to the vents and collecting outside of them through the air flow. Again, the solution here is to have your contractor inspect the filters and the duct work to determine if air duct cleaning service is warranted in this case.

Any of the above symptoms are possible causes of dirty or clogged ducts that should be inspected and treated for debris. Keeping in mind that any type of debris from the outdoors has a way of creeping into your ducts is all the more reason to consider having them cleaned by a professional. Call Minuteman Heating & Air today to schedule a time for air duct cleaning service.