Do You Need AC Repair? Understanding What Is Wrong With Your Air Conditioner | Mansfield, TX

Do You Need AC Repair? Understanding What Is Wrong With Your Air Conditioner | Mansfield, TX

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Having a good air conditioner for your home or office is crucial for a comfortable summer in Texas. When your air conditioner starts acting up, it can be difficult to know just whether it is a major ac repair issue or a quick fix.

When your ac isn’t working, you need a repair professional. That’s the only way you can feel confident that your air conditioner will get the proper care. Minuteman Heating and Air provides professional repair services for Mansfield, TX. Our years of experience have prepared us for any repair or replacement situation you may have.

How your air conditioner is malfunctioning is a big clue to what is going wrong. Here is a look at some of the most common problems experienced by homeowners, an idea of what could be happening with your unit, and whether you need professional ac repair services.

Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Produce Cold Air

If you have an air conditioner that turns on but fails to blow out cold air, the first thing you should check is your vents. Make sure they are open and not being blocked by anything.

Once you have checked the vents, if you still aren’t getting cold air, check your thermostat. Make sure it is in the right mode and on the right temperature setting. Adjust as needed, and see if you start feeling the cool air.

Another culprit could be a dirty filter. A dirty filter can quickly turn into a clogged filter that keeps the air from flowing through as it should. Without adequate airflow, your evaporator coils could freeze. If your filter has not been changed in a while, now is the time to replace it.

If you have checked all these things and your air conditioner still isn’t cooling, you likely have a problem that requires professional repair services. You could be having issues with your fan or fan motor, an electrical issue, or a leaking refrigerant line. Your ac repair technician can quickly determine what is malfunctioning and get your air conditioner cooling again.

Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Providing Enough Cooling

Again, you should check to ensure each of your vents are open and clear. As few as one or two closed vents can drastically reduce cooling efficiency for the entire house.

Allow some time after opening any closed vents, so the air can begin to circulate. If there is no change in cooling, you may need to contact your ac repair specialist for assistance. You may have a refrigerant leak, which could be easily fixed.

One big problem Mansfield, TX homeowners run into is improperly installed air conditioning units. If yours was not professionally installed, you should have a pro take a look at it. They will be able to easily spot any issues that are compromising your unit’s performance.

The most expensive problem that could keep your air conditioner from cooling your home properly is having the wrong size unit for your home. If your unit wasn’t installed by a professional, you may have the wrong size to cover the square footage of your house. A unit that is too small cannot possibly provide enough cool air for the entire space, but it will work harder to try. This can lead to early mechanical problems or failure.

However, a larger unit than necessary causes its own set of problems. They tend to cycle on and off much too quickly. This greatly reduces their efficiency to cool your house. An ac repair specialist can rapidly assess the situation and determine what size air conditioner you need to keep your home comfortable.

Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking

The source of your problem depends on where your air conditioner is leaking. Take a few minutes to inspect your ac unit inside and out, so you can get an idea how serious the leak is.

If your air conditioner is leaking inside the house, you should immediately turn the unit off. Otherwise, you could incur serious water damage to your floors and furniture. The leak could be due to a blocked condensate drain line, a rusted drain pan, or a broken condensate pump.

Water that leaks outside could be a problem or no big deal. If you notice a water puddle under the condenser unit on a hot, muggy summer day, it is normal as long as it only happens when the unit is running.

An air conditioner that leaks when the unit is not running could be a sign of a low refrigerant level or a clogged filter. Either of these situations can cause your air conditioner to freeze. You will notice that the puddle appears when the ice melts after the unit has been turned off.

If the weather is cooler, your unit may have frozen up. As the water melts, it will create puddles near your outdoor air conditioner unit. Other leaking should be checked by an ac repair professional.

Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

Start by checking your thermostat settings. Sometimes all it takes is a simple adjustment to get your ac on. Check your power supply to make sure it is connected. If neither of these help, you should get in touch with your ac repair professional for help.

Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off

An air conditioner that keeps running could be caused by a clogged filter. If the unit is the wrong size or just too old, that could cause it to refuse to turn off. The problem could also be a relay fan that is stuck, a bad thermostat, or a problem with the thermostat cable. For problems like these, you really need a professional you can trust.

Finding Professional AC Repair

When you need a qualified ac repair specialist to take care of your home, trust the professionals at Minuteman Heating and Air. We offer comprehensive services for your home heating and cooling needs.

Contact us today at Minuteman Heating and Air for more information about our air conditioning repair services.