Duct Cleaning Service 101 | Arlington, TX

Duct Cleaning Service 101 | Arlington, TX

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A duct is an air distribution system useful in distributing hot or cool air from the heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) units in homes or offices. The tubes come in different varieties, including sheet metal, flexible plastic-and-wire composite, or fiberglass. Besides circulating the air in rooms, it also returns the used indoor-air into the HVAC equipment’s air handling unit for recirculation.

Duct cleaning is essential in ensuring indoor air quality is clean, fresh, and free of all contaminants or air pollutants. You should ensure your ducts are clean to remove impurities and tiny particles, which are speculated to be the reasons behind allergies and diseases such as asthma in most residential and commercial properties.

With that in mind, you should consider hiring a professional and certified HVAC technician to provide you with vital duct cleaning services when necessary.

1.  Duct Cleaning in Arlington, TX

  • Inspection of the Air Ducts

The duct cleaning service professionals first carry out comprehensive checks on the ducts and air handling units for checkmarks. The expert technicians will look out for mold growth in the heaters and coolers and, if possible, use laboratory technicians to determine if it’s molded. After identifying the mold, the experienced HVAC contractors will permanently remove or rectify all the conditions that facilitate the mold’s growth in the ventilators, air conditioning units, and heaters.

During inspections, the contractors offer comprehensive duct cleaning to check if the ductwork in your home or office has rodents, insects, or are clogged with too much dust and debris, which can make the HVAC units malfunction. The leading causes of the pollutants and contaminants in the ducts should be dealt with first before the cleaning begins.

  • Cleaning of the Components that Work Together with the Air Ducts

Duct cleaning is the general cleaning practice of the forced air systems in heating and cooling units, which include supply and return air ducts, diffusers, heat exchangers, grills, heating and cooling coils, drip pans, air handling units, and fan motor and housing. The duct cleaning service providers must clean all the aforementioned components if they want the ducts to remain clean and provide the clean and healthy air you expect. You should ensure that the technician is qualified, experienced, and professional in handling HVAC services to get the best results.

2.  Duct Cleaning Methods

There are different methods that duct cleaning service technicians in Arlington, TX can use in cleaning the HVAC ducts that comply with the standards set by the industry associations.

  • Using Specialized Tools

The duct cleaning service providers can use state-of-the-art tools in the industry to extricate dirt and other contaminants in the forced air systems of the heaters and air conditioners, and later on, use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to suck all the remaining dirt or pollutants. The equipment duct cleaning contractors use must meet or exceed standards set by NADCA, OSHA, and EPA.

  • Applying Chemicals

Duct cleaning service providing experts can also apply chemicals such as biocides in the ductwork unit and other parts to ensure they kill all the microbiological pollutants. They can also use chemical treatments including encapsulants and sealants to cover the insides of the air ducts and the forced air systems to control the growth of mold in the ducts, prevent the release of dirt particles into the rooms or offices, and help you save on utility energy. Before you permit the service providers to use any chemicals in your home or office spaces, you should know all there is about the chemicals and ensure they are professionals that will follow the instructions to the letter. Expert duct cleaning providers will ensure to remove the dirt and other built-up contaminants in your ductwork, heating and air conditioning units before applying the chemicals.

3.  Benefits of Duct Cleaning 

  • Makes the Indoor Air Clean and Healthy

As earlier mentioned, cleaning the ducts facilitates the reduction of pollutants and harmful contaminants in the room. Duct cleaners properly clean the ducts which help in the removal of dust and microorganisms such as pollen, mildew, bacteria, and mold spores which makes the circulating air clean and healthy.

  • Saves on Energy

When dust and debris pile up in the air ducts, it becomes difficult for the ventilators, heaters, and coolers to operate at peak performance thus using more electricity to function properly. To prevent the utility bills from hiking, you should call a skilled contractor that offers duct cleaning to clean the ducts and reduce the possibility of surging energy bills.

  • Reduces the Risk of Costly Repair Services

Cleaning the ducts routinely ensures that your HVAC units are properly functioning for a long time and reduces the risk of sudden breakdowns which can be very expensive to repair.

4.  Dangers of Hiring an Inadequately Trained Duct Cleaning Service Professional

Working with an untrained or qualified technician to carry out the duct cleaning might cause you health complications due to deteriorated indoor air quality. For instance, if the duct cleaning service provider utilizes inadequate vacuum collection equipment in the ductwork, the risk of releasing pollutants and contaminants into the room is increased thus causing more health issues. An inadequately trained HVAC contractor can even lead to the damage of your ductwork, heating and cooling units thus the need for urgent costly repairs.

5.  Hiring Duct Cleaning Technicians

Before hiring a duct cleaning provider, you need to find out they are experienced in working on the heating and cooling systems you have in your home or office. Also, ensure they are keen on complying with the set air duct cleaning standards. Asking them to provide a license number or identification is also another way to gauge whether or not you are hiring a real professional.

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