Duct Cleaning Service and Breathing Well | Arlington, TX

Duct Cleaning Service and Breathing Well | Arlington, TX

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Duct cleaning service is a must for your heating and air conditioning system, and those living in Arlington, TX. In fact, most experts, especially the EPA, have set some standards with the number of times you need to have your ductwork cleaned, the minimum being at least every 7-10 years.

But some may overlook this need in an effort to try and save money, without really realizing that they may be throwing away big bucks on heating and air expenses every month. When ductwork gets frayed from normal wear and tear, it is very easy to lose air through holes as you try to set your home to a reasonable temperature. As part of duct cleaning service, it is vital to have your ductwork inspected and replaced so that these issues can be resolved immediately.

One of the central signs of dirty ductwork is your indoor air quality, which can be the worst. It is, in fact, one of the chief contributors to breathing problems, which can really put occupants and their guests at risk. This can pose special challenges to those who suffer from chronic asthma and other persistent respiratory issues, and can lead to major breathing problems down the road. Particles have a way of sneaking themselves into the atmosphere and clinging to the air around you, and allergens are no exception.

There are several common allergens that can have an impact on your indoor air quality, and their particles have a way of sneaking into your ductwork. Some know no season, and they include dust, molds, and pet dander. Others may pay a visit during the spring, and they would typically be the pollen common to the air at that time.

And if you find yourself suffering more frequently from breathing problems, coughing, or a runny nose, then it may be time for you to consider having your duct cleaning service done. There are other factors that contribute to these types of common reactions, and some can come from the outside. Sometimes smog can occur as the result of greenhouse emissions, some of which can come from cars, planes, buses, and even trains. Factories and plants produce their own brand of pollution, and there are so many sources to consider as the amount of toxins continues to rise.

But the level of toxicity is not the only aspect of duct cleaning that you should be concerned about. With duct systems being the primary source of central air, you may not receive the type of quality cooling you need to combat those summer months.

Allowing these problems to continue to go without being addressed can lead to the need for immediate medical attention, so don’t wait until you can’t breathe. Call the professionals at Minuteman today.

Another key feature that leads to the need to seek duct cleaning services is the heavy presence of dust all around your home. Many times, you may come to notice this right after you’ve cleaned. You may have dusted and even applied furniture polish to every inch of your rooms and living area only to find that dust has accumulated a short while later. Sometimes, the source of your dust problems could be traced to pet dander, or even to recent construction in your area.

Sometimes it helps to inspect your vent covers and try and dust them off first. If that doesn’t work, or they get dusty about a few hours later, then it may be time to call on a professional technician to check your ductwork for cleaning.

The ductwork that lines your dryer vents pose special challenges, as they may need to be cleaned far more frequently due to the dangers of a fire erupting from hot air emissions. Dryer fluff may sneak its way into the ducts, thus clogging them and necessitating the need for regular duct cleaning service.

Wherever your ducts are, keep them in good, working order with routine cleaning. The EPA recommends a good, thorough duct cleaning at least once every 7-12 years, and the more frequently you clean them, the better off you are. In fact, you may want to look into having them inspected right before summer begins so that you may enjoy the refreshing cool of your central air.

Professionals and customers should work together to ensure that ducts remain clean regardless of the season. It’s not just normal dust and allergens that get locked into your ducts, but other elements as well. Hard dirt and rocks could form, as could mold and mildew, the latter of which can produce hard stains and irritate your allergies even further.

The professionals at Minuteman Heating and Air in Arlington, TX take into consideration a few factors before they clean your ductwork. One is the age of your system, its layout, and the ease of accessibility to the pipes. Although most systems may take an average of 3-4 hours to clean, some may take longer due to the amount of ductwork and the intricacy of the layout. But rest assured each professional knows what they’re doing, and they can do a thorough job at a cost that’s affordable to you.

There are steps that a technician will take during the process of duct cleaning service. They will use a special vacuum to blast away hardened debris and dangerous mold as fast as possible. Many other tools will be used to remove loose dirt during this intense cleaning process. Once these steps are completed, then the technicians will brush away any remaining dirt from your ductwork and pipes. After that, you should be ready to use your central air without a problem.

Although time and money may need to be spent, good quality duct cleaning service is a worthy investment. For one, you will be able to enjoy good quality savings and have better energy efficiency for your home. Your system will be odor-free, and your health will thank you for it as you breathe easier.

Minuteman Heating and Air provides quality duct cleaning services at a price that’s affordable to you. Once you call, a licensed technician will arrive at your home within hours to assess your duct cleaning service needs. They will provide prompt, courteous and reliable duct cleaning service for your needs.