Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

Duct Cleaning Service | Arlington, TX

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We know that our customers don’t want to sweat during the hot summer months of Texas. Conversely, we also know that our Arlington, TX family doesn’t want to be cold during the unpredictable Texas winters. Our job is to eliminate both issues by providing stellar service when it comes to keeping your HVAC system in tip-top shape. This commitment to excellence usually includes several different pieces that make up what we call great service to our customers. Great service and maintenance, replacement, and repair, and new installation, in addition to other invaluable services, produce our solution for an optimal HVAC system. Our goal is to maintain/create a system that performs well from one season to the next.

Customer Service You Can Count On

We take pride in our customer service. From the first time you speak to one of our receptionists, to our certified technicians that come out to service your HVAC system at your home or business, we endeavor to always put our best foot forward by listening to our customers and providing the service they deserve. We also take pride in providing round-the-clock service because we want to be there when you need us most. You may experience a problem with your HVAC system at 5 AM on a cold winter night, or on Christmas eve, we show up and show out to get your system back up and running. We want to restore your comfort, day or night, summer, winter, and fall.

Our Expert Team of Technicians

Our licensed and experienced team of technicians are well trained and experienced with many different HVAC issues and problems. From Duct Cleaning Service to scheduled maintenance, our certified technicians have the know-how as well as the cutting edge tools needed to get the job done well. Our technicians provide professional installation, maintenance, and repair for our family. All of these services preserve the life and health of your HVAC system. We aim to satisfy both our commercial and residential customers by providing excellent service time after time. They do this by engaging in ongoing training which keeps them up to date with the latest trends and practices. We also want our customers to know that our certified technicians also have experience with a wide variety of different kinds of HVAC systems.

Our Duct Cleaning Service

Our Duct Cleaning Service has many valuable benefits that include better air quality, a reduction in allergens, as well as removing bad odors. However, there are other long-term benefits to having your ducts cleaned regularly. First of all, this isn’t a service you need to have performed very often. The recommended schedule for duct cleaning is every three to five years, however, certain duct cleaning methods may extend the time to six to eight years. This service preserves the life of your HVAC system and can also save you money when it comes to reducing your electrical utility bill. Improved airflow efficiency may be the reason for a reduction in your electric bill. Another less well-known benefit of duct cleaning is the prevention of fires that are often caused by dirt collected in your air ducts. Our Duct Cleaning includes the cleaning of your air registers and ducts, heat exchangers, diffusers, and grilles, as well as the coils for heating and cooling. Our Duct Cleaning is comprehensive in that it also includes your drain or drip pans, the fan housing and motor, and the HVAC unit housing.

What Are the Signs That Your Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

When your air ducts need to be cleaned you may notice the growth of more mold, dust, growing energy costs, and an infestation of rodents and bugs in your air ducts, to name a few. An increase in moisture can result in mold growth within your ducts which becomes unhealthy when air blows these mold spores into your atmosphere. As a business or homeowner, the quality of the air in your home or office is important. Investing in our Duct Cleaning Service can improve the air quality of your surroundings in addition to your other benefits. You may also benefit from our Duct Cleaning if your home was recently built, or has recently undergone a big renovation. Our Arlington, TX customers deserve the best of the best when it comes to HVAC service. A standard Duct Cleaning requires regular maintenance to operate optimally.

The Process

Most HVAC systems have at least fifteen vents. A two-man team of our licensed and experienced HVAC technicians can perform our Duct Cleaning Service within a few hours to clear and clean your ducts. Our Arlington, TX customers may experience tell-tell signs that give an indication that you could benefit from our Duct Cleaning Service. This service, like many of our other services, helps to preserve the life and health of your HVAC system. It’s a good idea to follow the recommended schedule for Duct Cleaning Service. It will improve the performance of your HVAC system and will also improve your air quality and can reduce your electric costs.

What Happens If I Never Get Duct Cleaning Service?

Over time, dirt and other debris can build up and combine with moisture in your home or business to create mold. Of course, once your AC or heater comes on, this mold is blown throughout your environment. That’s just one of the negatives that can come from never investing in Duct Cleaning Service. Our Duct Cleaning Service will breathe health into your HVAC system and the life of your family or employees. Dirty air ducts that never receive duct cleaning also ultimately result in a system that doesn’t function optimally which could result in higher electric bills as well. Reach out to us if you feel you may benefit from our duct cleaning. If you’re unsure if you need the service, give us at Minuteman Heating & Air a call and one of our skilled technicians can assess your HVAC system.