Duct Cleaning Service: Common HVAC Duct Problems You Should Know About | Arlington, TX

Duct Cleaning Service: Common HVAC Duct Problems You Should Know About | Arlington, TX

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Although air ducts are a key feature of your Arlington, TX, home’s HVAC system, some homeowners may fail to notice how important such components are to their homes. They ensure you have a cool and warm house during winter and summer, respectively. Your heating and cooling system cannot bring you the comfort you need without the help of air ducts.

To ensure you have a cozy indoor environment, you should consider having a regular duct cleaning service in your home. HVAC has several components, so it may be difficult to pinpoint what exactly could cause its inefficiency. But when you’re sure that all other features are working properly, you should examine the air ducts.

They should be free of clogs and any dirt. When you have problems with the ductwork, you may end up paying higher energy bills as you try to make your home comfortable in both seasons. Here are some common issues you may experience with your HVAC’s ductwork system that may require you to seek help from a duct cleaning service professional.

Poorly Designed Duct System

The design of the ductwork system has an impact on the airflow throughout your home. If improperly designed, it can affect the effectiveness of the heating and cooling unit of your home. Damages may also occur during installation, resulting in twisting air ducts, affecting airflow to your home. Therefore if the ductwork system has design issues, you may not have a consistent temperature in your house. This is because the unit may not allow adequate airflow to flow to your house.

If you’re experiencing such problems, you should reach out to a duct cleaning service provider to determine whether you’re having design issues. When shopping for a ductwork system, you should seek advice from a professional technician to ensure you’re picking the correct size of the system for your home. A duct cleaning specialist can also tell if the unit was installed properly and make corrections if there are some problems.

Leaking Ducts

Leaks are a common issue with air ducts, and they usually go unnoticed. With time, air ducts get old and may develop holes, especially if they’re located in moist environments. They can also be damaged if your home has pest infestation such as rodents.

The presence of holes or cracks in the duct system provides escape points of conditioned air, resulting in inconsistent indoor temperature. On average, a home may lose up to 20 to 30 percent of conditioned air due to duct leaks. Therefore, the furnace may have to overwork to achieve the set temperature, which translates to higher energy bills.

You can avoid this by calling a duct cleaning expert to inspect the unit for any leaks. A professional technician can help you seal the available leaks to restore ducts to their functionality. By doing so, you’ll not only have a comfortable and energy-efficient home but also improve indoor air quality.

Dirty Air Ducts

On average, Americans spend about 90 percent of their time indoors, where indoor air tends to be dirtier than the outside air. The increase in pollutants becomes a problem if you fail to conduct a regular duct cleaning service. If one of your family members is experiencing frequent allergy issues, the air ducts could be at fault.

The accumulation of debris and dust within the vents in your ductwork system affects the efficiency of the HVAC system. The airflow is greatly reduced, and the system may be forced to overwork than before. It also affects the indoor air quality since the pollutants keep on recirculating in your home when the system is working. Such instances can be avoided by having a regular duct cleaning service in your home.

Mold and Mildew Formation

Mold and mildew can grow in the presence of organic matter and some moisture. The air going through the ducts could be having high humidity levels and some organic matter. The conditions backed by favorable temperature can promote mold growth. If you experience some odd smells or allergic issues, the air ducts have a mold issue.

This can be addressed by calling a duct cleaning expert in Arlington, TX, to inspect the system. A certified technician can help you eliminate mold growth and coat the ducts’ inner surfaces with a chemical biocide to prevent future problems.

Poor Insulation on and Around the Ducts

The heated or cooled air in your home may not only be lost through duct leaks but may also escape if your duct system is not well insulated. Sometimes, external temperatures can affect the efficiency of the ductwork system. This can only happen if you have poorly insulated air ducts.

The air ducts moving through your home may be located in the ceilings, walls, or attic. When the system runs, the heating or cooling energy may be lost through the air duct walls. For instance, during summer, the attic may become extremely hot, the ductwork may absorb the resulting heat because of poor insulation.

Such heat is then transmitted to your house, making the indoor temperature warmer. The air conditioning unit may have to overwork to cool your room. To have a comfortable indoor environment and reduced energy bills, you should contact a duct cleaning service company to install new ducts or insulate the existing air ducts.

Loose or Poorly Sealed Registers

Even if your ducts are well-designed and free of leaks, you can still experience some problems in your home. The conditioned air can escape through poorly sealed registers. For this reason, the HVAC system has to work harder to achieve the set temperature. You can resolve this by having a duct cleaning service specialist reseal the registers. By doing so, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the comfort of all the air that you paid for.

Find a Duct Cleaning Service Provider Near You

Scheduling a duct cleaning service for your Arlington, TX, home can reduce the concentration of pollutants in the indoor environment. If you’re having ductwork issues, feel free to reach out to our technicians. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to get rid of dust and harmful pollutants from the duct system. When you hire our professionals at Minuteman Heating & Air to clean your air ducts, you can prevent future mold growth and associated health effects.