Everything You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Installation

Everything You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Installation

Are you considering an air conditioner installation in Arlington and Forth Worth area? Well it is a good idea for new building owners to start thinking about air conditioner installations in Texas. You would want the house to be in order before the warm summer months strike. Finding an air conditioning system that has great cooling capacity is absolutely great and should be topping your priority list. Continue reading the blog if you are interested in finding out everything about air conditioner installations.

Air Conditioner Installation in Arlington and Forth Worth Area —Don’t Make Rash Decisions

People do not like sweat trickling down in their homes or offices. Well, it is obvious heat makes us uncomfortable, edgy and highly unproductive. Most people do not realize the fact that installing a huge AC unit is not the solution to combat the scorching heat. As a consequence, the extremities of the subtropical weather of Texas often tempt people into going for the biggest air conditioner installation in Arlington and Fort Worth area. Buying the largest air conditioners is problematic because of the following reasons:

  • Firstly, they cost buyers exorbitant sums of money. A bigger unit might yield a return on investment if you are installing the cooling units in a large space such as the dining space in a restaurant or gym. But, if the air conditioner will be installed in a small space, you will only be wasting your hard earned cash.
  • It is obvious that with an increased size, the power requirements of the air conditioner installations in Arlington and Fort Worth area will also increase. So, it is not just the high purchasing costs that you will be paying out of your pocket but also spending on skyrocketing utility bills.
  • Apart from the power requirements, another major issue with large air conditioners in small spaces is “short cycle”. Actually, the thermostat of the air conditioner continuously senses the temperature of the room. When the temperature of the room is high, the compressor runs to cool the room. However, when the temperature matches the set temperature it stops the compressor. The duration between these cycles is sufficient under normal circumstances. But, when a larger cooling unit is installed in a smaller space, the air conditioning cycles will have to switch on and off in short time frames to meet the temperature requirements. The energy consumption will increase if the systems shuts on an off frequently.

Hence, if you do not want to spend significant amounts of money on managing the cooling requirements of your buildings, the air conditioner installations in Arlington and Fort Worth area must be done after careful consideration. Let’s determine how to find the appropriate size of the room.

Measure the Square Footage of the Room

The main thing that you need to know when determining the size of the cooling unit is that you calculate the square footage of the room. A professional technician can measure the room before air conditioner installation in Arlington and Fort Worth area. You can also verify the measurements by using a measuring tape. Note down the length and the width of the room in feet. Just in case, the room isn’t a square or rectangle, break the room in smaller square-shaped or triangular sections and find the dimensions. Multiply the dimensions to get the square footage in case of square and rectangular rooms. Multiply length and width of triangular rooms and divide by two to get the square footage.

It is important for you to calculate the square footage because it includes the entire space consumed by the room. After you have calculated the size of the room, you can then find out the exact cooling capacity in BTUs per hour that will be required to lower the temperature inside the room by looking at area versus capacity charts. The technicians you have hired for air conditioner installations in Arlington and Fort Worth can also assist you with determining the cooling capacity of the unit.

Make Necessary Adjustments

Kitchens have a hotter environment so naturally the cooling capacity must be greater than the ones calculated from the room’s measurements. Ideally, increasing the capacity by 4000 BTUs ought to be sufficient. Also, ask the technician to assist you with the finding out the capacity if the air conditioners will be installed in a commercial facility or office where there are more than two occupants in the room. If the air conditioner installations in Arlington and Forth Worth area are being done in sunrooms, you may increase the capacity of the cooling unit by ten percent. You may decrease the cooling capacity by ten percent if the air conditioner is to be installed in a shaded room.

Buy an Efficient Air Conditioner

Efficiency is one of the features that you must not overlook whenever you going for an AC installation. There are variable speed high efficiency air conditioning systems in the market today that manages the cooling requirements of your buildings. It works “smartly” as opposed to the single stage air conditioner installations in Arlington and Fort Worth area. Such air conditioners adjust according to the cooling requirements of the building, resulting in lesser energy bills.

Placement of the Unit

Now that you know the size of the air conditioner and the adjustments you must make, the next thing that you must deliberate upon is the exact location where you want the cooling unit to be installed. Position the air condition high on the walls away from the vicinity where there is a lot dust and electrical sockets. If there is a network of ducts with the air conditioning systems, it is important that they are clean.

The only way to ensure that the air conditioner installations are done appropriately is to assign the task to professionals. The certified technicians at Minuteman Heating & Air ensure that your hot summer days are cooled down by the perfect air conditioner installation. So, if you want reliable air conditioner installations in Arlington and Fort Worth area contact at 817-284-2569.