Everything You Need To Know About Your Air Conditioning Service | Arlington, TX

Everything You Need To Know About Your Air Conditioning Service | Arlington, TX

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Arlington, TX, is classified as a humid subtropical region that’s often characterized by its hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters. As many do, you’ll probably be relying on your air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable through several months of the year. For that to happen without incident, regular maintenance is recommended.

Just like with other home appliances, wear and tear can lead to mechanical issues at least once during its lifetime. An air conditioning service will help to catch these potential issues much faster than if you left your air conditioner un-serviced. Proactively taking care of your air conditioner by booking a regular air conditioning service can extend your unit’s lifespan and may also save on expensive repair and replacement costs.

Preparing for an Air Conditioning Service

When you book an air conditioner service visit, being prepared will not only minimize the impact of the visit, but it also ensures the service technician can thoroughly inspect your air conditioning unit.

If possible, between air conditioner service visits, try to ensure that any dirt and debris near the system’s intake is removed. Keeping the grilles dust-free will reduce the length of service tasks and reduce the likelihood of damage to internal components.

One of the most important ways to prepare for a service visit is to collate all relevant documentation. If possible, make sure you’ve got your system’s schematics to hand in case the engineer needs to refer to the manufacturer’s make/model specific instructions while fault-finding. While our experts have a working knowledge of installation, repair, and maintenance of major manufacturer’s models, the right documentation can help our engineers to thoroughly navigate your home’s air conditioning system during the service.

If you’ve had a previous air conditioning service, dig out those records too, as this will list any past faults that may be re-occurring and might need a long-term fix. Make a note of any current issues that you’re experiencing with your air conditioner so that the Minuteman technician can narrow down possible causes and help to resolve maintenance issues on the day. If your air conditioner system is leaking, make a note of where. If your unit is struggling to cool above certain temperatures, making odd noises while operating, or you’re experiencing patchiness in the air cooling system, take note and let our technicians know.

Besides knowing where all the relevant documentation is, ensuring that air conditioning service technicians have full, unimpeded access to the air conditioner system is crucial. Your air conditioner’s schematics and previous visits will help you to identify which areas that workers will need access to. Ensure that engineers have enough space to work around the air conditioning unit, and prepare to keep any displaced items or people out of the path of the technicians while the air conditioning service is underway.

Outdoor condenser units will need to be checked as part of the air conditioner service visit. If your yard has an abundance of leaves, dandelions, other weeds, or grass clippings, these can be professionally extracted from your unit to prolong its lifespan. In some cases, the ground under the outdoor unit may need to be releveled. Earth under the condenser may shift periodically, and if the unit isn’t leveled, you may see refrigerant leaks. It can be a daunting task to tackle by yourself, so getting a professional to assess the outdoor setup first is vital.

When an air conditioning service is underway, it’s important to remember that the power to the unit will need to be switched off. Turning off the unit prevents electrical shock while undertaking repairs and protects the unit from unnecessary damage during the service. Depending on how complex the scheduled maintenance and repairs are, this may leave your home without running air conditioning for a short while.

Scheduling an Air Conditioner Service

While it can be true that you can’t overdo it with the frequency of air conditioner maintenance, as keeping your filters clear, condenser running smoothly will prolong your unit’s lifespan, it’s kinder on your wallet to plan air conditioning service intervals effectively.

Most air conditioners will only require inspections once or twice per year, depending on their complexity. For air conditioners installed in Arlington, TX, homes, once a year is often enough to keep the unit in prime operating condition.

In terms of the best time of year to book an air conditioning service, most experts recommend Springtime. Your air conditioner unit will have recovered from the colder winter weather, and it’s the perfect time to make sure any issues are spotted before you dive into consistent use throughout the Texan summer. However, technicians may be at their busiest during this period, so you might need to wait a few days before your unit is inspected.

Emergency air conditioner services are available if your maintenance need is more urgent. Perhaps you’ve turned on your air conditioner for the first time since Autumn, and it’s making a horrible noise, you’ve noticed a refrigerant leak or blowing out of warm air. If you notice these symptoms, the earlier the service call is made, the better. Don’t wait until Spring or Summer; log a request with professional technicians.

Signs Your Unit Requires an Air Conditioning Service

Although the setup in your Arlington may be unique, some common symptoms will be present across all homes in Texas if your air conditioner requires a service.

  1. Cooling Issues

Cooling issues can manifest in several different ways. You may notice that your home takes longer to cool down than it did before or that once it’s cool, it doesn’t stay cold for long. You might even struggle to get your home to the ambient temperature you desire. If you’re experiencing any issues maintaining the correct ambient temperature desired by your thermostat, it’s a sign that an air conditioning service is due.

  1. Humidity Issues

You may also start to notice that humidity levels aren’t what you expect them to be. As Texan summers can be quite humid, it’s essential that your air conditioner is doing what you’ve paid it to do – making the humidity more bearable. We’re not saying that you may be able to eliminate moisture completely, but your air conditioner should be able to handle a fair amount. A closer inspection is desired if you’re noticing that it’s suddenly less effective at humidity control.

  1. Short Cycling

Short cycling is a common symptom that your air conditioner could benefit from an air conditioning service to iron out any performance issues. You may notice that your air conditioner turns on, runs for a short time, stops, and then starts up again a short while later.

When your air conditioner is in optimal operating condition, it should run continuously until your home reaches the desired thermostat temperature. If it shuts down before the cycle is complete, this is commonly referred to as short cycling. Cycling on-and-off too quickly not only reduces the effectiveness of air cooling, but it also adds unnecessary wear and tear and can spike your energy bill costs. Low refrigerant levels, frozen coils, clogged filters, incorrect air conditioner size, and electrical issues can also cause short cycling. Most of these symptoms can be fixed during an air conditioning service

  1. Unreasonable Costs

While energy providers may change their pricing, and this could be the cause of your increased costs, it’s important to check if there are any unreasonable spikes in energy usage while your unit is in operation. You may be able to compare energy usage to that used in previous years, and an air conditioning service can rule out any performance issues as the cause.

  1. Warm Air

Even if your air conditioning is not exhibiting signs of short cycling, getting the right temperature distribution in your home can be hampered by warm air. You’ll likely notice this symptom early on, whether you feel warm air blowing out of your air conditioner’s vent directly or simply noticed that you need to turn your thermostat down to lower than usual to feel cool inside your home. Continually running your air conditioner is not likely to fix this issue, and an air conditioner service can identify the root cause and relieve the symptom.

Maintenance of Ductless Systems

While ductless systems have fewer components to worry about than systems that utilize ducts to transfer cold air throughout your home, they still benefit from regular maintenance of integral parts.

As with other air conditioning units, it is best to have an unobstructed space in which to operate. They do require less space than other types of air conditioners, but to run smoothly; they require ample surrounding wall space. At least four feet of clear space surrounding the unit is optimal. When it comes to maintenance, it is much easier if there aren’t bookcases or other large furniture obstructing any components and reducing the unit’s efficiency. Besides enabling better air circulation, ample space around the unit provides air conditioning service technicians a safe space to work. It also reduces the amount of dust and debris that may build up in your system.

Turning the system off during maintenance is a must, as it prevents accidental damage to people and parts. Removing, cleaning, and when necessary, replacing air filters is a must. Other components, including the coil, condenser unit, and pipes, need to be checked and maintained regularly.

Maintenance of High-Velocity Systems

Minuteman maintains ductless cooling systems and traditional air conditioner units, but we also specialize in high-velocity AC. High-velocity systems are energy-efficient air conditioners that heat, cool, filter, ventilate, humidify, and dehumidify your Arlington, TX, home, all through one small-duct high-velocity (SDHV) system.

Ductwork associated with the SDHV has, as you’d expect, a small diameter and is easy to fit inside existing wall cavities without disturbing the drywall. A compact fan coil can easily fit inside crawl spaces, closets, and attics. This type of system is an excellent investment for new homes and retrofitted homes alike, and their compact size means their popularity is on the rise.

When it comes to maintaining a small-duct system, as part of an air conditioning service, a technician may look at the following to determine the root cause of any heating or cooling issues:

  • Filters
  • Metering device
  • Condenser
  • Heat pump
  • Power outlets
  • Air handler

Why an Air Conditioner Service Is Important for Texan Homeowners

Aside from the obvious air conditioning service’s ability to help you maintain all the components of your air conditioner effectively, through the use of a certified professional, it can help you to identify ways to maximize the efficiency of your particular unit.

When a professional technician performs an air conditioning service, they can provide homeowners with valuable operational assistance and recommendations to maximize your air conditioner’s performance. Maintaining fresh air inside your home is about more than changing air conditioner filters and leaving your unit running for long periods. An air conditioning service can help you to identify if you’re using the wrong-sized air conditioning system for your home. Bigger is not always better, and smaller units may start to struggle if you add extensions or remodel your Arlington home. You may be wasting money by ineffectually running your air conditioner year-round to maintain a suitable ambient temperature, or you might have placed your unit in a less than desirable location. A professional technician can provide the advice you can trust about your air conditioner’s performance and position.

How Minuteman Can Assist You

Minuteman’s skilled technicians are available day or night, with evening and weekend appointments to fit in with your busy schedules. Specializing in air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance, the professionals at Minuteman Heating & Air can take care of every air conditioning need. Whether you’ve got a ductless air conditioner, a combined HVAC unit, HVSD system, or another type of air conditioner installed in your home, we’ve got the expertise to assist you. Contact a local Arlington, TX, Minuteman expert to arrange your next air conditioner service today!