Exceptional Air Conditioning Repair Should Be Easy To Find | Arlington, TX

Exceptional Air Conditioning Repair Should Be Easy To Find | Arlington, TX

Minuteman Heating & Air is the premier air condition repair company in Arlington, TX. During June, July, and August temperatures pretty much stick at 95 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity levels to make it extra sticky. A good air conditioner is a necessity and caring for your air conditioner is part of making sure you’re comfortable and safe.

Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps are all conditions that can strike anyone when the mercury starts to spike. Conditions, like asthma and heart issues, are exacerbated by high temperatures too. If you’re not maintaining your climate controls regularly then you could be damaging your system and need an air conditioning repair.

Is It Time for an Air Conditioning Repair?

Your air conditioner changes according to how you use it and how it is maintained. While the unit is relatively unique to your circumstances and lifestyle there are a few universal warning signs that are identifiable.

  • Warm air being blown from your unit is a big red flag that you need a professional air conditioning repair. An AC that fails to meet the temperature you have set it to can mean that there is a lack of coolant or the evaporator coils may be frozen. In truth, there are many reasons why it doesn’t work.
  • Frozen evaporator coils don’t just make you hot. They can eventually break your air conditioner. The evaporator coils transform the hot air (that’s generated inside your Arlington, TX home) into cool air with help from the fan and coolant. A lack of warm air passing over the evaporator coils exposes them to excess coolant and in turn, they freeze over. Evaporator coils can be defrosted but it will take a minimum of 24 hours to do so. During this time, the air conditioner must be turned off.
  • Water in small amounts dripping from your AC is normal. However, when water starts to pool and collect making the ground wet around it that is a sign that your unit is working harder than it should and you need to schedule an air conditioning repair with Minuteman Heating & Air as soon as you can!
  • Dirty air filters clog the flow of air throughout your home. If the air ducts are clogged with debris like dust particles the best thing you can do is to clean or change your air filters every month. Pets double the amount of material caught by the air filter and you may need to change it more frequently. A dirty air filter can prevent the compressor from being able to function efficiently demanding a need for an air conditioning repair.
  • Noise is another warning sign. Running air conditioners do make sounds but they should be familiar to you. Knocking, banging, and screeching sounds are your cue to take care of your unit. Many times sounds like these are associated with faulty fans and dying compressors.

Routine Maintenance

Many air conditioning repair jobs are the consequence of poor regular care. An air conditioning unit is like any other machine and requires professional review. Think about how you get an oil change or tune-up for your car. It’s a necessary expense but you wouldn’t drive from Arlington to Oklahoma without getting your vehicle checked out, would you?

Not only does professional regular maintenance in Arlington ensure that you’re comfortable during the summer, but it also protects your unit’s manufacturer warranty. Failing to hire a trustworthy air conditioning repair and service can mean that if something goes awry, the makers of the air conditioner are not responsible.

The team at Minuteman Heating & Air Conditioning recommends you schedule routine service for your unit in the late spring. A quick and affordable care plan is the best way to protect your AC and doing so before summer means that it will be ready as soon as you need it.

The Minuteman Heating & Air Team

We are so lucky to have so many talented people to work with. Their know-how, expertise, and commitment to customer service are unrivaled.

Welcoming any stranger into your home is a gamble these days. It doesn’t matter if they are plumbers, HVAC technicians, or repairmen you still want to feel safe around the people in your sanctuary. Any employee that conducts fieldwork at Minuteman Heating & Air must agree to a thorough background check, random alcohol and drug tests, and regular performance reviews. A commitment to quality air conditioning repair means providing specialized and knowledgeable folks who understand a client’s situation and want to help them, not only because it is their job but because they care about the Arlington, TX community.

At its heart, air conditioning repair is about protecting people from the elements. The technical aspects of the job are paramount and understanding how AC units are manufactured is part of providing that very same protection. Our job is to make sure you stay cool!

Client Feedback

“Every now and then I reconsider why I retired in Texas. It is a great state but the summers are overwhelming, to say the least. As a native of Oregon, the heat here is a shock to me every year. This year was the worst because my AC wouldn’t turn on. I bought the darn thing a year ago and didn’t realize that I needed to have regular service performed. Minuteman Heating & Air responded like a jackrabbit, FAST! I was afraid it would be a big job but after a half-hour, it was blowing out air like it was coming from the Arctic. It was cheap too! If you need your AC looked at or repaired don’t go anywhere else than Minuteman Heating & Air!”

Jack Tremont, Arlington resident


“I call Minuteman Heating & Air every April to have my air conditioner prepared for the summer. It’s great value and I always have a good laugh with the regular technician. It’s like having a friend you can depend on.”

Penny Wells, Arlington resident

If you are in need of an experienced HVAC company to perform your AC repairs give Minuteman Heating & Air a call today!

Photo By Maria Svetlychnaja at Shutterstock